Metaphore Poem

Metaphore Poem


Poem based on the thinking model presented in the philosphie above

To speak you need someone to speak with, to speak to someone you need too think about what you would say to a other soul with a conscious, if you need two think beford you share the word build inside your mind for those standing outside your eye on the other side where your thought are required by the need we have to be connected to understand we are alive on earth in between all choice crossing our path along the way from point A when we were born until we reached point B where we finish the course of are time line, if I need you to read my thought so you can hear my word inside the same world if its accepted and understand by your mind who hearing this design coming from a other side of the world where my thought fly by your mind to rise inside your present time line the same as I share my side of a commune world I saw outside of my mind so has you understand the point of having a paradise in this paradise we live separed from a truth in needed to be realize by all side now monetaryze with no reply on the real cost to reach a paradise.

How can we call the time we live in today has you read this tough am willing too share with your mind, from my word to your voice inside of this idea writing on paper for a higher desirer then what we know on earth, the goal is to take over the position outside of all world build from where those word are being heard passing a message sitting above the cloud its inside the vibration of the sound shaking your own ground. When your life has started to count the time running in circle on a tool to mesure the moon and the sun so we can see why we need to work for are food so we can give back are knowledge to a daughter or a son of are earth incorporated with the same goal we all have when we first came in the world to share what is this idea we all have but we cant explained just like if we knew what to say without having a language to share the mention attached to are goal in life, because its coming from inside of all mind living outside a illusion sharing the same vision in all division separated from the very first section of this world witch is to be happy for ever in and out of are mind has the time pass by beford its close the end line under are feet living in present with a vision of what mean to live in the futur from are pass every single second coating the next one in present witch has just pass into a other messier without moving you from where you were standing in your shoes until the light come to judge are time and effort we spent on earth living trough the emotion we sent to understand we were living on earth by receiving back what life caught in the emotion we were trying to share too be conscious of being alive from inside of a mind too where his idea connected a other world outside of yours.

Has you read those word writing on a transformed tree so I could write what your mind his about to hear inside the knowledge we teach to one and each other by speaking from a idea writing on paper for you to hear your voice speaking trough the word its reading from the first mind who need a other one to be heard outside the world we fear or not to understand further then ever or to stop the process begging for the pain to go away so we can stay were our money aloud us to pay what we have to say.

If you were alone on earth living trought time without a possibility too se a futur in your present day, if you never seen someone like you a human bein living aroung your own heart sound compting the time turning into sand using your mind usless to build a futur witch is impossible to live long anought to be where there is you and me, if life would be possible in those condition its means that you cant think other wise then requiered by your own presence in the sense of your inside goal build from the fact that there is a futur in sight too build the line reaching us today as you read those word made by a forgotten peace of mind writting in all human kind a heart beat long gone from the sound we hear on the ground under are feet living the next second as its passed to a other one compting the same who justed past in and on a mesure we possese to see the futur befor its arrive under the pressure we try to secure for our self living inside someone else mind who saw us as you think he saw you and me speaking those word you read outside where the sound make the sense of all sentence place for you to see what is requiered to be you as seen by me from your mind reading me in you out of the world we share too be living from you to me and all what there is to see in those who allready are in we.

If the world is a sphere place in space made in 3d for us to be what we can see today as you and me, if we cant see the shape of our sphere, the earth, when we live on it and that we cant neither see what we look like from inside are self where we choose too be what the world can see and if we were standing in front of earth we wouldnt see anything else then a circle in 2d traced on sheet of paper with a line chosen by the idea drawing on the sheet while we are awake and living the 3d picture of this 2d life we try to reach by working for more happiness, plus the possibility we have to communicate emotion trought are exchange of tought starting inside the world in 3d picturing a other side of what is realy happening in the big picture of the moment we lived sharing are lifes conscious of being shared to have a idea of the next emotion coming from a other side whos having the same conversation starting in his own world where we all live in the moment we exchange a tought attached to a look or a word so a emotion can draw a line on this peace of time made on possible on earth by the human soul who lives one in each other mind recording little moment of time shared on the same sphere with the same goal witch is to be living.

Before speaking one to each other we will take a fraction of time to think about what we want to say, to have something to say we need a other soul who's conscious to be living in the world we share because if no one ever saw you live and you neither your mind wouldn't know what is to be alive inside the world where he is. To speak we need a tought, to have a tought we need some else to hear and share what we have to say about the what is are tought, to share something in the world we share outside we have to mesure the impact that will come out of the analyze we made inside are mind conscious of being on the same time line sharing the same situation at the present moment coming from the near futur we live togheter who gave us a reson to understand we are living life inside the world inconscious to be togheter as one.

We have a need to be living in community to help one and each other when life bring us the worst instead of what's better for the near futur, this will we have and need to be togheter against the worst life can imagine for one of us come with a fundamental task placed inside the reson we have been given the knowledge to think about what are the word we want to speak before the consequence take shape inside the sentence chosen to influence the reson that took place outside what was needed to be heard. The road we choose to take outside the world we imagine being are own where nobody can change or hear what we really think from one and each other living with us on earth but just like the basic of the need we have to be in groupe came from the necessity are soul have to understand being alive inside are self with the reflection outside where we tought about it because if no one ever saw your life you wouldn't know you are living without seeing whats is to be alive, so if some else is required to speak outside are world we build inside us inconscious of the same law we follow to share a tought we are.


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Added on November 20, 2015
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