Red Valley

Red Valley

A Poem by UnderINK

When it comes down to it, what's more important? We can settle for paradise where there are no troubles, or stick it out for the people we love.

Last night, in my sleep, came a being
With white wings and emerald eyes.
I followed him near, with nothing to fear
For an angel would not let me die.
Like a god he stepped across mountains,
Like a ghost, could not be caught.
Over oceans and streams, we drifted through dreams
For I knew that he couldn't be fought.

He took me to a lucious red valley
Whose grass was scarlet and gold.
And no one was there
With any breath to spare--
It was heaven as I'd ever been told.
He said, "You can stay here forever
And call it your own, this place."
Then he showed me the flowers
That talked on for hours
And the creeks that wove around us like lace.

I glanced to the sky with some hope
And saw a warm face stricken with tears.
It was faded and shamed
Like an angel unnamed;
More beautiful than the one I had here.
I was saddened, and looked at the being,
Who pointed to the singing of trees.
"I'm sorry, my friend,
This must come to an end.
There is someone waiting out there for me."

He asked me, "How do you choose flesh and pain
Over this paradise I made just for you?"
I said: "Water can't understand
The suffering of land.
You'd go, too, if only you knew."
He smiled softly and told me to go,
"But all of this you shall forget:
The apples and bees,
The Melody Trees,
And that we have before ever met."

And in an instant all of it shimmered,
Sunk and drowned in my head.
I woke up on the floor by the crack of the door,
With a book by my feet left unread.
But I didn't forget the Red Valley,
Like the angel had told me I would.
I'll always remember
That night in December
Because it did me so much good.

© 2008 UnderINK

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Not only is the story worth reading due to the underlining currents of valuing life at all costs, but it's damn entertaiing to read. As I went along, I started bobbin' my head as the words starting to be sung in my head. The verses are both clever and catchy, and that's a great combination.
"Water can't understand / The suffering of land." That line alone showcasing a deep and rich understanding about the nature of life and can relate to countless topics (explaining love to someone who's never known it, advocating life to someone who wants to die or even telling a cubical employee about working in retail).
A great read. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I love the way this tells a story. Your flow is spot on.Greta work. So pleased I found this

Posted 12 Years Ago

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