The new world

The new world

A Story by Noah Hadley

You go from playing a game of capture the flag to trying to stay alive


As you run through the forest you can hear them gaining on you. You can feel your heart pumping to keep up with how hard you are breathing. You can’t let them catch up for you fear the worst. You look behind you to see one of them is on your heels. You clench your fist to not let go of your precious cargo. You feel your body grow heavier with each few feet. Until you feel a hand on you and a snicker from your chaser. He grabs it out of your hands and runs the other way. “I HAVE THE FLAG!” it takes you a moment to realize what happened but before you can start chasing them, they are being chased after by two of your buddies. “We got this! Go get something to drink!” you sigh in response. By the time you get to the rest spot your body falls to the ground and you feel something on your face...“WHAT THE F**K!?!?!” you dart up from the ground to look at your best friend Ben. “Ha you shoulda seen your face!” he bursts out laughing until he rolls onto the floor in a fit of giggles. luckily, you’re standing by the time that he rolls on the floor so you do the only rational thing and kick him. And you kick HARD. “OW! What was that for?” he grumbles while rubbing his side. “It was only water” He mumbles to himself. You walk over to the Gatorade bottle with your name on it, and before you even reach for it you hear rustling from the trees. “Guys that’s not funny!” you shout to the trees. “What?” you turn around to see everyone standing behind you. “Alright who’s pulling my chain here? Obviously one of you is f*****g with the trees.” you look at them to see their faces turn ghost white, you feel something touch your back shoulder and squeeze until you feel your skin starts to break. You try to get away but you cant move. The woods start to fade away until all you see is black.





As you start to wake up you remember the cuts on your shoulder. And your friends screaming at something. What where they screaming at? “HEY WAKE UP! PLEASE WAKE UP!” your friend Adam is standing above you slapping your face.>:( you slap him back and he looks at you in disbelief  and a smile creeps across his face and he hugs you tight. “Dude what happened?” you ask him and he looks at you and sighs. “That monster  grabbed you and…” “MONSTER?!?!” you scream interrupting him. “Shhhshsshsh” he covers your mouth with his hand while looking out the window worriedly. “Let me explain… we are somewhere else. A different yet same world. After that monster attack it teleported us here.” You bite his hand and he hisses in pain but you tackle him before he can cover your mouth again and start speaking in your serious voice. “Where are we? What happened? Why are you being so weird?” “As I told you we were attacked in the woods and transported here. Everyone else is looking for supplies and weapons. Also please get off of me.” You sigh and get off of him helping him up with your hands. Looking down at your hands you see blood. “AARRGGHHH!” you let go of Adams hands knocking him back to the ground with a grunt. “WHAT THE F**K?!” you feel a shiver run up your spine as Adam runs through the doorway next to you remerging with a bat covered in nails in his hands. “W…whaaa…what are you doing?” you feel the fear tremble in your throat. He doesn’t respond just looks at you… no he’s looking behind you through a window. As you turn around to look, he starts to talk. “Don’t look at it. It can sense fear.” You realize all to late what he means as you look into the nightmare’s eyes, swirling with black and white. You realize that it’s looking right at you with yellow teeth stretched across its face. You hear a roar, and the nightmare looks behind it and crouches as it starts to run on all fours towards an blue truck driving right towards the house. “Get upstairs!” Adam sounds sort of happy about the car with a smile on his face as he opens the front door and readies his bat as he closes the door.

