The Start from A where there was nothing to B

At the beginning of nothingness in the dark when was the only thing in existence, before an idea has been created or anything else just before being imagined has a living creator, no reference there is nothing in the round to collect what today we want to believe. Starting from the black nothingness nothing at all in deep space where nothing was everything known, what can we find the next step from nothing at all in existence to reach us today. A black frozen space without anything to understand the first element witch is the emptiness in existence within the nothing around space covering all matters, if nothing is everything lost in existence inside the space frozen in a pitch black world with nothing in too created what has to be next for us too see the light of are days, the only possibility is the need there is too fill up this emptiness with something equipped with the power too perched trough the dark and show us the way. There no light no heat no life no nothing in existence but we have too see where to go, life is I possible in a frozen space but if we can say yes its because a no is presenting it on the other side of his own matters, we have a frozen space blinded by a dark matter frozen into nothing without any gravity the opposite is the light that can heat space too bright us closer from being alive today. From a blind matters lost with nothing in existence around the frozen space we have to created are future a source of knowledge with the power too light its self in the middle of a empty space capable to burn it own energy within the meaning of his source, because its a frozen space and there is nothing around the source to give enough energy too see pass this nothing witch is everything at the moment existing with no dream are any thought too produce enough heat to keep burning into a frozen world cover in a dark matters. The only way to power up a source capable too burn his own energy within the frozen matters present in the space there is to creat the next step with what is in existence to base the next creation toward us, is too send the energy in a constant flow so it wont die, just like very night you had to live beford and you have to sleep to be living. A black space frozen into nothing with no gravity is just like having a yes without a no too presented it, close your eye too imagine where we are and you see nothing in your mind lost into a pitch black screen without nothing to imagine for the next step so a light came too heat your world with a peace of idea built for your present in constant apreantion of his own futur being lived inside is present mind, open your eye there is the withe light coming from inside your eye to transform the dark matter into all the cooler your eye need to see witch is passing from black to are world living inside are own dream working to reach this light we imagine to be ares.


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Added on November 20, 2015
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