Deadly Chat

Deadly Chat

A Story by Rhayne



Concept: Internet roll play goes all wrong. 



You think I’m too young.  You think I’m naive.  You think I don’t understand life.  You’re so wrong on all accounts.  This face, this body, even my birth certificate may say I’m only 23 but inside dwells a much older much experienced man.  Life is life no matter how old you are.  The feelings are the same.  You hurt.  You feel good.  You love.  You hate.  You learn.  You do stupid things.  You regret.  You correct.  You forgive.  You don’t forgive.  So, tell me again what you said to me a long time ago.  Do you remember?  Went something like this, “what’s in an age but wisdom and experience.”  I took it that you meant that age doesn’t matter when it comes to love.  Now, you’re giving me a different story.  Please explain to me what it is I don’t understand.

I will never leave her alone.  She owes me.  All these months I have waited, being faithful, passing up chances that now I wish I hadn’t.  Yeah.  She owes me.  All this time she has been saying that age doesn’t matter.... that she loves me, cares about me.  What the hell happened?  What changed?  Why can’t she explain her change of heart?  She says there is no one else but I don’t believe her.  She doesn’t think that I’m smart enough to find out, that I’m too naive.  Well news flash baby, I know how to search and destroy.  All I have to do is pull up my log of saved conversations we’ve had online.  There’s got to be enough clues to put two and two together.  Yeah, I’ll find you and you will lead me right to him.



I’ve made a terrible mistake and I feel really bad about it but I don’t know what to do.  I’ve hurt him and that wasn’t my intention.  I thought we were both just having fun, like many people do talking on the net chat lines.  I never intended for things to get out of hand like this.  Never meant for him to take me so seriously.  Now he’s hurt and angry at me and I feel like a ... well, I just feel bad.  The things we wrote back and forth, it was merely role playing to me.  I thought he thought of it the same way.  I know now that he didn’t.  Our conversations now are aggressive, threatening, almost criminal.  His last email to me really scared me.  I’m so glad that I had the good sense to not give him my address or phone number.  I never even gave him my last name.  Thank God he won’t be able to find me.  I’ll never role play again.  Lesson learned.



“I love blue eyes”.  That’s what she said when she asked me what my eye color was.  “I love dark hair on a man”.  That’s what she said when I answered her about my hair.  Seemed I gave her all the right answers the first time we talked online.  Even when she asked me if I was being totally honest, I said, “absolutely”.  So, naturally, I asked the same of her about her answers and she assured me they were honest.  I believed her.  She had told me her age after three nights of long and intimate conversations.  “Forty-six”, she wrote back and then there was a long pause.  I was trying to get my bearing.  No wonder the things she said to me were so stimulating.  So sensuous.  She was no girl!  So, I told my first lie to her, “I’m 38".  Every night we talked, the more I fell in love with her.  The more I wished we were actually together.  I wanted to hold her and be held by her the way she described us.  If she only knew what she was doing to me.  But then, I guess she did.  No, I know she did.



I want to tell Trent about this problem with Jonathan but I’m afraid he might not understand.  I just met him and he’s really a great guy.  Jonathan needs to get a grip and remember that it was just fun role playing.  I never said I loved him or led him to believe there could be a relationship.  What’s wrong with this guy anyway?  He seemed so nice, so sweet, so normal.  He’s acting like some deranged psychopath now.  When I told him I wasn’t seeing anyone, I wasn’t at the time.  I’ve never lied to him.  But now that I’ve met Trent, I just want Jonathan to leave me alone.  If he was telling me the truth about where he lives, then we didn’t even live in the same town, so it wouldn’t have worked out anyway.



Think it’s time to start calling in a few favors and put my plan into motion.  David’s family owns a cabin up in the North Carolina Mountains.  Not sure exactly where, but I believe it’s deep in the Appalachians.  Perfect. 

Sandra’s family owns a fifty-foot cabin cruiser docked at Morehead City.  Even more perfect.

Jack has a small arsenal of hand guns and rifles and he owes me BIG. 

Well now, a few well placed phone calls and carefully chosen words and I should have everything I need.  The new boyfriend will become fish food and me and my Lady can spend some quality time together by a roaring fire in the cover of the mountains.  Perfect!  Perfect! 



Okay, think it’s time to tell someone about this.  Today’s email from Jonathan is a bit too scary to just ignore.  What does he mean I need to pack for cold weather?  Whatever makes him think I would go anywhere with him?

“Hello, I need to speak with Detective Trent Delmara, please.  Sharon Ryker calling, he knows me.  Thank you.”

I hope I’m doing the right thing.



“Hi, Jack, Jon here.  Listen, I need your help with something.  It’s very important.  I need to come over and take a look at your collection.”

“That’s right, your antiques.  I’m looking for something special for Saturday night.”

“Well now, Jack, I, let me rephrase that, I know you have what I need.  And the reason I know is because no one else knows that you do.  Know what I mean?  How bout I drop in, say about an hour?  And Jack, I know you’ll be good to me cause you know I know how to cover my a*s.  Favor for favor, huh, bud?”

“I knew you would come through for me, Jack.  After this, I’ll owe you again.  See how good this plan works?  In an hour, Jack, bye.”





Trent is such a great guy.  He took this problem with Jonathan a whole lot better than I thought he would.  He doesn’t think I have anything to worry about.  Says Jonathan is just playing games and trying to scare me.  He thinks that Jonathan is full of hot air.  I hope so.



“Hey, David, my man, how you doing?  Good.  Hey listen, know that favor I did for you a while back?  Yeah, well, I need a return now if you can pull it off.”

“You told me that your family has a cabin in the mountains.  I was wondering what the chances might be that I could use it for a few days or so....uh, without anybody knowing about it.  It’s kind of a surprise for someone special.”

“I was thinking about next weekend....great, man!  Perfect.  So, are you going with your parents to Europe?  Good deal.  So, I can stay there as long as I like while you’re away?  Thanks buddy.  Now I owe you one.”



Trent has to be the sweetest man in the world.  He knows how stressed this thing with Jonathan has made me and presented me with a certificate to go and have a full body message, get my nails and hair done and even have lunch at the spa.  Must have cost him a small fortune.  Jonathan’s latest email was even stranger than the last.  Said something about taking care of my problem and casting it out to sea.    That a bed of roses waits for me in the foreground of snow covered mountains.  Any other time, I would have considered that romantic but under the circumstances, it coming from him, it didn’t sound quite right.  Trent even seemed a little disturbed by this one.  I agreed, this time, to let him respond back to Jonathan which I’m sure will piss him off even more.  But he’s got to stop this harassment.




Well, guess I touched a nerve this time.  Lover-boy got a little pissed.  It should be me there with her instead of him.  But that’s okay, I’m a patient man.  My plan will get him what he deserves and me what I deserve and Sharon......oh, my lady love, what my plan is going to give you.

