Kono Sekai wa Infinite || Black Clover

Kono Sekai wa Infinite || Black Clover

A Story by Attentive_Ambience

Shiro finds herself transported into the manga world of Black Clover after meeting her death. Uh-oh! Izanagi - the creator of the world - is running from this worlds ending. Changing a finite future.


"Elise, when are you ever going to amount to anything in this life?" 

"Elise, why can't you do anything I ask of you?"

"Elise, why can't you be like your reliable big sister?"

"NO!" I bolted upright, gripping my head in my heads as it throbbed. Ah, what a bad dream - the same disappointment day after day is finally making it's way into my only escape. Living a lazy life is harder than it seemed. This world is boring. An endless stream of monotony. I'd rather live in one of my beloved manga's if even for a day. Even in a dream it would be better than this hell. 

"Ah, looks like you woke up. Do you remember what happened?" A person's shadow approached me.

"What hap...pened?" I held my head again through a sharp burst of pain, my memory resurfacing.

                            *** A couple hours ago ***

I, a third year high school student, was walking home in broad daylight when a truck driver hit me. It was all my fault �" walking with my headphones in, head down, reading the latest manga on my smart phone. That's right, it's my fault that I died.

At least, that's what I thought.

I took a slow breath in and released, taking a glance at my surroundings. Everything was white. A white void that appeared to glow, and that's when the shadow eclipsed to reveal an angel clothed in white who called himself Izanagi �" creator of the universe.

"Anyways, that's what happened. I had to set up someone's death and you presented a perfect opportunity. Be careful in the future, okay?"

"Be careful? Even though you're the one who killed me," I pouted. 

"Now, now. Don't be so down. I'll give you a gift �" this world. I'll start the knowledge transfer now, so it shouldn't be too difficult to understand your new position."

The angel approached me and put his hand palm facing up in front of my forehead and mumbled under his breath. A calming warmth washed over me as my mind was bombarded with information. This went on for several moments before the warmth faded and the angel stepped back.

"I've given a new life equal to the lifespan you would have had in your previous world, and as a present, I'll allow you to keep your smart phone �" how does that sound? If you have any questions feel free to call for me. If I have the time, I'll come, but this world is nearing its end, so don't worry too much and enjoy a carefree life, okay? Bye then."

A shining circle sliced through the air and swallowed the angel whole, leaving me to my own devices in the white void.

I stood speechless for several moments as I collected my thoughts. He had to be kidding me, right?! This is just like the set-up of a manga! 

Ah, wait. This is always what I've wanted, so why am I complaining. No, really. It's not that I'm complaining! It's hard to adapt that fast. I just died, you know. 

"Ahem," I cleared my throat. 

Anyways, with my new transfer knowledge, I should have some sort of idea of what to do next, right? I closed my eyes and concentrated on escaping when the information popped into my head, as if it were common knowledge. So, if I just think teleport to the new world, I'll end up in whatever place the strange angel had talked about.

I took a deep breath to brace for impact, and thought the phrase out-loud, in my head. I felt my eyes go wide, and I gasped in a breathe of air as I began free-falling towards the land.  

It was a mistake! There's no way I would survive this. How could this new world already want me dead? I had just arrived, d****t! No �" no, I would definitely survive this.

The closer the ground came, the more nervous I felt. What could I do �" what? Ah, is it really as simple as THAT? I only had two choices here: die or make a fool out of myself for believing in magic. 

Here I go - three, two, one... Stop.

My body jerked to a stop.

Now I've done it, I thought as I looked around. The scenery from this high let me see the surrounding landscape, and a town up ahead. That's where I'll start my life in a new world, but for now, how do I get myself to the ground?

Magic �" a voice inside my head sounded.

"Who's there?" I asked.

I'm the knowledge transfer guide. 

"Were you there the whole time?" 


I'm the knowledge transfer guide.

"I got it, I got it. Magic, you said. Do I have that?"

You're the owner of this world. You can do anything.

"Anything? Hey, isn't that dangerous? Isn't that like messing with fate?"

You ARE the so-called fate of this world. However, this world has a finite existence, which is why the original owner passed it on to you.

"Haaa - you're kidding me. What you're saying is that he ran. I take back what I thought, he's a demon, an akuma."

You can use magic to land �" you're the only existence that can wield all forms of magic.

That guy certainly made this world convenient for him. 

