An arguement to fight

An arguement to fight

A Poem by JlB

Poetry first in a while... contest entry

An Arguement to Fight
by JlB

We've gone through this before,
it gets worse before the day goes on.
Our arguements seem to never even end
and it just hurts so bad inside.

Let's say there's a pain.
Let's say that it's underlying.
Doc is saying it will only take a little time
because the pain will minimize, but I know
it just grows...
But Doc I know
that it just grows inside.

Oh, you look so upset.
Look, I know that if we just got some rest...
Pretty baby why can't you just accept and say
'Yes I've had a long day, and yes if we slept,
our futile arguements might go away.'

I get so weak,
I just can't contain me
I just get so weak, oh I know if I speak
you and me; we'll never see eye-to-eye.

There's no time for apologies
there's no time to apologize.
There no time, my little lady all I need
is for you to be by my side.
And if you please,
if you please,

if you please, dear give up the fights.

We've gone through this before,
we get worse before the day goes on
our arguements seem to never even end
and it just hurts so bad inside,

but if you try,
I will try,
we will fight
for us baby.

By JlB

© 2008 JlB

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I think this was an exausting write for you, it seems as if it took a lot out of you to re-live this fight all over again, I feel your pain

Posted 14 Years Ago

Well I'm back on your site and I see you have not got your work back on here? I liked this writing and it made me think of a few relationship I have been in. Anyway great write!! Thank for sharing.
Kelley Frost

Posted 16 Years Ago

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