“Hi, Sandra, it’s Jon.  How’s the most beautiful girl I know?........Oh, that’s too bad.  Well, the reason I’m calling is I need a favor and before you say anything, remember, you owe me. Don’t worry, your secret’s still safe with me.  So how bout hearing me out?  I need your boat for a day.  Just a day.  I have a guy I’m trying to impress to gain his business for the company I work for.  You know, wine and dine sort of thing, except I want to do it on your yacht.  The guy likes fishing, so I told him I had a good friend that would loan me her boat for any special occasion.  So, what do you say?   Go with us?  Oh, Sandra, that would be fun but this is a business deal.  He’s a real tough character and I really think you would be a’re such a knock out and all.  Maybe after I land the account, we could do it a threesome?  Ha Ha.  You’re the greatest, Sandy.  I need it next Friday.”




Today’s email was different.  I guess whatever Trent said to him worked.  Jonathan apologized to us and sent his best wishes after admitting defeat.  I never expected that.  This whole thing was my own fault.  I should have known better than to play along with his role playing game.  Never again.  Too many weirdos and psychos out there.  What?  Another email?  What’s he sending now?



Sharon, again, I would like to say I’m sorry for everything.  There are some things I need to tell you about myself that I’ve never told you or anyone.  I’m a hacker.  A damn good one too.  I’ve been in your system and I know everything about you.  Before you panic, let me ease your mind.  I would never hurt you....not intentionally anyway.  You don’t have to worry.  I’ve come to my senses and accept the fact that you love another and that I misread your feelings for me.  I’m sorry.  It’s all my fault.  I was reading my own feelings and thoughts into it.  I just want you to understand that I mean you no harm or disrespect.  I want us to remain friends, pen pals.  To prove everything I’m saying, I would like to invite you and your boyfriend to dinner.  I would like to recommend the Steak and Seafood Restaurant on the dock at 79th Avenue near the Marina in Morehead City.  It’s really a beautiful place at night with all the lights.  The food is Five Star.  Oh, and one more thing, I need to correct a lie that I told you.  I’m not 38.  I’m only 23.  Sorry bout that, but I guess that should explain a lot, huh?  So, what do you say?  Let me make it up to you?  Dinner with the most understanding woman in the world whose inner beauty is indescribable?  And of course, your boyfriend is invited too.  Sorry, I don’t know his name but I feel I owe him too.  After all, I would like to meet the man that bested me.  I’m not a sore loser, just a sorry one.



I simply could not believe this email.  Especially his confessions.  A hacker!  Twenty-three years old!  No Way!  I could hardly wait to give this one to Trent.  For once, I didn’t believe him and yet, I didn’t feel afraid anymore.  He’s just a kid.  Of course, that could have been because of Trent too.  He makes me feel so safe.  But then he is a Detective.



The boat is ready.  The gun is loaded.  The wine is drugged.  The rope and concrete blocks are hidden.  My alibi is set.  My parents and friends think I’m spending my vacation with David and his parents in Spain and France.  Had to pull some strings with my boss to get an early vacation but the story about my dying Grandfather in Europe worked rather nicely.  The ticket I bought for the trip I gave to a guy that looks incredibly like me.  Only had to make a couple of minor modifications to his hair and give him colored contacts.  Finding him was sheer luck.  Set me back a few hundred dollars spending money for his trip, but Sharon’s worth it.  Now, all I can do is wait and hope they take the bait.  If not, plan B goes into effect.



Well that didn’t go over too well.  Now Trent has changed his opinion of Jonathan.  Jonathan’s no longer just a ‘hot-air-blow-hard’, he’s a “dangerous criminal”.  All the worry and fear just came back.  I can’t believe that Trent wants to call his bluff.  He wants me to email back and accept the invitation.  Is he nuts?  Of course, Trent’s looking at this as a case now, not just a social call.  What if Jonathan is being genuine and Trent arrests him?  Then it will look like I betrayed him.  That I sought revenge or something.  No.  I don’t want this to happen.  I tried to get Trent to drop the whole charade, but he refuses.  He says he believes Jonathan is a potentially dangerous man and if I don’t help stop him, the next woman he preys on might not be so lucky.  I thought that was a little over the top, but I wouldn’t want any woman to feel the fear I felt.  I’ll do what Trent wants.  I trust him.



That’s my girl.  I knew you wouldn’t let me down.  You do care about me.  That bozo has you thinking that he’s the greatest guy in the world, I’m sure.  He’s got you believing there’s no one better for you than him.  Well, we’ll see about that.  I bet when he sees who has the upper hand, or let’s say, who has the gun in hand, he’ll be so busy begging for his life that he won’t even realize what a fool and loser he has become in Sharon’s eyes.  Then she will realize her mistake.  No, no, can’t happen like that.  She can’t see what happens.  She will just hate me for killing him.  Got to stick to the original plan.  Tomorrow night, my love, tomorrow night I will prove to you who the best man for you is. 



Trent and I have been waiting here at the restaurant at the 79th Avenue Pier for nearly half an hour and no one remotely fitting Jonathan’s description has come near us.  Trent has relaxed considerably since he’s convinced that Jonathan was once again blowing smoke.  But I, on the other hand, am still nervous.  It’s like I can feel someone watching us.  Maybe now that he’s seen me and knows that I told him the truth about my age and appearance, he was turned off and just left quietly.  Maybe it’s all over and I’ll never hear from him again.  Trent says, “no, not a chance.  If anything, he’s going to see just the opposite.  He’s going to see you for the beauty you really are.  He’s here.  Somewhere.  Watching.  This isn’t over.  I feel it.”



Look at him.  His hands all over her.  He’s afraid.  He knows he could lose her to me.  And he will.  She’s everything I knew she would be.  She’s beautiful, elegant, sinfully mature.  Oh, baby, what you do to me.  You did so well at describing yourself in our conversations.  I would know you anywhere.  I can just imagine you lying under me, on top of me, beside me.  Can’t wait to try out all those positions we described.  This is incredible.  It’s like I’ve known you forever.  You’re not a stranger to me at all.  I wonder if you will know me as easily as I know you?  Plan A is working just fine.



We were just about to give up and leave when a hand touched my shoulder.  Trent was getting our coats and didn’t see him right away.  I was glad that I had convinced him to not confront Jonathan as a Detective right away, but to give him a chance to prove himself.  To see if he was just an infatuated kid or if he was indeed a dangerous criminal.


He smiled and I knew at once it was him.  He really did have beaming blue eyes and jet black hair and an infectious smile.  Yet he was far from the mature thirty-eight year old man he proclaimed to be.  He really is just 23.  A very attractive young man.  Any young woman would be honored to be with such a handsome young man.  But for me, he could have been my son.




