Small town pirate-Chapter 2

Small town pirate-Chapter 2

A Chapter by UntoldStory

"It was all black now, my heart raced."

"Hey! You! Wanna play?? We need another player!"

I was feeling like a normal kid for once. Stealing,drugs,alcohol,truancy,crime... It didn't matter right now. Right now, I could be free. Free to run on the cool grass laughing and shouting as the day played out. Free to be the old me. The old me... The girl who loved her dad and brother. Daddy's girl. But that was all different now, now....things changed he changed. "No!" I told myself, "Think about what's going on now!"
"Do you want to go into town with us?" One of the boys asked. His blond and brown straight hair matched mine... of course mine was longer, his flopped over his eyes lazily. 
"Um..." I bit my lip trying not to look uneasy. If I went into town, people would talk. They would know about pirate girl once we got to town. 
"I have to go back and clean the boat, sorry."
"We can help!" Another boy added, I think his name was Alex. 
"No!" I shook my head quickly, "I mean, my brother isn't feeling to good. I don't think he'd be happy, maybe next time?" I tried to smile. 
"Sure." The blond boy smiled and slowly walked off. I shivered, but not from the cold. It was sunny and warm out... something....felt different. 

I was running again, but this time I could feel what was after me. It was him, he found me. He wanted me. I tried to scream, tried to move. But nothing. Suddenly, as if someone turned on the off switch, I couldn't move, couldn't breath. I cried now this time. Red tears fell down. Faster, and faster. I couldn't stop. It was like someone was pulling me under the earth, I felt myself losing control of th =e world before me. Then a bright light flashed. Someone, a boy, stood in front of me. I looked up but could not see who it was. He reached out, his arm was long and skinny...
Thud! My eyes flashed open. Light was coming in from the port hole, so I couldn't have been napping for long. I sat up, listening for the sound. Thud! My stomach tightened. Was someone trying to break in? My skin froze. Cops! It had to be! Did my brother and his friends do something? But...It wasn't like them to get caught. "Theres a first time for everything." I told myself, still I was scared. Cops wouldn't be that noisy, they'd be quite, mouse like. Whoever was outside, or in the boat, was more loud. Careless. I breathed in and grabbed a gleaming black hand gun from the night stand. 
Thud! It came from the bow of the boat, that meant I had enough time to see who it was and shot if needed be. Suddenly, like clock work, I became clam. My mind cleared itself of everything else. The only thing I was aware of was the visitor. I stayed quite while slipping threw the hall. My best bet was to get a look from behind the boxes, I would have a clear view of the deck and the left side of the boat. Thankfully the stern was facing towards the water, I wouldn't be seen from shore. 
I whipped around, gun steady, but now someone had skillfully knocked it away. I crouched down, ready to kick out but something covered me, it was all black now. My heart raced. 

© 2010 UntoldStory

Author's Note

Yah....still short, but getting there! :3
Please tell me what you think!

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This is getting good... you built suspense well and I like how you keep referring to the dream the girl is having, it's like two stories in one, the girl's mind and reality.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Novi, MI

Well ello there! :3 Hello, I'm Ashley and I like poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking things with a stick. Well...... I like poking things with a stick at least! I AM A PIRATE!!! ARGH!.. more..