You run all the way up the stairs and find the first room with a window on your left. You look out the window to see the car stop just short of the monster, as you see the car door open you see a familiar pair of sneakers touch the ground. “Lucy?” You talk at the window. As your hands press against the dirty glass of the window you notice who is driving the car, Ben. Ben who never got his license. But he looks different, He looks worn down and tired. You look back at Lucy and notice the dark circles under her eyes as she runs towards the creature, and she starts to…. “FLY?!” you scream without meaning to after Adam’s warning. The creature looks at the house. What you assume is the face is looking around the windows until it seems to stop at you gazing down to the monster. It lets out a loud shriek opening its twisted mouth filled with teeth. As you try to back away from the window you feel a hand reach across you stomach as someone picks you up over their shoulder. “WHO THE F**K WANNA DIE!” you twist your body out of their arms after screaming into their ear. You look up to see James huddled over clutching his ears. “S**t James are you okay?” He looks up to you and as you stumble back he gets up off the ground and looks right at you with his goat eyes. “AAAAAHHH!” You scream as the creature that looks like James runs at you and covers your mouth with his hand he hushes you by using his other hand to make the Vulcan sign for live long and prosper. Your favorite show was star trek when you were younger and you eventually dragged James into your obsession, you spent every after school and weekend on the couch watching star trek on Netflix together. You look up to James and he backs off and puts both hands up. You stand up and pull his ear so he's at your level. “What is going on?” You look at him with you best glare until he crumbles and starts talking. “There was a monster and it took us here with this wormhole thing and we passed out and then when we woke up we all had these things…these superpowers. And when we awoke it told us that you…” You back away and sit on the dusty floor. He stops talking. “How long?” He looks over to you and asks “How long for what?” “HOW LONG HAVE WE BEEN HERE!?” You yell completely forgetting about Adams warning. Suddenly you hear it. A small buzzing noise coming from somewhere…

somewhere above. You and James both look up to the ceiling and see the monster crawling on the ceiling. “RUN!” James yells at you. As you turn to run the monster jumps on you and you fall to the ground with a loud thud. You turn over enough to look at it staring at you. It gets up and sits next to you. “What the f..” you look at James to shut him up. As you look back at the monster it comes up to you and...licks your face? You look to James and he looks as if a light has turned on in his head. “THAT’S WHAT IT MEANT!” he yells startling the monster. The monster darts towards him and pounces on James before you can think you shout “Stop!” 

The monster stops right before it bites James’s neck and looks at you. “Sit?” you talk to the monster as it sits right down on top of James. James exhales as you bend down with your hand outstretched to the monster as it gets up and crawls over to you, you hear a gasp from behind and you instantly know that its everyone else that must’ve been outside fighting chased the monster up to you. Ben runs and jumps onto the creature with two blades brandished in both of his hands, he starts to stab at the creature causing a black liquid to leak from its holes. “BEN STOP!” You scream before he can get another cut in the monster. Ben looks up to you with a confused angry look on his face. “You’re protecting this creature? That’s insane! Alice back me up!” he starts screaming at your friend Alice, A tall girl with dark brown hair and pale skin. She looks over to you and nods, “This is ridiculous. You can obviously control them and YOU!” She turns to Ben and starts to wave her finger in his face “You need to listen to them! Don’t you remember what the demon said?” You look up to Alice in disbelief. She never yells at anyone. Wait “What demon?” You ask as she walks over to you and reaches her arm out to you. “The monster that took us here and gave us these things.” “What things?” you ask as you take her hand “The powers that we have. You may or may not have noticed but James has goat eyes.” She looks over to the man on the floor being helped up by Adam. “Yeah its kinda hard to miss.”  You look over to Lucy as she clears her throat. “This is nice and all but we still have to figure out how we got here and how to get back.” “She makes a good point.” You all look up to the doorway to see Travis. A beautiful man in his early twenties, just like the rest of us. “We need to get home. Do you have any idea how long you’ve been passed out.” You look up to him for an answer. He leans in for dramatic affect “Three Weeks.” 