The look on her face was priceless.  She liked what she saw, that was clear.  I offered my handshake.  Slowly, she lifted her hand.  Her skin was like silk, cool silk.  Her touch was firm not light and skidish like a scared little girl.  I like that.  Her brown eyed gaze shifted over my shoulder and instantly I knew he was approaching.  I side stepped and offered my handshake to the b*****d.  He too, had this amazed look on his face.  How deceiving a young handsome face can be.  “You must be the lucky guy, Mr. ......?”

He said his name was Trent Delmara.  What kind of a name is that, Trent Delmara.  Sounds like a male model or stripper dude.  Looks like one too.  What could she see in him?  The only thing I would give him credit for is he works out.  I should know, cause I do too.  She said she liked blue eyes.  He doesn’t have blue eyes.  She said she liked black hair.  He has brown hair.  Oh well, on with the plan.

“Well, I have a surprise for you both.  I hope you don’t turn me down because I went through a lot of trouble to make this evening perfect.  I really want to show you how sorry I am for everything.  I want to make amends, Sharon.”

I could tell the suspense was killing him.  So, I gestured toward the Marina, which by the way, was absolutely beautiful this evening.  The sun was setting and the hue of it was just above the lighted masts of the larger boats.  It gave the place an air of celebration.  And celebrate, I would.

Trent looked a little dubious and Sharon, well, as lovely as she is, looked a little pale.  I simply couldn’t take my eyes off her.  I figured I better explain and quick.

“See the cabin cruiser to the left of the red and white schooner?  That’s where we’ll be having dinner.  Please, let’s go.  The Chef needs to leave as soon as he serves us.  He has another dinner banquet to attend to on another yacht.”  Trent, of course, has to be a hard a*s.  Could he be jealous?  Could he be thinking that Sharon could be swayed by money?  I don’t think so.  She’s not like that and I knew that a long time ago.  No.  Looking at her now, I could tell she was just as nervous as I was.  My nerves edged on my strength to keep my hands, my mouth off of her.  After several minutes of indecision from Trent, he finally gave in to me.  What a pansy!



What is he up too?  Either he lied about who he is or his occupation.  He said he worked for a beverage company.  A salesman, I think he said.  His family must have money.  Surely this yacht isn’t his.  Who is he trying to impress?  This only makes me more nervous.  Trent is obviously stunned.  He’s studying Jonathan like a mid-term exam.  We followed him aboard.  The table was center deck and elegantly set, complete with white linen tablecloth and napkins.  It was a catered candlelight dinner.  He was right about the food.  Everything looked, smelled and tasted delicious.  When our wine glasses were empty, Jonathan popped the cork on the bottle that sat chilling in the ice carafe next to him.  He poured for me first and then for Trent.  He poured his glass last and then lifted it to toast us.  We drank.  Jonathan was a perfect gentleman and host.  Never once gave us the impression that he meant any harm by the emails.  If he apologized once, he apologized at least ten times.  I was relieved when I saw Trent smile for the first time all evening. 



Yesss.  Got him right where I want him.  Both of them actually.  Neither of them noticed that I didn’t drink my wine.  Sharon, of course, was feeling the effects of the drug first.  She was becoming drowsy and admitted that she had drank too much.  She started to stand and wobbled, saying that she needed to lie down.  Trent suggested to take her home, but I offered one of the comfortable sleeping cabins below.  Just for her to rest a while so Trent and I could talk more.  He agreed since she was so ill.  The two of us took her below and made her comfortable.  She was out in a matter of seconds.  Upon returning to the deck, Trent began to realize that he too was feeling a little woozy.  Having become accustomed to drinking, he knew that I had tampered with the wine.  Just as he tried to grab for me, I stepped aside and let him fall face first onto the deck.  Before he had a chance to make a blundering fool of himself and attract attention from other boats around us, I hit him over the head with the wine carafe.  With him hidden by the table and chairs, I nonchalantly walked to the wheelhouse and started the engines.  Slowly, I backed up from the slip and then took us out to sea.  A dark, cold sea.



When I awoke, I found that I was still on the yacht.  The sound of the engines humming was evidence that we were moving.  The sound of water splashing against the side of the boat was evidence of how fast we were moving.  I was still groggy from the wine and couldn’t seem to keep my footing against the rocking of the boat.  I knew I was going to be sick and figured I best look for a bathroom.  I found it and just in time.  I fell to my knees and paid homage to the aluminum and porcelain bowl.  The door slammed behind me after the boat took a swift lean to the left.  Another wave of nausea took hold.  When I thought I was finished and tried to stand, I found that my legs were like rubber.  I called out for Trent and Jonathan, but neither of them answered.  I tried to open the door, but it was jammed.  The boat took another lean to the right this time and then to the left, throwing me hard against the shower stall.  Another wave of nausea and I was back on my knees again.  I wished I would pass out again.  Where are they?



After I was sure that we were safely out of sight, I cut the engines and dropped anchor.  Trent was still unconscious, the pansy.  I listened for any noise below, but all was quiet.  How I enjoyed tying up Mr. Wrong and lacing the rope through the holes of the concrete blocks.  Four of them should assure a rapid descent into the abyss.  He’ll never know what happened. 

Just as I am about to roll him over the side, the b*****d wakes up!  Then he tried to play a scare tactic game with me.  “Wait!  There’s something you should know.  I’m a cop, a Detective  and I’ve been investigating you.  My Precinct knows where I am.  They knew my plans tonight.”

Yeah, well they didn’t know my plans.  So, I calmly explained, “if they know anything, they know that you and your date were to meet me at the restaurant, not this boat.  Even if we were seen leaving together, no one knew where we were going.  But it was a nice try.”



Thank God, the boat was stopped.  My stomach had emptied of everything I’ve eaten for the past week!  I was sober again.  My legs were coming back.  The door still wouldn’t open so I yelled for help.  No one answered.  I had a really bad feeling about this, so I kicked the door over and over until it gave way.  I ran up the steps to the deck to find Jonathan straining to push Trent overboard.  Trent had his feet braced against the narrow ledge.  There was blood on his face and a rope wrapped around him and trailing to four concrete blocks.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.   This drop dead gorgeous mild-mannered kid was trying to kill Trent.

“No! Stop!”, I shouted.  Jonathan turned to me with a look in his eyes that would buckle Satan himself.  But in an instant, his expression changed.  It mellowed and he gave me a half smile.  “Hi, baby, are you feeling better?”, he said as if this was all fun and games.  It was at that moment that I realized that it was just that, a game, to him.  Trent and I were in real trouble.





Oh, how I loved hearing her plead for this jerk’s life.  How she pledged to do anything I asked as long as I just didn’t kill him.  It was then that I saw a new plan in the desperation of her voice.  Keeping him alive was the right thing to do.  “Just don’t kill him”.  She has spoken the exact right words.  She didn’t say anything about hurting him.  That was going to be the key to my satisfaction.  I was going to have my cake and eat it too.  My revenge on the b*****d and my fulfillment of the woman I had grown to love.  “Anything?”, I repeated and she nodded, sending the biggest tears I’ve ever seen, down her cheeks.  Now that broke my heart.  So, the first rule of thumb would be, no more crying.  He would bleed for every tear.  That dried her up.



