The Pink Magnolia

The Pink Magnolia

A Poem by V-C-L

In this poem, i talk about the anguish i dealt with sitting at home waiting for just one phone call from her while she was out drinking and partying.

The wind howls his tearful eulogy
Pardoning the comfort of summer eves
Their twinkling lights, fade to black in the dead of night
Unleashed a storm, assembled by his awful grief
Haunting me forever more, with their swift departure
The frost all gathered in prayer on windowsill
Wishing the lost well, seeing them to the other side
Calling my focus, toward a greater awakening
My harsh and profound realization
A resilient heart, bustled with excitement
Sprang head first the cruel relentless ice
No longer subject to the tyranny of winter
The lone magnolia, spite lurked behind her treacherous grin
She hoisted her pink flag high, crying out for her decrepit comrades
Scheming thoughts crept across her face, as she drew their hellish swarm
Vermin fled from darkness, spoiling every fond memory of our affair
Their hands worked in unison, choking the life out of her potent fragrance
From afar, I cringe at the unsightly thought of betrayal

Face down, washed away by the almighty waves
Glamoring at our explosive constellations
Their sparks engulfing the evergreens
Consciousness is demanding, my body assimilates
Braced myself, for this fall from glory
Shattered fragments, by the earths rigid fists

Crystals still fell from the sky
As the magnolia rocked back and forth
She threw herself into a fiery oblivion
In search of the open door, leading her to euphoria
I soon followed, fearful of the demise of my queen
She fired her insults back, as we tumbled together
A forceful kick, my spirit  plummets into the flames
My searing hot flesh, bubbling and tearing
Laughter stings from above, echoing about her shadowy domain
She landed before me feet first, banished this hopeless romantic to stay with his darkest fears
Out into frigid night, my head tilted back
The trees began starring back at me
Taking my mind on a voyage in time
To the overgrowth we confined to the soil with our blessings
Our towering proud, professed love
They greet the heavens with our message
One by one  these messengers toppled over
Crashed upon rock, splinters and all
Their painful scowls, wailing oak
These ghost linger on in the depths of my nightmares

Face down, washed away by the almighty waves
Glamoring at the highest branch
Our gigantic, impregnable hideaway
The domicile lays, defeated and undisturbed
Our playful coos, have all slipped away

It was then, a miracle took place
Life, restoring the fallen to their might
Taking place before my waterfall eyes
My heart fluttered a thousand times
Brought back to his youth, as the trees all swayed in celebration
I make the final dash, the ice retreating wherever I tread
An astonishing discovery, shuts my burning eyes
Taking flight, as my darling magnolia sang her bone chilling serenade
A melody that will accompany me to my final resting place
A new era we call forgiveness
The bells all rang through the dense forest
Spilling out into the lowest valleys, holding every creature hostage
The pacific, still overjoyed swallowed whole this news
Spewing it back at me, the ocean remained nonchalant
His warning of the awful behemoth, I foolishly cast aside  
My queen cried out to me, luring me with fuchsia gems
I fell to my knees once more, captivated by the return of summer twilight
"This time i'll drag you down", pulled her away to my sacred hiding place
I curse all previous doubts, nightmares of your new source of tranquility
My great awakening, vanished with out a trace

© 2011 V-C-L

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I really love this poem. I don't know why, but I feel a connection with it. It's unique and captivating. I wouldn't change a thing.

But I can see you are definitely a person to watch out for. You've got a lot of talent. And it's not being wasted. I can see it in your words.

Muy bien! 100/100

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on January 7, 2011
Last Updated on February 23, 2011
Tags: Ignorance, cheating, lonliness, isolation



San Diego , CA

Hey everyone im kind of new to this so go easy on me. My name is William i also go by the alias V-C-L (Dont ask). I started this account to spread my message of love and unity. This world is full of s.. more..

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