The Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus

A Poem by V-C-L

My ex girlfriend had 4 different stages she went through during our relationship. I like to call them The Blue Lotus, The Red Oleander, The Pink Magnolia and The White Rose.

Truly amazing
The lone flower, stirs on this eve
Her petals were the deepest blue
Envy of glorious skies
The moon's rays marveling, pondering her exuberance
Her perfect sway in the soothing breeze
Gliding forth, whispered for just one dance

Our waltz is a fine spectacle
Flawless motions, grasp curious ghosts
Grinning ear to ear, their eyes precious gems
Savoring every glistening drop

I relinquish my quivering palms
Hand in hand to the cheering pacific
Tiny grains of sand, sparkling within moon light
Each step of the way, my spine quakes
At a loss for words as she dragged me to the depths
Submerged, over taken by everlasting inspiration
At one with diverse fauna
Their vast and exotic shades
Fuel for the fire the burns passionately within
I pursued her exquisite frame
Lead to infinite bounty, true luxury

Our waltz is a fine spectacle
Flawless motions, halt nature's plans
Beaming ear to ear, mother changed the course
Savoring our new born infatuation

Swirling about the ocean floor
Our horrors fled to the surface
Left us here to reap each others treasures
With affection in her eyes, she set me down
Expressing past anguish
Her desire, to watch the earth in slow motion

Our waltz is a fine spectacle
The guardians were fast asleep
Basking in this serene night, temptations pestering
For now, we'll savor this platonic love

I emerged breathless
Eyes tightly knit
Seduction, lust, clinging at my waste
"I fear ive fallen for you
As a hostage to past lovers"
One motion, the chains lay mangled
A spirit set free, sprinting toward water's edge
She took my wrist, pulled me into her sapphire gaze
Under her command, our lips collided  
Swiveling motions grind to a halt
With one wag of her finger, the lotus was gone
I fell to my face, bones fragile glass
Constellations explode with jubilation
Triumphant, deafening, and deep

Head high, shoulders reared back
I scream to the heavens, grateful
My thunderous gratitude, casts trembling doubt back to shadows
At my soft spot to fall, obedient to the night sky
Changing colors with every explosive star
Burrowed in deep, wrapped the covers tight
reminiscing on my beloved  blue lotus

© 2011 V-C-L

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Added on January 7, 2011
Last Updated on February 23, 2011
Tags: Hopeless romantic, infidelity, romance



San Diego , CA

Hey everyone im kind of new to this so go easy on me. My name is William i also go by the alias V-C-L (Dont ask). I started this account to spread my message of love and unity. This world is full of s.. more..

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