I watched helplessly as Jonathan gagged Trent with tape.  Trent’s eyes pleaded with me to not give in to Jonathan’s sickness.  The whole time he spent tightening the ropes, he rambled on and on about how he loved me and would make me happier than Trent or anyone.  Oh, what have I gotten us into?  I find that I’m not as strong as I thought when he took me into his arms and forced a kiss on me.  He shook me, demanding that I kiss him back and that I had better mean it or Trent would pay for it.  I closed my eyes and pretended he was Trent.



WOW!  What a kiss.  I knew she felt something for me.  I’ve wondered for so long what a real kiss was like.  Girls my age, they didn’t know anything.  They’re just girls.  Sharon’s a woman.  All woman too.  Nothing false or artificial about her.  I know this because I have her pressed hard against me.  Detective Pansy over there is having seizures, kicking and wriggling around.  I guess I would be in real trouble if he could get loose.  But I know how to tie knots.  My Dad made sure of that.  He made sure I knew a lot of things.  One thing he will be proud of, he taught me to be smarter than him.  Not to get caught.  No, I won’t end up next to his cell in that grimy prison.  I’m better than him.  I’m better than Detective Pansy too.  Sharon will see I’m the better man.  She has too, or else.....Plan B.




Jonathan had this planned all along.  Ahh! I’ve been so stupid.  Trent’s instincts were right.  Why didn’t I just trust him?  Now, I don’t know how I’m going to get us out of this mess.  Unless.  Unless I just play along with Jonathan.  Make him believe that I choose him.  There has to be a moment sometime that I can turn this around.  Okay, time to turn actress.  I can do this.  I can be convincing. 



Can’t help wondering what she’s thinking.  She thinks I don’t see her eyes shifting from me to him every time I look away.  She’s planning something, I know it.  She’s got to save her hero.  HA!  What a contradiction, ‘save her hero’.  If she has to save him, then he’s no hero is he.  I’m the hero.  I’m saving her from him.  She just doesn’t know it yet.  But she will.  But for now, I have to revise my plan.  Its twenty miles to shore and the original plan was to have just me and her aboard.  He would have been ripped apart by sharks by now if I hadn’t given in to her.  Or did she give in to me?  She was the one making promises.  And if keeping him alive will make good on those promises, well then, a new plan I have to make.  My God, how beautiful she looks sitting there in the moonlight and the wind blowing in her hair, sea spray sparkling on her skin.  A part of me wants to stop and anchor this boat and take her below and make love to her.  Course, I know at this point, she would call it rape.  That’s why I can be patient.  I want her to want me.  And she will want me.




I can’t stand him looking at me.  It’s disgusting.  It’s not that he’s not attractive.  He’s certainly that.  But pretty is, is pretty does, my mother always said.  And he certainly isn’t doing nice things.  He’s hurt Trent.  Poor guy’s soaked to the bone and the wind is like ice.  He’s all tied up in this thick rope and duct tape over his mouth.  There’s blood still trickling down the side of his face.  I don’t know how bad the cut is but he doesn’t look good at all.  I know head wounds bleed profusely no matter how small the injury so I hope and pray that it’s not too bad.  I want to go to him so bad but I know if I do, Jonathan will just go berserk again.  Maybe if I ask.

“Jonathan, please let me check on Trent’s wound.  It’s the humane thing to do, you know.  He hasn’t done you any harm.  Please?”



Of course, he’s done me harm.  He tried to steal you away from me.  Shame I didn’t hit him a little too hard.  But look at her face.  How can I deny her?  I love her.  I can’t stand seeing her upset.  What can it hurt?  He’s too out of it to do anything anyway.  She wouldn’t dare try to untie him.  She knows there’s nothing I would like better than a reason.....”sure, check his wound.  There’s a first- aid kit in the galley.  Cabinet over the stove.  But you know, I have a better idea.  Give me a moment to anchor the boat and I’ll take him below and you can tend to him there.  Then you can come back up with me.  He’s too much of a distraction for you up here anyway.  You’re worried about him, hey, I would expect that of you.  It’s who you are, a good person.  I love you for that.”



You think so, do you?  Well, you would find out different if it were you lying over there.  But I’ll play along.  “Thank you, Jonathan, for being so kind.  I promise, I won’t give you anymore trouble.”  At least not yet. 

Trent was dead weight against us as we carried him down the hatch.  He was ice cold and half conscious as we laid him on the bunk.  I noticed his hands were turning blue.  The ropes had cut off his circulation.  Jonathan left us for only a moment to get the first aid kit.  I knew I couldn’t loosen the knots before he would return and think that I was trying to free him, so I just waited.  “Trent, don’t worry.  I have a plan to get us out of this.  You just hold me.”  I barely got it all out before Jonathan came bursting back in, obviously expecting to find me trying to free him.  He snickered and then winked at me.  He handed me the kit and then took a seat by the door, crossing his arms across his chest.  “Jonathan, the ropes are really too tight.  His hands are turning blue.  Can’t you loosen them just a little bit, please?”

He refused with a flat, “no”.

“ Jonathan, if this were you lying here, I would plead for you too and I know Trent would loosen them enough to get your blood flowing again.  Please?”

Again, he refused and had this odd look on his face.  No compassion at all.  His eyes were cold until he looked up at me.  They softened then.  “Please?”



I love it when she begs me.  She has this twinkle in her eye.  No wait, this time it’s tears.  Tears for him.  “Ah, ah, no tears, remember?”  She claims that she isn’t crying, but I know tears when I see them.  Detective Macho is grunting something.  From the look in his eyes, I’m sure it’s not something nice.  He’ll live, that’s for sure.  Cut’s just a scratch.  “Tend to his cut and let’s get topside.  It’s getting late and we have a lot of traveling to do.  I watched her carefully wash the blood away.  His eyes were dead on her.  But then, why not?  She’s beautiful to look at.  And he wouldn’t be having that pleasure much longer anyway.  She dabbed antiseptic on it and then placed a bandage over it.  “There, it’s done.  Good job, Florence.  Now, let’s you and I go up and get this boat moving.”



I was relieved to see the cut wasn’t bad and I was satisfied that Jonathan had let me take him below where it was warm and dry.  I saw the table had been pushed violently from its original place and the wine carafe was bent and rolling on the deck.  I saw blood on it and realized that it was what Jonathan used to hit Trent.  The wine bottle rolled against my foot.  Suddenly, everything was clear.  The wine was drugged.  He was going to kill and do away with Trent’s body and then give me some crazy story about some accident.  I’m sure of it.  So, what are his plans now?  He knows that Trent is a cop and there’s no way he’s going to let this go with a slap on the wrist.  It’s going to be up to me to get us out of this.  Jonathan needs help and so does Trent.   How am I going to do this?  I’ve got to think fast, I can see the lights along the shoreline.  There’s no telling what Jonathan has planned for Trent when we get there.  I won’t let him kill him.  I won’t.




