Ghost of a Lion

Ghost of a Lion

A Poem by V-C-L

R.I.P Dr Martin Luther King jr

Through trial and tribulation
The inner struggle, that boils sun kissed complexion
A voiced echoed his eloquent serenades
Ringing through the harsh summer days
Soothing the starved ears of his wounded kin
He ascends, high from liberty's darkest hour
His deafening roar, left his nation trembling
Foretold of paradise, a safe haven of dreams
Jewel encrusted and shimmering
Flawless in every shed of light
This beacon, calling out to the wayward and downtrodden
Sons and daughters, show your children the way
So that the future may vanquish the devilish cackles of the past
"Gaze not onto the hide that conceals beautiful character,
But inward, deeper down into their smiling conscience"
May this message, paint you vivid emissions in the night
Ushering in hope, for the immortality of brotherhood
Equality, humility, reigning supreme forever more

The land of tyrants, will vanish from this earth
Their scapegoats, false rhetoric
Fleeing from the rise of blinding truth
With undying devotion, the lion steps forth
Thrust first, in the midst of blood and carnage
The furious battle for tranquility is omnipresent
Fearless, he etched a road map in stone
Persuading the most frightened to follow

Hungry and fatigued, they assembled from every corner
All of their rage, fists and pickets heaven bound
Crying no more, into the sour face of prejudice
Cheers ripple through their masses
Their banners restless
Shouting freedom, justice, power!

Unfazed by this adoration
The sublime hymns fell from his mouth
Filling the skies with hope, love and acceptance
Cradling saddened hearts to his songs of jubilation

He spawned a wave, an explosive Goliath
Battering the hardened shores of oppression
Inch by inch the rocks gave way
The sickened and vile hearts, swallowed whole by the sea

A lone shadowy figure
Standing firm on the remnants of hate
Fired all of his anger into the heart of a lion
Shaking the entire nation to its pulsating core
His children fell silent, appalled by the fall of a titan
All heads, bowed in remembrance, of the far gone king
Tears of gasoline, soon erupt in flame
Consuming vibrant communities east and west
Lines forged in bloodshed, tear their homeland to shreds
Stars and stripes, lay mangled in the streets
Out of the screaming madness, sprang forth a spirit
His shimmering voice, echoes through their minds
Hope! Shouting from beyond the grave
Most  reminiscent of their fallen leader
" My family, the time for mourning is over
Bury your daggers, take up your pens
Our great pilgrimage is far from over"

Out of the mist and shadow is life
Spewing proud from the cracked and jagged pavement
Driven by the purest soil
Flourished at the hands of sound and blessed doctrine
Freedom fighters, fruit bearers
Their loving nourishment, blossoms showcasing her many colors

Lights flickered from within
Painting the insides of his fluttering heart
Fulfilled and joyous, at the sight of brotherly love
Flocking together in the midday Sun
Tears streamed at his product of toil
The dream still thrives
The dream is amongst us
Writhing anxiously for the budding tomorrow
All of the divine riches, sparkling in wait 

© 2011 V-C-L

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Added on February 13, 2011
Last Updated on February 23, 2011
Tags: Civil Rights, Peace, Black History Month



San Diego , CA

Hey everyone im kind of new to this so go easy on me. My name is William i also go by the alias V-C-L (Dont ask). I started this account to spread my message of love and unity. This world is full of s.. more..

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