The Ill-Fated Sunlight

The Ill-Fated Sunlight

A Story by Unsophisticated

A short, allegorical story.


Deep in the forest stood a singular tree, large and wide and strong. Its roots were vast, it supported all of the trees around it. When a new sapling sprouted, it extended its roots to help the new sprig grow up strong.

It did this for many years, and the forest grew big and proud. At first the tree relied upon its own strength to bolster the oaks and pines surrounding it. But the tree had its limits. The larger trees took much energy to support and encourage, leaving the tree little strength for the smaller trees. The chestnuts, dogwoods and cherry blossoms seldom came around, and when they did, they never stayed long.

But then the Goddess arrived. Was she really a Goddess? Maybe not, but she brightened all she smiled upon. She began to visit the grove more often. All of the trees relished the Goddess’ visits, but none more than the large tree.

It found a renewed, fervent energy. Its desire to support all around it increased tenfold. The oaks and pines, dogwoods and cherry blossoms. Even the moss and shrubberies found support they hadn’t had before.

But the tree’s most solemn desire, was to the support the Goddess. It knew as bright as the Goddess was, even she needed support from time to time. Her blessed light needed to recharge. She needed to know how much she was loved, how much she was needed.

But the tree… is just a tree. It could not follow the Goddess wherever she went. It tried stretching its branches, but could not reach far enough.

The Goddess’ visits began to come less and less frequently. A dour mood pervaded the entire forest, but none were affected as hard as the large tree. Its outstretched branches began to wither and fall away. It tried to support the other trees, but without the Goddess, its roots shriveled and shrank.

Eventually the Goddess stopped coming altogether. Sorrow filled the once mighty tree’s heart, and its roots pulled back as it was not even strong enough to support itself, much less the other trees.

Light gave way to darkness as the forest died. Only the large tree remained, as a shadow of its former self. Barren, brittle branches barely bore brown, desiccated leaves. One green leaf remained, flitting in the breeze. The wind howled as it danced through what had once been a vibrant, verdant grove. It plucked away the last emerald shard of life. The tree watched wistfully, as its last vestige of life climbed away. The tree made one last wish. Then with an inaudible sigh, it too, passed from existence.

Many miles away, a leaf alighted the grasp of a Goddess, and she shed a single, silent tear.

The end.

© 2019 Unsophisticated

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Added on April 26, 2019
Last Updated on April 26, 2019
Tags: allegory, tree, goddess, love, death, sorrow



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