The Marina lights remind me of Christmas.  Sharon reminds me of a Queen.  My Queen.  Kinda know how King Arthur felt now when his Queen betrayed him with Lancelot.  Well, Detective Lancelot will get the same treatment.  Banishment.  It will be as if he never existed.  Sharon will never know that it will be his bones that keep us warm in the cabin.  The flames of her ex-lover will cast the silhouette of our bodies on the walls as we make love on the rug in front of the fireplace.  Oh, the irony of it.  I love it.  I’m brilliant.  She’ll think I’ve let him go and that he’s looking for us, to rescue her and arrest me.  HA!  What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.



Okay, here goes nothing.  “Jonathan, remember the role play we did where you were lost in a snow storm after your car broke down and you made it to my cabin in the mountains.  You were half frozen and hungry and I took you in and nursed you back to health.  Remember?” 

He looked at me quizzically.  He was either trying to remember that one or he was suspicious of me already.  Then he smiled and nodded.  “You said you really enjoyed that one because I did everything and you just laid back and enjoyed receiving.”  He looked suspicious again when he said, “and this is going where?” 

“In one of your last emails to me you wrote that there was a bed of roses waiting in the foreground of snow covered mountains.  What did you mean by that?” 

He smiled a different smile that time.  Almost evil.  The blue of his eyes darkened.  Then he said, “I told you that we have a lot of traveling to do.  There’s a place I want to take you.  Where we can be alone.  I want to show you how much I love you.  How much I want you.  I want to show you that I can be more of a man than that b*****d we have down below.  He doesn’t love you, Sharon.  He just wants you for one thing and you know what that is.  And he’s not much of a Detective either, in my book.  He shouldn’t have been so trusting with someone like me.  Especially with you along.  I would have never put you in danger.”

I couldn’t believe he said that.  I felt angry then, not afraid anymore.  “But you did put me in danger, Jonathan.  What do you call this?  You drugged me!  You were about to kill someone I care about right in front of me.  And God only knows what you have planned when we get back to shore.  I have to say this, Jonathan, I’m terribly disappointed in you.  I thought you were a lot nicer guy than this.  And you expect me to love you after finding out what you’re capable of?”  Okay, that was stupid.  The look in his eyes told me that he was reconsidering everything again.  That meant that Trent would be the target again.  “I’m sorry, Jonathan, I didn’t mean that.  I’m just upset.  I’ve never had two men love me before.  But then, you know what, you’re right, Trent doesn’t love me.  I mean, he would never think of a bed of roses or a mountain retreat.  That’s so romantic, Jonathan.  The most romance I’ve gotten from Trent is bringing me to this dinner you invited us to.  You invited us and prepared for us.  I mean, candlelight, a yacht!  You are a very romantic man, Jonathan.  Maybe I will re-think this situation.”



She’s playing me.  Still thinks I’m naive.  So, I’ll just test her.  Let’s see how far she’ll let me go before changing her mind.  I took her by the arm and led her to the hatch.  She looks nervous but she’s trying not to.  She wants to know what my plan is.  Hell, I don’t even know what my plan is now.  Everything has been fucked up.  I’m playing it by ear now.  Detective Macho looks like he’s pretending to be asleep.  I know how to rile him.  By doing something I’ve been wanting to do since I touched her shoulder at the restaurant.  But I have to be gentle.  I don’t want to scare her.  No, it’s him I want to scare.  Gently, I turn her toward me.  Her upper arms feel cool through the silk blouse.  Gently, but firmly, I rub her arms to warm them, “you’re cold, my Lady.  Come here, let me warm you.”  Pulling her into my arms, I held her close to my chest, resting my cheek on the top of her head.  Her hair was so soft and smelled so good, it brought life to the very depths of me.  I took pleasure in positioning myself so that she would know what the mere closeness of her was doing to me.  I cast a glance to Detective Macho and saw that I was right.  He had been pretending before.  His eyes were wide open now and glaring at me with the need to strangle me.  I smiled at him and then tilted her head up so that I could pleasure myself in another of her sweet kisses.  She was much more relaxed this time.  She didn’t try to pull away.  I was surprised.  She kissed me back.  Could it be that she was being sincere before?  Was she really re-thinking her choice?  The test begins.  I deepened the kiss and held her tighter.  She embraced me.  Her hands sliding up my back sent chills through me.  I ache for her.  Her mouth opened more and the kiss became unbridled.  I’ve never been kissed like that before and never knew that I could kiss like that.  I surprised myself.  But then, I knew that she would bring out the real me.  The man that hides inside me.  It made me want to know what other surprises were in store.  It was me who broke the kiss.  That was a surprise too.  She was taking my breath away.  Looking down into those brown eyes, I saw a bereft expression.  I felt a need to apologize but instead, I bent and kissed her again.  I couldn’t help myself.  It was getting harder to control the animal inside.  I realized I was kissing her much harder and squeezing her too tight.  But she wasn’t pushing me away.  What’s happening here?  Is she really into me now?  A test.  I ran my hands down over the small curve of her lower back and further down until I cupped her butt in my palms and squeezed.  She blew a low moan into my mouth.  I pressed her against me again where my need was way too obvious.  She moaned again and still she held to me.  Is this really happening?  Before I knew it, my mouth was traveling across her cheek and down her neck with butterfly kisses until I reached the collar of her silk blouse.  There, my lips attached like a leech, sucking her skin’s sweet nectar.  My hands were not my own.  I wasn’t guiding them.  They had a mind of their own now as my right hand traveled around her side and upward until it found her soft breast and gently massaged it.  Still, she didn’t pull away.  I’ve won.  She is into me.  She does want me.  There’s no telling how far she would let me go this minute if  Detective boy wasn’t lying over there.  I pulled away from her for just a moment.  I took a breath and looked at her.  She had her eyes closed and had this amazing look on her face.  She was actually enjoying this.  “Sharon, do you know what you’re doing to me?  I have to have you.  But I would never force you.” 

She opened her eyes and spoke softly, “I know you wouldn’t.  I knew you had good in you.  If you want me, Jonathan, then you have to let Trent go.”

I knew this was too good to be true.  “No.  I can’t do that.  After what I’ve already done to him, he won’t let this go.  You know that.”  She put her fingers over my lips, “shhh.  He won’t find us.  He won’t know where to look.  Just leave him where he can be found and I’ll go with you.  I just won’t be a part of hurting him or worse.  And I don’t want you to become something that I know you’re not.  Please, Jonathan, just leave him here on the boat and when we get far enough away, we’ll call someone to let them know where he is.  Please.  If you want me and you want me to be completely yours, then you’ll do this for me.....for us.”