You wake up on the floor with a blanket wrapped around you, and another blanket under your head. “So, your finally awake.” You turn your head to the side to see Travis in oversized green hoodie and gray sweatpants. “After how long you were passed out, I thought that you were gone this time.” He looks down and smirks looking at the cup of coffee in his hands. “God damn. How did we get here?” you look at Travis and realize the dark circles under his eyes and the stubble growing on his chin. “How have you guys been doing?” You ask making him snap out of his daze. By the expression on his face, he’s been working himself thin, just like in high school. “We’ve been fighting to survive here. Monsters on every corner food getting scarce. We all thought that this was a prank when we woke up, but those monsters taught us otherwise.” He looks down to the floor as if ashamed. “Have you noticed anything?” he looks up to you seemingly on the verge of tears. “What are you talking about?” You feel bad for not knowing what he is talking about, but he clears his throat before you can ask. “Have you noticed anyone missing?” It suddenly hits you like an anvil. “Nat.” Your friend that introduced pretty much every one to each other, you haven’t seen them at all. “Where are they?” you look Travis right in the eyes and he starts crying. “They’re gone! They’re gone and it’s all my fault!” His voice rising with every sob. “What? What happened to them?!” He looks up at you, tears running down his face. “We… we had just woken up and the monsters attacked. I thought it was a prank and I pushed them towards the monsters as a joke and they got… killed.” He’s stopped crying by the time he’s finished, but he is quiet. Suddenly you hear a deep voice talk. “you’ve awoken, my beautiful beast.” You look to Travis to see if he heard the voice but he’s just looking at the coffee in silence. “Guys c’mon! we need more food for everyone! We have to feed ni…eight people!” It’s clear what Connor means. Nat really is gone. You look to Travis for his reaction, but he’s no longer sitting on the ground across from you. You don’t see him in the room anymore and Connor has already left the doorway. “Hey you.” You hear it clear as day. “Nat?” you’re sure that it sounds like them. “Who else did you expect?” Nat appears before you where Travis was sitting only a moment ago. But something doesn’t add up. “Your supposed to be dead.” Nat looks over to you with a blank expression. “And you’re not supposed to be able to see me, and yet here we are.” They look up to you and start to laugh. “Bwahaaha! You need to lighten up!” You notice that your hands are clenched together, when you look down you notice marks from your nails on your hands and you let go. “So what do you want to do about me?” They look at you and you notice that they weren’t sitting anymore. “What do you mean? Your supposed to be dead. You need to give me answers!” You look at them feeling as though you can see through them. “I can answer your questions if you tell me how Travis is doing.” They look at you with a smile knowing that you will tell them how he’s doing even if you got no answers to your questions. “He feels bad about what happened. He thought it was all a prank, and he wants to leave this place more than anyone from what I can tell.” They look over to you and giggle. “Well duh he doesn’t want to stay here! No one does! I’ve been waiting for someone to notice me though.” They look down at you until you realize, and it hits you. “You’re a ghost.” You look down at your blanket still wrapped around your body. You grab your blanket and throw it across to room, right through Nat and hitting the wall. “Yep.” Nat floats over to the blanket and picks up a piece of its edge but it falls through their pale fingers. “I’ve been hanging around waiting for someone to talk to. I watched you sleep for those three weeks. Connor likes you y’know.” That makes your head shoot up. “What?” Connor was an average height blonde, with a tendency to flirt. But you thought it was all in good fun.

“How do you know?” you ask as Nat walks through the wall into the next room. “GOT IT!” They scream reappearing through the wall. “Got what?” you ask as you get up and walk over to your floating Spector friend. 
“His diary.” They smirk as you sigh in exhaust. “Wanna read it?” They look at your hands and nod as you lift your hands to take the diary. “Open it.” They say while they drop the book into your waiting hands. “Are you sure that I should?” you are already touching the red cover of the diary covered in stickers. “No.” you say as you throw it to the ground. As it makes contact to the ground it bursts open with multiple photos falling out of the book, you lean down to the photos to pick one up, but what it shows is surprising. It’s a picture of you. You go to grab more of the photos to see that they are all of you just doing stuff. They look months, maybe even years old. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you turn to the doorway to see Connor standing there.  

WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT AM I DOING?” You yell at Connor while waving some of the photos in his face. He blushes like an tomato looking down at his feet. “Well…I…I…Ummmm” He can’t seem to talk straight but that doesn’t matter to you right now. “WHAT THE F**K? NAT TOLD ME BUT I THOUGHT THEY WERE BEING WEIRD AGAIN!! BUT I…” You look at Connor staring at you on the verge of tears. “Nat told you? When?” He grabs your shoulders and continues talking in between tears. “Bu…but they they…promised to not.. to not tell on their life!” “Well technically they weren’t alive when they told me…” you say without thinking but its to late he knows. “What?” he stops crying and instead replaces the sadness with anger. “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! I SAW THEM GET TORN TO PIECES RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! THEY ARE DEAD! THERE IS NO WAY THAT THEY COULD TELL YOU ANYTHING!” You look behind you at Nat and point to Connor with your index finger. “Feel free to say anything.” You turn your head back to Connor to see him looking behind you. “Nat?” His face looks pale as if he’s seen a… oh righ“Hey Con.” You hear them say from behind you. But before you can turn to them Connor starts to scream and trips to the ground. “WHAT THE F***?!” He starts to try and get away by crawling, But to no avail.

© 2021 Noah Hadley

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Noah Hadley
Thank you for reading!

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Noah Hadley
Noah Hadley

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