A Poem by UnderINK

Lost love.

It was wrong of me to let you go,
And I've come to you to let you know,
That I'll miss the hands I used to touch,
And I'll miss the eyes that I love so much.
I'll miss the feet that carry you on,
And the lips that give your gentle song.
I'll miss the way you said you cared,
And all the things we could have shared.
Days and nights we'll never know.
Suns that rise and set alone.

I'll miss the tears you used to cry,
In fear that I would say goodbye.
I'll miss the warmth of holding you,
And all of your "I love you too"'s.
I'll miss the things we could have had;
The time to comfort when you were sad.
But I'll miss your smile most of all:
The way it lit up grey skies in fall.

I'll watch the clouds as the seasons pass.
And my life will extend so little, so fast.
You'll go ahead, and I'll stay behind.
Be the lonely thing that no one finds.
Under the sand of a burning drought,
Where all I hear are distant shouts
Of others that are so much like me.
We're deaf and mute and too blind to see.

For I've closed the eyes you opened wide.
Scared of a world where I wish to hide.
Where no one is meant to be anything more
Than dust upon God's holy floor,
And the only ascent is from the strong.
But I can't be that if I'm always wrong.
So I'm tucked away from inner pain,
As the skies turn grey with morning rain.

And I'll watch and wish that you were here.
So that smile would glitter against the tears.
You're far more beautiful than any god up there.
And I wish I'd shown how much I care.
But demons and angels can't fall in love.
It becomes a game of push-and-shove.
Our contrasts are like heaven and hell;
You're good and bright, and I long since fell.

And so each autumn I'll watch the skies,
White and grey, and remember your eyes.
And remember your smile, your softest touch.
And all of the things that I'll miss so much.
And while I watch I'll lie in wait,
For someday I will meet my fate.
And someday I shall wither away;
I'll become that rain you know each day.

And hopefully you will remember me,
And can see the things that I couldn't see.
And maybe you will miss me, too,
And think of me when the sky is blue.

© 2008 UnderINK

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Such a wonderful write!


Posted 12 Years Ago

I love this. It kinda made me want to cry because it fits my fears right now about what I'm going to miss. It has a very nice and steady rhythm, and your rhyming is very good. Thank you so much for sharing! It was what I needed right now. God bless.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on February 8, 2008



Greenville, PA

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A Poem by UnderINK

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A Poem by UnderINK