I wasn’t sure if he would believe me but it was worth a try.  I couldn’t see Trent and that was the only reason I could go along with Jonathan’s little trek over my body.  Even so, I wasn’t as appalled as I thought I would be.  He was quite gentle and loving.  I wasn’t afraid that he would hurt me.  Somehow, I knew that he wouldn’t.  He’s just delusional.  I don’t understand why this has happened to him.  He is such a good-looking kid and he’s smart.  I can tell he’s inexperienced but yet he’s an incredible fast learner.  His kiss started out slow and gentle as if he were probing me for acceptance.  When I did, he became a little more aggressive and made advances that any man would.  I wasn’t offended and that scared me.  I had started this with him months ago online.  All of it verbal and fantasy.  All he wants now is to make it real.  I have myself to blame for all of this.  I should have known better than to play games like that.  Everyone here was going to be hurt in one way or another.  All because of my stupidity.  He looked from me to Trent and then back to me.  “Please, Jonathan, let him go?”  He straightened my blouse and placed a loose strand of hair back behind my ear.  He smiled.  The look in his eyes told me that he saw right through me.




“Oh, you’re good, my Lady, but no deal.  Where we go, he goes until I figure out what I’m going to do with him.”  She almost had me.  What does she think I am, a fool?  He can’t find us?  He’s a detective for chrissake.  He would find us.  I’m young, not stupid.  Detective what’s his name was grunting again and trying to sit up.  So, I helped him up.  So, I helped him a little roughly, so what.  Ripping tape off skin should be done quickly to help with the sting but I figured, what the hell, he’s macho.  He can take it.  It was a slow burn I’m sure.  Think a little lip skin came with it.  He winced a little, just like I expected.  I saw Sharon wince a little too, from the corner of my eye.  I expected him to start cursing at me and making demands right away or even plead with me, but he only looked at me with those coal eyes while he licked his lips.  I can only imagine what he’s thinking right now.  He would cringe if he knew what I was thinking right now.  That fireplace at the cabin kept flashing through my mind.



I could only watch as the two of them squared off in stares.  Trent was hurting.  His hands were so blue I actually worry that he might lose fingers.  His head was still bleeding through the bandage.  I guess the cut needs stitches after all.  Now this, the burn from the tape.  Why isn’t he saying anything?  He hasn’t even looked at me.  Does he think that I have changed sides?  Unfortunately, I need him to think that.  I need both of them to think that.  I don’t like the way Jonathan is looking at him.




“What’s the matter, Detective?  Which are you more angry about, losing Sharon or being gotten the better of?  Guess your buddies down at the police station will never let you live this one down, huh?  What, afraid to speak now?  Or are you just at a loss for words?  Guess you saw the way Sharon kissed me.  Well, I had to show her who the best man was.  Looks like you botched up your date and your case.”

He finally found his voice and proceeded to talk to me like I was a child, his child.  He called me ‘son’.  I immediately corrected him on that one.  “I have a father and you’re not him.  You couldn’t even think of filling his shoes.”  How did he know that my father was in prison?  Oh, yes, he had told me that he was investigating me.  I guess that little tidbit showed up.  Well, no matter.  I’m better than my father.  What was he saying?  That he would get me help?  “I don’t need help.  I’m not the one tied up and bleeding all over the place.”  I kept waiting for Sharon to come to his defense but she didn’t.  She just stood back and listened.  What was going through her mind?  She must be seeing me as a ruthless, uncaring b*****d.  I don’t want that.  “You and I will talk later, Detective.  Sharon’s cold and tired and I want to get this boat back to the marina.  Come, my Lady, I’ll show you where you can get a blanket and you can join me topside.”  I watched, expecting her to look at him with words from her eyes.  But she didn’t.  She stepped out the door in front of me.  He kept quiet.  Didn’t expect that either.



He wrapped me in a blanket and then led me by the hand up the steps to the deck.  The night air was colder and a fog was coming in behind us.  Jonathan started the engines and the boat lurched forward.  He was going to try and outrun the fog.  “Is this your boat, Jonathan, or your parents?”

He smiled that mischievous smile again, “no.  I borrowed it from a good friend.  Told her that I was wining and dining a business associate.  She’ll believe anything I tell her.  She’s a good egg.”

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that he’s twenty-three.  He keeps using cliches that are older than I am.  It’s almost like he’s possessed by an older spirit or something.  “Why are you doing all this?”, I asked hoping that he would say something that would take away my own guilt.  He took my hand and pulled me toward him as he steered the boat, “because I love you and I had to show you that you’re with the wrong man.  Do you see that now?  You kissed me like you do.” 

Did I?  I don’t really remember.  I was just trying to convince myself that he was Trent.  Guess I succeeded. 

“So, what are you going to do when we get to shore?”

He sounded a little cross when he replied, “you mean what are we going to do, don’t you?”

“Okay, what are we going to do when we get to shore?”

He looked at me as if I should already know that answer.  “Well, I’ve been thinking.  Maybe we could try it your way and leave lover boy tied up down there and go off on our merry way or maybe we should throw him in the trunk of my car and drop him off somewhere in the middle of nowhere or we could go with my original plan.  Take him with us and make him see that I have only done what any man in love would do, fight for his woman.  We’re about the same build.  We both work out.  If I cut him loose and challenge him to a fight, who do you think would win?  It would have to be a fight to the death, you know.”

I could hardly believe what he was saying but I could tell he was being completely serious.  A fight to the death?  He’s been watching way too much television.  And yes, they might be the same build and work out, but Trent was much more experienced, I think.  Trent could probably hurt him if given that chance and I’m sure he would love that chance now.  But I don’t want either of them hurt.  I want Jonathan caught and given the help he so desperately needs and for me and Trent to be set free to live our lives together or not.  I’ve learned a very harsh lesson from all of this.  I don’t think I will ever go on the Internet again as long as I live.  God, just get us out of this.




She didn’t want to answer that question.  I don’t think she knows the answer but I do.  I would win.  Lover-boy down there may be built but I still have the advantage of youth on my side.  “How old is the Detective anyway”, I just had to ask.  Then I saw something in her eyes that told me that she was afraid I was going to ask.  “Oh my God, he’s younger than you too, isn’t he?  How old is he, 30...35?”  She turned away from me.  “I don’t believe this!  You snubbed me because I said I was thirty-eight and yet you’re dating him and he’s even younger?  What the f**k?  Well, the way I see it, you hit the jackpot, baby, cause I’m even younger than that!  I wasn’t lying when I said I was twenty-three.  But I think you already know that, don’t you.  I’ve been told that I don’t look twenty three, that I look older.  What do you think?”

