A Poem by Tigran Avoundjian

My Muse no longer laughs with me

Does not sing of blazing suns,

Tempestuous seas.

My Muse no longer sings to me

No longer churns the mill of ingenuity.

My thoughts bend with her to the North

To lands of infinite fields - where sparkling

Emerald greens absorb blazing

Ruby rays of sunlight dazzlight through

Sapphire skies that kiss the sea -

And like lovers in the night,

Ignited by desire’s eternal light,

The two combine bodies into one

And set their souls free.

But my heart remains South with electrical masks,

Mechanical metronome arms pounding out

Perpetual pain, spinning oil stained gears of war

And exhaling out of smoking stacks of narcotic nightmares

Tinged with nicotine terrors of midnight tremors,

Industrial screams of earthquakes in the dark and

Bad dreams.

And within the depths of the concatenate

Web of metropolitan chaos

A single light draws my heart

And in my enamored stupor

With shimmering eyes glazed over

In mesmerized delirium

I exile my Muse to the meadows of Paradise

In favor of the guiding light of temptation

The tree that bears the fruit of love,

The knowledge of companionship

The wisdom of unity.

And though my Muse no longer laughs with me

Does not sing her melodious songs

Of picturesque scenes,

My love fuels the fire of creativity

And inspires my heart eternally.

© 2008 Tigran Avoundjian

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Added on February 27, 2008


Tigran Avoundjian
Tigran Avoundjian

Glendale, CA

"The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving." -Waking Life I don't write. I regurgitate the phantom voices that stew in my brain, banging against the walls of my sk.. more..