Stay Strong

Stay Strong

A Poem by Serena Kaye

For all the people who cut, or suffer from depression, You. Are. NOT. Alone.<3


Stay Strong,

Not just two words,

But a deeper meaning,

Some won’t know what it is,

But many do,


Stay Strong I say,

I can beat this demon,

It won’t get the best of me,

It won’t mess my life up,

But I crave it,


Stay strong they tell me,

You don’t know what I fight,

You don’t know my demons,

You don’t know my life,

But you want to,


Stay strong,

As I see it everywhere,

As I see the knife,

As I see my scars,

But things happen,


Stay strong,

Beat the habits,

Beat the craving,

Beat the sensation,

But it’s hard,


Staying strong,

Is what I do,

How I fight my fights,

How I concur my demons,

But it’s how I deal,


Staying strong,

That’s my motto,

That’s my life,

That’s what I’ll do,

I’ll always Stay Strong,

© 2012 Serena Kaye

Author's Note

Serena Kaye
This is for all the people that have trouble fighting their demons. You are not alone. There are many others out there in this world.
If you have no one else to be strong with, well hey I'm trying! You can message me!
Thank you for reading.
P.S- Don't let anyone tell you that you are wrong for your scars, they have NOT lived your life and never will. Don't let them tell you that you are a bad person cause your NOT. This is LIFE! Don't let it hurt you.

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Featured Review

This is an inspiring poem.

It's true, people don't understand what you going through. Sometimes... when they say stay strong it's easier said than being done.

But yeah, didn't mean to get into a little speech.

Again this is nice!

Keep on posting!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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You are Strength, beautiful poem.

Posted 2 Years Ago

I needed this tonight, I have become very strong over the years, but demon creepers can always be tricky. Thanks for sharing...


Posted 3 Years Ago

this poem has made me think of my PTSD. this poem shows great emotion. this poem shows how easy it is to give in. keep up the good work. my fave lines are: "Stay strong they tell me,
You don’t know what I fight,
You don’t know my demons,
You don’t know my life,
But you want to,"

Posted 3 Years Ago

Very powerful message in this poem. Great work. I'm staying strong.

Posted 3 Years Ago

stay strong is right! Live brave is my motto!

Posted 3 Years Ago

A very uplifting poem. Thank you for this.

Posted 3 Years Ago

This poem is majestic and adorable. It really inspired me a lot.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Great job. Your style of writing is so beautiful!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Awesome, I can TOTALLY relate, bipolar type I, NEVER GIVE UP! Your words are so true. My writings reflect a lot of the same visions. My Google+ and YouTube channel are the same as my name here. I have TONS of good info and more videos coming soon. How I went from surviving to thriving. You can TOO! Thanks, for this great piece, keep writing.

Posted 5 Years Ago

All I can say is thank you. Your words actually really helped.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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