She looked back at me then and I thought I saw a hint of anger in her eyes.  Then she said, “I didn’t snub you because you said you were thirty-eight.  I didn’t snub you for any reason.  I just didn’t think that we could have a relationship at all because we didn’t live in the same town.  Besides, we were only role playing, Jonathan.  We weren’t having a relationship other than acquaintances.  And yes, you do look older than twenty-three but a lot younger than thirty-eight.  And for the record, Trent is thirty-eight.  This whole thing is so screwed up.  Look, I like you Jonathan.  I like you a lot, but I’m not in love with you.  I like Trent a lot but I’m not in love with him either.  We only just met.  I think you need to just get us to shore and end this whole thing by letting us go and you go find yourself a nice young lady that will love you and give you what you want.”

So, there it was, her confession.  She was playing me all along.  She doesn’t care about me.  Too bad, Detective Macho couldn’t have heard her say that about him too.  Guess he would feel like an idiot, bleeding for her for nothing.  Maybe I should let him go, poor b*****d.  Maybe I should put her in the fireplace and the Detective and I could roast marshmallows. 



Why am I so stupid?  I had things under control and now I’ve gone and blown it all to hell.  I don’t like that look on his face.  He’s slowing the boat down and we’re not close enough to the marina yet.  The fog is moving in fast.  What’s he planning?  He’s going to kill both of us now.  Why won’t he look at me?  It’s too dark to see his face.  Trent is yelling from below.  He wants to know why we’ve stopped.  I want to know too.  Jonathan reached over and flipped a switch that turned out the lights all over the boat.  We were in complete darkness.  “What if another boat is out here and they don’t see us?  What if they run into us?” 

He snickered and shrugged, “so?  What difference does it make?  We’re all losers, aren’t we?  What does it matter if we live or die?”

Oh, God, he really is sick.  “Jonathan, we’re not losers and I know I don’t want to die.  I’m quite sure Trent doesn’t want to die either.  And you, Jonathan, you don’t want to die.  You have your....”

He interrupted me, “whole life ahead of me?  Right.  You think I’ve enjoyed my life so far?  You think my life is going to change?  Not.  I thought it would with you in it.  But now that I know that you don’t want to be in it, well, there’s nothing in my life I want to live for.  My dad’s in prison as you now know, thanks to Detective Smart-a*s.  My mother is dead, I think.  Dad always said she was but he lies too.  She probably just ran off and left us.  Or maybe it was her that Dad killed and was sent to prison for.  I don’t know.  He’s been in there since I was ten.  Let a boat ram us, I don’t care anymore.”

No wonder this kid is so screwed up.  What a life he’s had.  My heart went out to him but I have to find a way to reach him and turn this situation around.  “Jonathan, I’m sorry about all you’ve been through, I really am.  But you can’t kill us all because you think things can’t be better.  They can, I promise you.  I’ll help you.  We can be friends and spend time together.  We don’t have to be lovers to love each other.  Please, let me be just your friend.”

I knew my words sounded lame but I couldn’t think of anything else to say.  He seemed to be on edge.  Like every breath was a ticking clock and one of those breaths was going to ignite the bomb inside him.  He stepped over to me and gently took my hand, “you would still be my friend after all this?”



I knew she would say “yes” to that.  But again, she took me for a fool.  I know what kind of ‘friend’ she would be.  She would be standing right along side her Detective while they carted me off in a straight jacket.  Once in lock up, she would wipe her hands of me.  End of story for me and a new beginning for her and Dick-head.  “How much do you care about the Detective, Sharon?  What would you do to save his life?”

She looked stunned.  She wasn’t expecting the change of subject.  “What do you mean?” she asked.

“It’s a simple question, my Lady.  What would you do to save his life?”

She cocked her head to the side, “what would you ask of me, Jonathan?”

Ah! The loaded question.  “Would you make love with me to save his life?”

She didn’t take long to answer, “yes, if that’s what it would take.”

I knew she would but I don’t want her like that.  “If the Detective wasn’t a factor in this situation, would you make love with me because you wanted to?”

She lowered her head and then jerked it up again, “Jonathan, is sex with me all you want?  Will that end this?”

“Well that was to the point, wasn’t it?  Is that what you think this is all about, SEX?  You still haven’t heard me, have you?  How many ways do I have to tell you that I love you?  Sex is just sex.  The art of love, that’s what I want to share with you.  But maybe that’s not what you want.  Maybe SEX is all you’re looking for.  Does Detective Studly know this?”

She was shaking.  I don’t know if it was the cold or if it was anger.  Cold was my bet.  But then she spoke.  She was really angry, “you let me tell you something, ........little boy!  I’ve been in love before.  I know what love feels like and I know what it feels like to be betrayed by that love.  It makes you put up a barrier that even a nuclear bomb can’t break through.  It makes your heart cold and suspicious of everything and everyone.  It’s hard to really love again.  So, you allow yourself to go just so far into a relationship and just hope that whoever you’re with will understand when you can’t give what they expect or want.  Just like you, Jonathan, you expect something that I can’t give you.  You thought I had something to offer you, well, I did and I gave it to you.  It was fantasy.  Roll playing.  I’m sorry you got so caught up in it that it made you delusional.  I blame myself for it to an extent but you’re old enough to know better to.  I don’t love you Jonathan, I’m sorry.  I’m tired of this game you’re playing now.  I’m going down there and untying Trent and you’re going to take us back to shore and we are all going to drop this once and for all.”

She was serious.  She was going to go down and let the b*****d out.  He would kill me or try to at least.  I can’t let her do this.  My plan is falling apart.  I still want her. 




I knew he was coming after me.  I hurried to the cabin where Trent was and closed and locked the door just as he was reaching for me.  I shoved a chair under the knob.  Jonathan knocked lightly at first, “okay, Sharon, you’re right.  Open the door and the three of us will talk this out and if your boyfriend will agree to what you said, then we’ll all walk away from this.”

“Don’t you dare open that door”, I heard Trent whisper.  “Come and untie me.  It’s time that little weasel got what’s coming to him.”

Oh, now what do I do?  “Listen to me, Trent, he’s sick.  Now that we’re together and safe from him for the moment we can plan our way out of this.”

I hurried with the knots and once the last one was undone and the ropes fell away from his wrists, he hissed in pain, shaking and rubbing his hands frantically.  “Jesus Christ!  That hurts.  I’m gonna kill the little b*****d.”

“Yeah, right, and how are you going to do that when you can’t even grip anything?  Now just sit down and let’s figure this thing out.”

He sat beside me and it occurred to me that he hadn’t even asked me if I was all right.  But then, why should he?  He probably thinks that I meant to kiss Jonathan like that.  Then he laid his cold, bluish hand over mine, “are you okay?  Did he hurt you?”

“No, he didn’t.  He’s just a sick kid, Trent.  He needs help and it’s up to us to see that he gets it.  You can’t hurt him, Trent.  Promise me you won’t.”

“How far from land are we?”, he asked, touching his fingertips to the bloody bandage.

“I don’t know but you can see the lights.  But there’s a fog coming in on us.  Jonathan turned off all the lights on the boat.  If there’s another one out there, they won’t see us before they hit us.”

