Broken Promises

Broken Promises

A Poem by Valentine

       "Broken Promises"

We may be "kids", but we are people too,
Affected by everything that you do.
When you fight and act so wild,
Do you forget when you were a child?

Every time you bring out your belt,
Can't you remember the pain you once felt?
Whenever you start...we run and we hide,
Knowing your promise to "stop" is gone. "You Lied."

You come in half drunk, during any season,
Hit us and our mom...without one reason.
I try to protect her...honest I do,
But how can I when...I am not bigger than you?

Dad, you lied you think it was fun,
With no coats on, to have to go out in the cold and run?
It was so cold dad...and we were all crying,
Can't you keep your promises, and just show you are trying?

I yell..."I do not love you anymore."
Hear one sickening I hit the floor.
We are your blood dad, don't you even care;
Or, do you wish we ... were not even there. 


© 2017 Valentine

© 2017 Valentine

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