The Value Of Speak Consciously

The Value Of Speak Consciously


Why we share a value from are point of view

The explanation is why we speak one too each other, so we can share a value transformed from your thinking for someone else who the pointed of what you have too say, only the meaning inside why the external need too explain a value can understand a point of life being shared by an other life. If you need to explain what is the logical suite of are mathematic table in between 1 to 10 going too 11, until the same value reach his own presence to find the next step at 11. The process has begins again but with other signification to explain its value by sound when it reach the same meaning side by side but too explain its self 1,1�"11 when the first number has to repeat his value with is own presence. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten and eleven, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11, when the first numeric value repeated is own reflection in the chain to start from the beginning of its end where its mark put his value in the chain. To explain it without a paper or anything else then your mind speak its with the value of the language of souls. Always in amount by explaining the sequel to zero to eleven with the common sense of its suite moving forward explaining the first logical addition at first: (Zero plus one goes to one, one goes to two, two goes to tree, tree goes to four, four goes to five, five goes to six, six goes to seven, seven goes to eight, eight goes to nine, nine goes to one zero,one zero goes to one one). You have exactly 26 values in total which measures one and the other, from one to the other amount until the first value is repeted to explain his presence a second time with its own value too explain the next step with his figures adds up with the same number, so the meaning of having to share value of life come from the fact that we can speak its value so its existence can be share or make sense if its required to be mention. The time is the best example why we can think and speak are thought to share a peace of are world together in the need we have to be conscious of real value of life and its to be conscious and capable of creating love and find are own evolution.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W X Y Z.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 12 hour 2 times so 24 divided by 2 round 1 round with 12 more 1 another round of 12 for a measure of 24 one needle size 2

The unconscious represents basic need to share something out of are mind to measure the value outside are own perception with those who has a soul holding the consciousness of good and evil of the choices made him oblivious to the unfolding future of action taken consciously in the present from the goal we all share togheter witch his nothing but selling air by these days. The soul is taken with the reflection of the action witch belongs to his own consequence of those choices in front of the reality built inside the view of a truth good for him outside his life seen on the other side of the mirror need to have a choice too make. Before making a choice that will remain engraved in the memories that have shared its conséquence outside whats started good for one until reaching outside where its has too be share in between a positive and a negative impact giver and receiver starting from the neutral who made the choice. In other word all we do built think speak live or not is because we can share the world we see inside are mind living in the same sphere super posed over the way we all think as one division toward a futur need already present. If what good can be find only out side are world in the world we share and we can think with are conscious because someone else is there too share a value within what is inside are self, so all tough are possible because someone else explain are life by sharing its moment of memories witch can be only add by someone else souls who saw you as you showed him you were. So like everything else when its invented and explained its can be use in society has a tool, just like invisible air in front of your eye you know its there because someone explained its purpus because its presence is invisible, so all as one or not for those who think we are speared from the need to be good and loved and its found outside yourself in us building us in you as you in us, if you think to live beford you do live and you need someone else to think to be living and the good need too be found outside, inside the us from you and the you from us and every choice start by a good intention cause no-one need the worst and a choice is provide by every one around looking for the best in what worst to be living together, and that you speak to reach a value of point trying to find the next step in the present days we share thinking about what one and each other think about what to do or how we are from his or her point of view, if we take the fact that we are always moving from the past to go in the future passing by are presence going always forward if we go backwards until there were only two of us a man and a women living in the same conscious state of mind because one need the other to think so if one would have die the other would be dead too due to the fact that no futur could be possible alone, so every though were connected to the need required to have a future the share a value in the present we are living and if two is need to speak so too think about too speak required two also, but we are 7 milliard connect too a system trying too be good in the worst we share unconscious too be sharing the same conscious who's alluding us to share and think so we can find the same thing as one in one for one by one too have one love and a place to explained who we are. If 25% of everyone on earth understand the same meaning inside the system of value then everyone will understand the same process witch has been accepted by too many people for one to stay in the unknown.


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