He shook his head, “great.  Do you know where my jacket is?”

“You’re jacket?  It’s still on the back of the chair on deck, why?”

“My weapon is in the pocket.  I didn’t want to use my shoulder holster and make things obvious.  Thought it would be better to hide it in the inside pocket.  Guess that was a stupid idea after all.  Now he has my weapon too.”

Suddenly, a loud bang nearly scared me out of my skin.  Trent automatically threw himself over me and the two of us sprawled out on the floor.  Another bang and I knew it was gunfire.  Trent was right, Jonathan had his weapon and was shooting off the doorknob.  He kicked the door open and stepped inside.  The smoke from the gun and the wood filled the room.  I realized that Trent wasn’t lying on top of me.  I looked around as Jonathan was fanning the room and looking too.  Suddenly, the light went out and a scuffle started between me and door.  A loud bang and a flash deafened and blinded me for a moment.  Then the sound of scuffling and grunts again.  The sound of knuckles and bone slapped and cracked.  I was crawling toward the door to get to the light switch when another shot rang out and a simultaneous gasp and then a thud to the floor near me.  Silence for just a second and then heavy breathing and footsteps toward me.  “Trent?  Jonathan?”

The light came on.  Trent lay beside me on the floor.  His shirt soaking up his blood from the hole in his shoulder.  His eyes were wide and fixed on Jonathan.  In Trent’s shaking left hand was the gun, pointed straight at Jonathan.  Jonathan left a streak of blood down the wall as he slid down to the floor.  His blood soaked his shirt as well on his left side.  The bullet had gone all the way through.  He looked down at Trent and with a shaky voice and smiled his words, “we’re both fools, Detective.  She doesn’t love either one of us.  We’re both dying for nothing, you know?”

Trent glanced at me, “get up top and call for help.  My cell phone is in my coat pocket too.  And bring me my gun.”

His gun?  He winced when he tried to smile, “this one’s his.”

“But shouldn’t I do something to stop the bleeding for both of you first?”

Jonathan chuckled.  Trent shot me a look, “please call for help, Sharon and come back with my gun.  I don’t know how long I can hold this thing.  Where did you get this antique anyway, kid?  I’m surprised it still works.”

“A good friend”, he said.

The ‘good egg’, I supposed, but he shook his head.  “No, you see I have several friends, Sharon.  I wanted more from you.  And Sharon, don’t bother looking for his gun.”

And then to my surprise, he pulled Trent’s gun from inside his shirt and pointed it at me.  I heard Trent pull the trigger on the gun he held.  “No, Trent!”

I heard the shot ring out.  Then I saw Jonathan’s head jerk back and then forward.  His arm fell, sending the gun sliding across the floor.  I glanced to Trent who was trying to get up.  His eyes on me, worried, hot.  “Sharon?”, he said with such love and compassion.  The room.  Is the floor moving? 

“Sharon!  Oh God, no!”, I heard Trent cry out.  Then I was looking up at him.  He was holding me with his good arm.  There was so much blood everywhere.  Why was I feeling so cold?  I don’t feel any pain but Trent seems to think that I’m hurt.  He keeps telling me to be still and he’ll call for help.

“What about Jonathan?  Did you kill him?”, I asked.

“No.  The first shot he took had to be a ricochet from when he shot the doorknob.  He was already bleeding when he came in.  He was already dead when he fired a shot at you.  I never fired.  You just lay still, baby, I’m going to call for help.”

I felt my stomach, my chest.  There was blood all over my hand, but was it mine?  Trent was bleeding so badly, it could have been his.  “He shot me?” I asked.

“He did, baby, but I think he meant it for me.  It looks like just a crease but you lay still just the same, I’ll be right back.”

“A crease?  Where?  There’s so much blood.”

He smiled weakly, “sorry, baby, I bled all over you.  The bullet creased your forehead.  Here, try and hold this sheet to it until I get back.”


“Yeah, baby?”

“Are you sure he’s dead?”

“He’s dead.”

Trent disappeared through the doorway.  The room was spinning and I felt so cold.  Then pain ripped through my back and up through my chest.  Suddenly, I remembered feeling a stinging sensation in my back as I crawled toward the door before the light came on.  The second shot that rang out in the dark had found me.  I knew I was dying.  Trent had no way of knowing the bullet that passed through his shoulder found its way into my back.  I looked over to Jonathan.  I could just barely see his face.  He looked as though he were smiling.  Did he know that I had been shot?  Was that why he gave me that look just before he pulled Trent’s gun out?  He wanted all of us to die.  He was trying to kill Trent.  Oh Jonathan, I’m so sorry.  His hand lay just a few inches from me.  His palm was up, his fingers slightly curled.  He was just a baby.  He could have been my own child.  I inched my fingers toward him until I reached his hand.  I locked my fingers with his and thought about that bed of roses in the foreground of snow-covered mountains.  He began to fade from me as my eyes closed for the last time.  I think I was whispering aloud to him, “I’ll meet you in that bed of roses if you still want me.” 

Was that a slight squeeze?




© 2019 Rhayne

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First of all, I loved the clear formatting, this made this kind of post so much easier to follow and work through.. I often need to take a break and it can be extremely frustrating if I struggle to find where I left off..

You could not have made the flow and sequencing any clearer.. it was just about perfect... Furthermore, the story which seemed to me in stereo was captivating.. and demonstrated just how easy it is for the would be perpetrator to identify, stalk maybe groom and or abduct and harm their victim.. Such perpetrators seem to have elevated both psycho and techno-pathology to the level of a science... I sincerely hope after my adrenaline rush has subsided that subsequent visitors might learn of the possible risks that lurk out there and only a touch of a button away... The unexpected conclusion although not anticipated was not a disappointment at all and only served to reinforce the authors capacity to tease and play her audience and readers..... Neville

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

You're a Godsend! Thank you so much! This one came from a bad experience, therefore, some parts are .. read more
Neville Pettitt

1 Week Ago

Blimey I never would have guessed.. but then again why would I.. thankfully nothing like this has ha.. read more
This story was riveting. As one of participates in role-playing, the danger of it is so real, and this just helped to prove it. I love the words you used to just tie it all together, it's a wonderful piece, and once again the ending wasn't expected but absolutely enjoyable

Posted 1 Week Ago

Reianna Jewel

1 Week Ago

I love your work, and so far you're the only other author on here who has interested me as much. I l.. read more

1 Week Ago

Thank you so very much! I'm enjoying yours as well. I would be interested in reading the story you'r.. read more
Reianna Jewel

1 Week Ago

Hopefully chapter one will be out in a week, but writers block is putting my story on hold

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Nashville, NC

Time to spare now in this MeMa's lair and what better thing to do than what I love second to my Grandchildren; Write. I have so many stories I need to dust off and finish. I love that I've found this .. more..


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