I took the guide's advice and managed to land. It felt natural, as if my movements were guided by instinct. I bet that was part of the knowledge transfer too. I found my phone resting in my back pocket with the headphones attached. Can I even use this in an unknown world? It looked like smart phones didn't exist here.

Correct, they don't exist. Your smart phone can only be used by you in this world.

Hmmm, I scrolled through my contacts and tried to call home, but it didn't connect. So, I don't have service. A notification popped up on the home screen, telling me that my favorite manga had updated. So, I have WI-FI?!

"How does that even work," I grumbled, shoving the device back into my pocket.

"What else can you tell me about this world?" I asked of the guide, and began walking in the direction of the village.

This world was built off of HIS whims �" he found out about an existence called 'cards' in another world he created. There are four kingdoms: Heart, Spade, Diamond, and the most important one, Clover. It's also known as the royal capital. This world runs off magic �" meaning that there is good and bad mages, thus the Clover kingdom centralized a magic knights association. Anyone in the world can join this association, but they must first pass a test.

"Sounds just like a manga I was reading before I was �" well, you know. It feels weird that I've died. Anyways, I guess I need to figure out what I want to do next."

Why not take it easy �" a carefree life, Izanagi said. You could go around, changing the lives of people. As you already know, this world is doomed with a finite existence.

"That's right. That's all I wanted to do in my previous life, too. I wanted to live a carefree life without worry or responsibility, but it turned out more boring and disappointing than I could have imagined. Now, more than anything, I want to have fun to my heart's content. So, let's start by changing the status of this world."

Changing the status? My records don't contain this information. What do you mean?

"Oh, and here I thought you were my omnipotent guide. I'm going to take this infinite existence," I outstretched my arm with a clenched fist, "and extend it to infinity," I opened my hand, as though reaching for that future.

Warning: Approaching Hage and the demonic skull.

"Why is that a warning, it's not like it's dangerous, right?"

I pushed through the foliage and into a grassy plain. A structure protruded from the land. A skull with three holes carved in the face. I stepped back and glanced at the head, noting a statue on top.

"No way �" don't tell me he created this world based off of that?! You've got to be kidding me."

I snatched my smart phone from my back pocket and entered the manga app, scrolling to Black Clover by Yūki Tabata. At that moment, I knew that if I ever saw that Izanagi, no - that akuma's face, that I would beat him up. That moron fashioned this world after the famous Black Clover.

"Hey guide, how much of this world is crafted from a manga called 'Black Clover'?"

The silence that greeted my question unnerved me.

"Hey guide, how much?"

Ahem, it's completely one-hundred percent fashioned after that particular manga.

"Why didn't you say that in the first place? Useless guide."

It's a bit embarrassing. Everything, down to the timeline of this world is based off that manga. Of course, he accounted for the starting points for all the characters.

"Just what does that stupid fellow take human life for? Everyone is a precious existence, how dare he play this way, calling people characters. It's only okay for stories �" things that exist in our imaginations. It's not supposed to happen in the real world �" that's what fiction is for!"

I kicked a pebble at the skull.

"Hey guide, just where in the timeline are we at, anyways?"

Restricted Access.

"What do you mean? I thought I was the owner of this world now?"

First master put restrictions on the knowledge. If you want to know why, you'll have to contact him.

"Never mind, this might prove more fun. Alright, guide. You're my companion on this journey, so what should I call you?"

Guide works fi-

"It's too stiff. You're kind of like a navigation system, so let's go with Navi, okay? Nice to meet you, Navi!"

I look forward to working with you, second master.

"No, no. You can't call me that. Come to think of it, it's kind of like I've been reborn, right? And I've always wanted to pick my own name. You can call me Shiro �" like that white void, the one that stretched on forever. Just like how I plan on making this world stretch on forever."

I look forward to working with you, Shiro.

"Same here, Navi. Now, let's go find the church! We'll gather information and formulate the timeline from there, now that the future depends on it."

And that's how I began my new life in another world. A world based on a manga from my previous life. 

© 2019 Attentive_Ambience

Author's Note

Just some fanfiction - If you enjoyed it, let me know. If you didn't enjoy it - let me know. Also, this is the prologue.

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Added on March 25, 2019
Last Updated on March 25, 2019
Tags: anime, manga, isekai, lightnovel, blackclover, fate, fanfiction, magic, reincarnation

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