Pantheistic Atheism Refutation

Pantheistic Atheism Refutation

A Poem by Ed

Further Atheism role players, and career move charlatan refutation.

As well as those who like to play with ideology and are not appreciative of the solidarity of morality. 

The Pantheistic ontology of Heterodox Atheism and its heresies as

divisive use as a argument against Truth

The Conjecture and use of fallacies

and the irresponsibility of political persuasion:

The twisting of scripture and variance of meaning bringing congregations into one false or partial understanding and the contradiction of progress, calling one thing as a presupposition

statement or argument to entail the pretense for what can only be a political stance for a righteous endeavor has left the common man desolate in understanding of true deliverance. As they are made to know God under the purview of what God

had not intended. Had left man to be of proper authority to shepherd the sons of humanity

and this has been misused. Blatantly. We live in a time where radicalism is in proliferation

unchecked and there is no effort being made to bring back to affirmation of any edification

as academics itself has become the grounds for initiation of ideological anarchy, and

encouragement of vehement self exaltation as the true paradigm of ideals regarding life

in definition are in question. Having been established.

This has lead to the formation of a electoral student body ideology developed by the use of psychology academic philosophy to form the paradigm of supposed self actualization and what it means to be successful. Without a moral integration of what is to be done with the values that the person should adhere to, indeed, provide them with understanding, that they are to hold up in truth, righteousness, rather, have held the truth in unrighteousness.

The Dissertation that Words can be misconstrued from relevance as stood by power,

power, a word of truth, that held man's fixation of some rather frivolous use of.

Pantheism doesn’t work because there is no place or thing or being to which can be known to identify with, with what is life.  Only a creator establishes ordinance to

one’s existence.  Without, one is left at the whims or notion of what or who they are because

There is no relation to a defined origin to which can give the subject, a created being,

coherency about that which gave them the very reason or ability to ask the question of life.  Pantheism doesn’t work because without a creator, there is no proper understanding of creation, because there is no willingness to accept an origin of intelligence that one has inherited or a higher power of some sort to which one can define and attribute meaning.  If a person is in fact a nihilist, why would they spend so much time defending their perspective, and for that matter what reason would he have for refuting anything I’ve said.  If nihilism is true than how did I write all of this and establish any kind of rational logic, given I speak in terms of life and objective natural ordinary phenomena, for that matter, what about all the words in dictionaries,  some of them must have been much more accurate while others are particular with conjecture.

All is left to subjectivity, if there isn’t anything of a apparent fatherhood to man rather than the apparent whims of eternity playing itself out and our formality of understanding being a deconstructive progressive model in which intelligence was able to form from a finite point and yet did not already have the property to facilitate the entire creation of the universe and a progression greater than anything of its smaller facets or creations within could possibly supersede, unless it has the defining property of creation, which is why man has believed to have received the spark of divinity which we state that man is made in the image of God.  

For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him will the Son of Man also be ashamed when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”

Mark 8:38

An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah.” So he left them and departed.

Matthew 16:4

There is a dichotomy, even if we lived in a deconstructive progressive universe,  the expression is still rising to its full bloom, its prime, or is what’s been said and debated and have come out somewhat inconclusive due to some rhetoric on it being past its prime.

The changes can be seen in every wavelength of light, showing that it's all energy that's declining, not just particular kinds. The upshot: Our 13.7-billion-year-old universe is past its prime and sliding into its waining years.Aug 11, 2015

Everything that is alive in the spirit has its full expression at some point.  

God bless


I will say that I was listening to a discussion momentarily which I have heard more than a few times.

And we are all generally familiar with it even so much that a comedian had made a bit on it.

As children specifically toddlers ask questions on everything and anything.

Seems like its in our nature to ask and find answers, huh.

The person had said and paraphrasing:

“Toddlers as soon as they can speak begin asking questions about everything

Even things that humanity still have no answer for.”

                                                                     -a former online discussion associate-

A proper apologetic in regards to irresponsibility of man’s decisions. And refutation of role player’s who claim atheism and
and eisegete connotation without involving God and objective morality, for the sake of career moves or those who do not act in good faith.

As well as discussion of pantheism itself and how it does not prosper man’s understanding. Since it leaves subjectivity and
and vagueness of established truth and allows for doctrine to be swayed to any direction and turns belief, religion, spirituality, life, and makes variance of truth to a degree that is not a progression of actual profit in what is the purview of God, life and existence.

A foreground for the charlatan mysticism that is New Age belief and religion, that is well known for being ideological playgrounds of guru secular humanism with spiritual connotation and moral edification to which the basis of all Godliness, order and appropriation are of loosely cherry picked ideals and elude to not much more than self exaltation and even play with the ideas of the devil being not necessarily evil, or promoting the subjectivity of evil itself.

© 2022 Ed

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