The White Rose

The White Rose

A Poem by V-C-L

This is the final installment in my series of poems. This one brings back allot of painful memories. I remember getting up one morning and receiving an email saying "We need to talk"

Advance, through the rays powerful majesty
This patriarch, favors my cold feeble being
Arise, arise! The occasion boiling deep inside
This day, redemption is most triumphant
Shimmering atop the highest pillar
Gracing the walls of my room
Trumpets, blaring for the distant dreamer
Laying silent, as earth genuflects before the sun
Humble and subservient world
Acknowledging his eternal reign
He casts his spell, unlocking my sweet desires
Love! The muse I have held so sacred
She consoles me in my most foolish age
Coddling me  through cold nightly sweats
Tears shed, as I arose to find no one
Solace, is never one to disappoint

My queen resides in the most tranquil pastures
Rejuvenated from her baptism by ice
Brimming with insight, wisdom beyond my years
Her bountiful haul, may spill out onto me
Instilling beauty in its purest form
A sound heart, a solid mind!
Their inquisitive residents, infiltrate my soul
To the idle rose, her fair petals smirking
My wandering eyes, fixated on you

Glory to the wild lotus
Her mysteries roam this earth aimlessly
In pursuit, snatching at their fluttering wings
Swallowed whole by amazement, as they took to the skies
Consumed by the glowing mane of Apollo
This day is reminiscent of my first sight
Of an exuberant flower, raised by the shore
Captivated by her hypnotic fragrance
Proclaiming my allegiance to her and her alone  

My limbs quiver at the blooming of crimson oleanders
I let my mind be intoxicated by pure ecstasy
Every nerve in my body, shouts to high heaven
Her all knowing , devilish grin on a constant loop in my thoughts
Holding me hostage until the call of morning light

Through winter storm, sure is the comfort of spring
Her warm laughter, echoing through the trees
Awaiting her arrival, I bear the brunt of hail storms
Unwavering misery, crashing into my fortress
The fuchsia mistress has broken free
Offering herself to the starved travelers
Exhausted from the unrelenting journey
They take my place at the mouth of the roaring sea
Witnesses, to the spectacle of the awful magnolia
Spewing forth her toxic venom
Showering docile creatures, corrupting their innocence
Traumatized as I watched the smoke climb higher and higher
Wrapping itself around their souls, their cheerful cries
As they all scramble towards the apex
Since, I have let these wounds scab over
No longer slaving for my bleak state of mind
Forgiveness, a gift I dish out with alacrity
Vengeance, shall drown without relevance

Star of the west!
Fully grown, recovered from her evil past
She speaks of new treasures, all of them laying in wait
Rewards for my generous, tender deeds
Heroism that cannot be matched
Works worthy of heavenly recognition
She falls to her knees, overcome by bliss
Inviting me in, to whisk away her aching core   

Together we descend into unknown caverns
Each fearful step, setting my heart back a thousand paces
I place faith before vital rationality
Only for you, my crown jewel of obsession
Driving me toward this unspeakable bounty
Strength in numbers beyond my capacity
The sudden isolation, tears through my morale
A drop in my stomach, as the white rose grew stoic and wise
Before the golden chamber, fire and rock danced maddened
Calling out to me , retreat! retreat!
A final warning  before detonation
Shoveling rock and soil all around as she quaked with rage
I fire back, my desperate and weakened counter offensive
A hopeless stall, shattered by her relentless fury
Clung to the fraying coat tails, as I was dragged across crumbling earth
An instant, the tenacity of my grip gives way
Buried alive, confined between stone and hell fire

Desperation spills from the corners of my eyes
In search of her divine, healing grasp
She no longer pulls me through to the light
Her drug has carted off my soul
Locked him away with foul and servile thoughts
The deity is gone.....
Abandonment floods out my racing heart
One last time, I will reflect into the cosmic wilderness
The visions all too painful, resurrecting her tarnished memory
There is, nothing left to salvage

I reap the consequences of a clouded mind
Battle weary, fatigued on these winding roads home
Menacing weather, the ivory zeppelins burn black
Barking their cold judgment, flashing harsh revelations
They reduce me into a sniveling juvenile

Dig in for the coming onslaught
For the terrible adversary, resurrected by foolish day dreams
Ive slaved, until my ligaments all screamed
Bathed in sweat, toiling at flawless fantasies
Even in the deathly glare of misfortune
I still yearn to steal away our most sublime past
All of the fine moments, glowing upon the alter in my mind
I will lock them away in my sanctuary
Forever secure from the plotting hands of doubt
Never again, will they see gold and blue skies

The abomination I have crafted rose to his heels
His fingers burrowed deep into my chest cavity  
Crushing his humble origins
The beast rocked with pleasure
As my body stained the marble floor
Oh the bloodshed!, spewing violent from the gaping wound
Life's colors fleeing, leaving me dormant and alone

A resounding no I shout to the hungry reaper!
Infuriated, awakened, betrayed!
I must and I will reconquer my solitude!
As the sun sets on this day of infamy
Drenching the land in blood, the carnage wailing for justice
I gather the shattered fragments of my spirit
Assemble an arsenal, envy of roman hordes
May this oath echo through the depths of my psyche
"Trust, a gift shared only with those worthy
No mercy for conspirators!
There foul and wretched deeds
Will soon bury them alive in unforgiving heartache!
When all that is good, and all that is evil fade
I shall cling tight to this psalm
Passionately waging war with the embodiment of my despite"
Because of her seduction, her decadent ways
I can no longer the joy bubbling deep inside
As col rain drops claim me with their sweetest kiss
I can no longer cry out in grief
As I watch children be stolen from the mother's arms
Murdered before their relatives in cold blood
Empathy, grows tiresome and old
To be without pleasure, without suffrage
Paints a desolate world of black and gray
In which I will forever reside
A revelation stirs in the wind
The faults of the white rose, scurrying hungrily for the light
The earth will gasp, their oxygen stolen at first sight
Stones escape clenched fists
Forever branding her a cursed harlot

Exploding within is peace restored
Freedom! Freedom!! Freedom!!!
I jump screaming, proclaiming this exhilaration
Liberation thickens the air, its fragrance singing all around
Reclaiming my consciousness, from the rigid clutches of captivity
Im still alive! Life's vast wonders are before me magnified
Im still alive! A jubilant cry shattering my past bondage
Melting away before the loyal morning sun
The lionheart has returned
The symphony of lights glorify him
His most promising dawn shimmering
Bestowing fore site to his true one and only

© 2011 V-C-L

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Added on January 26, 2011
Last Updated on February 23, 2011
Tags: Heart break, break up, ex girlfriend



San Diego , CA

Hey everyone im kind of new to this so go easy on me. My name is William i also go by the alias V-C-L (Dont ask). I started this account to spread my message of love and unity. This world is full of s.. more..

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