My life, colored not black and white-Chapter 1

My life, colored not black and white-Chapter 1

A Chapter by UntoldStory

Well....It's your first look into my life.

I slammed my locker shut and sat down leaning into to cold metal. While I did I switched on my I-Pod to my favorite band, Three Days Grace. While soaking up the powerful lyrics of "Just Like you" I saw the worn out sneakers of my friend Jordan threw my bangs. I could feel he wasn't happy. He had a bad anger problem and it scared me when I was the one he was mad at.
"You ditched me and Cameron yesterday to hang out with Eli." Jordan's eyes burned into mine, and his tone was cold. 
"He needed me." I said quietly afraid to make him mad, he was the only person I was afraid of. 
"Needed you? The kid can't handle anything can he?"
Now it was my turn to get mad, and Jordan knew how to get to me. Threw my best friend. 
"You think you can handle it? Jordan he's depressed right now! Can you blame me for going over his house? He wanted to kill himself!" I tried not to yell but a few kids looked our way. 
The bell rang, I turned around heading to my first class, art. 

While I was trying to focus on what I was doing my mind kept going to Eli and Jordan. They had the same first class together and I knew Jordan would say something. Something that was not true. My heart leaped, Eli would believe it, Jordan was a amazing liar. My phone was on my bed at home, I wouldn't be able to text either one of them. Friday was not going to well for me so far... 

"Eli!" Ignoring a glare from the teacher for running into class I raced over to my desk, thankfully Jordan was in a different class then us. 
"Did Jordan say anything to you?" I questioned. 
I breathed out, "We got into a fight, I thought he'd say something to you to get me mad." I then hugged him, tight. "Feeling better?" I knew it sounded like a lame question, but Eli knew I cared about him. And he cared about me. We just hand that kind of friendship. 
He nodded and pulled out his homework. His black hair was covering his one eye, but the other one wasn't covered and his one eye seemed to sparkle. I wanted to say more but the bell rang and our teacher started talking. I breathed in, annoyed, and pulled out a clean piece of paper. Our conversation would have to wait till lunch. Our teacher had a strict no talking rule, and I didn't have the time or patience to stay after school. 
"Remember, three pages. Due tomorrow." 
I could care less about what Mrs. Hallbeck was saying, but Eli pointed to my pass book. I smiled,even threw his own problems Eli still watched out for me. 
"Unlike some friends..." My mind said, Jordan was... not the softest guy around. If I ever went to him with a problem he'd laughed and then spread it around our group of friends. 
"Can we eat outside?" Eli asked as we got into the hallway. 
"Sure babe." I smiled. Me and Eli weren't dating, but if you didn't know us you would have though we were. Again, it was just something me and him did. 

Outside was warm and sunny, a change from the rain we had the week before. Eli put his arm around my shoulder and smiled. His whole face brightened when he did. 
"Just a few more hours 'till the weekend." His voice was lighter, happier. 
"Good because you seriously need a bad romance movie marathon with a huge helping of fries and shakes." I laughed. 
Since 7th grade me and Eli had made it a tradition that every Friday night we would watch old corny romance movies and then go out to eat at stake 'n shake. 
"How about we go out to The Lark?" He smiled and his eyes turned soft. 
The Lark? That was a really fancy place let alone expensive. You had to be dressed up to get in.
"It could be fun." He offered. 
"Sure..." I grinned, not sure why Eli had suddenly decided to go all romantic style. 
"Then I'll see you around our normal time?" He grinned and stood up.
"Yah, Six." I smiled and watched him go. My head now was full of questions. 
I looked up and saw Alena, one of my skateboarding friends, ready to tackle me. She, like almost everyone I knew, used my nick name. Missy. 
"You're shoe is in my a*s." My voice was muffled from the grass. Her curly hair was also in my face, it was brown like mine, but mine was straight and layered. 
"Jordan would like to kick you in the a*s from what I hear." She said, now serious. I sat up along with her. 
"Yah, he said something bout Eli." I shrugged it off, no one knew I was afraid of him. And if he wanted to fight I wouldn't back off, I just wouldn't like it. 
Now Alena giggled. "You to are pretty close. I saw how you blushed when he left!" She poked me, "did he ask you out!?" 
I rolled my eyes at her, "I was not! And no he didn't." At least, I didn't think he did....
"So were blushing!" 
I glared while she hummed the wedding march. 
"I'll shove MY foot up you're a*s!" I laughed and stood up as the warning bell rang. 
"Oh pshh, why you all defensive?" She giggled and ran off. Leaving me to shake my head and grin. 

"Ugh!" I looked around my closet looking for my black dress. I didn't dress up, and when I needed it was for my dad's company parties or my moms dinners, and even then I had a little extra time to find my stuff. 
"DAD!" I yelled from my closet doorway, I was in a tank-top and boxers, and yes I wear them.
"What?" His voice sounded from the intercom and made me jump. 
"Do you know where my black dress went?"
I heard him chuckling. 
"DAD!" If I didn't blush earlier, I sure as hell did now.
"Sorry sweetie. It's in the back of the laundry room closet." 
"Thanks, can mom bring it up....I kinda need help." 
More chuckling, "Sure. Have fun on you're date."
"ITS NOT A DATE!" Still, I questioned that one. 
My mom flew up the stairs, her face glowing. Probably because I was wearing a dress to something else other then a house party.
"Mom pleeaasseee don't start."
She laughed. "Come on, lets put that mop of you'res up..." 

© 2010 UntoldStory

Author's Note

Of course more happened, I'll write that later, probably tomorrow so I can add what happens then.
Besides, I'm being forced to go shopping right now... save me, I hate shopping :(

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