Metaphore MmWw

Metaphore MmWw


Metaphore of the thinking philosophie

We walk with the power in Our Mind reading the sign Befor the design has been defin by the hand of divin creating the curse on all the mesure giving figures seeking futurs tryng to Reach what they seek hoping trough weeks not to be weak claiming the side of the strengh grabbing the wrong rock sliding a second of timing leading the thinking of loosing grip holding on nothing falling in a dream projecting our own stream adding fact leaking reson of leaning under pressure breathing lower further for fresh air heatting like a flair consuming the light creat on sight in the middle of the night fighting for space handling aces in all places maneging manuel speaking beford arguing who the king for the beleivers willing to take the curve with his nerve heads down looking inside the sound of his foot walk ont the ground Breaking the limit seen by the myth that dosent existe on the way we builted the path ridding and rolling pushing barrier th frontiere breaker out speeding the sound casting the next dets asorbing step after step stronger then meth addiction the equation of truth revelation gived to population living to much strangulation from conception coming out of cooperation commission of bad intension taking decision our own size looking like a mirage flashing all eye making them blind reflecting the sky pushing the cloud away from the cround wishing to be heard beford the fight take all his peace of earth alouding a soul not to be heart brought like an amaker blasting the power of the verb creating lines of time with lies no one realize hidden from all eye behing the truth disolve with a bullet shooted by an isolator soul collector life taker magnum caliber gunner loaded revolver man tanker powered with the tip of a finger exploded the present meaning of now carring the sens setencing being behing the word going passed the chance to be last where there are no point explaining value of coin because freedome cant be buy and its allready gone its writing in the hole of a gun Three letter grave after the bend steal triger spoke his word the end.

A human soul has to speak with his community so he can feel alive inside the world we share outside because if there were no one around you to project the conscequence of being alive in our choice, no possibility would be avalable to understand where you are in the meaning of time because there would be no place for a futur to be builted. If a soul need a reflection to aquiered the necessity to speak, the same reson has created the word he chose to send outside the analyze done by the reson we can speak to one and each other inside the connection you heard in between those word.


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Added on November 20, 2015
Last Updated on November 20, 2015
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