Crispen's Rose: Chapter Five

Crispen's Rose: Chapter Five

A Chapter by Rhayne




Marseille, France

Spring 1798



The piano music comes in waves to Crispin’s ears, waking him from a deep sleep.  His eyes adjust to the brightness that surrounds him.  His body feels as though it has been sleeping for years.  His legs are like lead weights as he tries to swing them off the platform on which he lays.  The ache in his head reminds him of the time he drank too much wine with his classmates at the University of Paris in 1901.  He vowed he would never do that again.  The music is beautiful but so painful that he holds his palms against his ears.  The white brightness is infinite as though he were sitting on an endless cloud.  A distance away is a figure dressed in black playing a modern Grand Piano, though the music is classic.  Crispin eases down from the platform expecting to fall through the misty cloud but finds solid ground.  Slowly, he shuffles toward the piano, releasing his ears.

“Mozart?” he asks.

“No, try again” Barcelli replies.

“Beethoven” he says.

“No, again.  This time search your memory for the concert I took you to in Brussels January of 1880.  You really enjoyed this piece then.”

“Chopin.  I remember.  I didn’t know you could play.”

“You can too if you put your mind to it, as well as any of the famous composers.  There are a lot of things you can do, Crispin.  Some things you have already done that are beyond the expectations of the Council of Seven.  That is why you are here.”

“And where exactly is here?”

“You are in the chamber of the Council of Seven.  They have been studying you.”

“Studying me?  They created me as I am now.  Why would they need to study me?”

“Because you, my boy, are more powerful than they had expected you to become.  They see you as a danger now.  They want to confine you here until they decide what to do with you.”

“I have a simple solution, Barcelli, take away these powers. Make me mortal again and place me in the year 2014 and let me be with the woman I love. I’m happy, they’re happy, simple solution.”

“I wish it were that simple, Crispin.  If so, I’m sure it would have already been done.  You don’t understand what has happened.”

“Enlighten me, Barcelli.” he says leaning on the keys disrupting Barcelli’s playing.

Barcelli stops, wrings his hands and folds down the cover.  He turns to Crispin with his electric blue eyes so soft and caring. Crispin slides onto the bench next to him, shoulder to shoulder.

“Something has occurred that no one expected.  One among our kind has acquired such a great strength that the Council of Seven has become worried.  You are that one.  You have become exactly what they were trying to avoid here in this world.  They are afraid that you will be the cause of their destruction as those in the past were in their own universe.”

“And how is that, Barcelli?  You saw that I couldn’t even heal my ribs myself.  What exactly are they afraid of?”

“Crispin, you had the power to do it and it would have been just a matter of time before you figured out how it worked.  What frightened them most was the fact that you could use your powers in a place that they were so certain that you couldn’t.  You see, Crispin, our powers come from two places within us, our mind and our heart.  For all of us, the mind has been more powerful than the heart.  For you, it is the opposite.  Tell me, what did you feel for Chanler when you learned he had no voice?”

“Pity, sorrow” he replies.

“And where did you feel this pity and sorrow?” Barcelli continues.

“In my heart.  I felt an ache for him.”

“Yes, you did and with only a touch and less than two seconds, you gave the man a voice.  Do you have any clue as to what he became in the future?”


“Chanler became a famous and wealthy opera singer and he dedicated all his work to you, Crispin.”

“So, are you saying that I was wrong to heal him?”

“No, not at all, my boy.  I’m trying to get you to understand the depth of your strength.  Tell me, what were you feeling when you healed Father Elliot’s knees?”

“Sorrow and shame.... that I had frightened him.”

“And where did you feel this sorrow and shame?”

“Again, it was in my heart.”

Barcelli looks toward him, “and still you healed the man’s legs without even knowing it.  Now, I want you to think about this one.  When the monastery was crumbling down around you and you feared Father Elliot lost, what did you feel as the beam was falling on you?”

“That I was going to die.  I felt pain in my ribs.”

“Therefore, if I had not come and lifted that beam you would be dead?”

“Yes, I think so” Crispin replies.

“No, you would not.  Because you would have realized that you had the strength to move it yourself.  That power would have come from your mind.  Just as it did when you moved all the beds in the ward with your mind.  That was why they were all in such a panic.  Their beds moved by themselves.  What I am trying to say to you, Crispin, is that you are more powerful than even the members of the Council of Seven.  This intimidates them of course.  We cannot figure out how this has happened.”

“We, Barcelli?  Are you saying that you are a member of the Council of Seven?”

A slip of the tongue has changed everything.  Barcelli has wanted to tell Crispin the truth for years but it had been forbidden by the other Six.  His chest aches with regret and his mind swirls with thoughts of how to explain.  Crispin rises from the bench, stepping away shaking his head.

“You are!  You’re the Seventh member.  And there’s another secret you’re harboring” he says turning quickly toward him.  “How can that be, Barcelli?  How?  I hear your thoughts and I don’t believe what I’m hearing, you’re my father?  Of course, it’s making sense now.  That’s why you came to me the night I was stabbed.  You had been watching over me all the time.  And Alexander!  He’s your son too.  Oh my God, and Victor knows this. Barcelli!  How could you lie to me all this time?”

Barcelli rises from the bench so quickly it turns over.  With a mighty shove, the piano disappears into the mist.  His blue eyes spark with anger.

“This is what I speak about!  You have just read my mind, word for word of my every thought!  You are not supposed to be able to accomplish this here, here in our holy realm!  I cannot even read your thoughts, Crispin, not here!”

Crispin had never seen him so angry.  Not even the night he stopped him in the garden outside Rose’s house after he had broken the cardinal rule.  For the first time, he felt vulnerable to Barcelli.  Like a child to a fierce giant of a father.  Crispin walks toward him with fear in his mind but determination in his heart.  He braces Barcelli’s upper arms with his seemingly small hands and looks straight into his eyes.

“I think I can explain why I am different” he says calmly.

“By all means, speak!”

“You told me once that you were mortal in the days of Christ, remember?”

“Of course,” he said softly and sincerely interested.

“You told me that you had followed Him yet you never got the chance to actually meet Him.  You told me that your near death was caused because of your faith, your belief in God.  That as you lay dying a man came to you and offered you the same proposition as you offered to me.  Well, it has been the same for me.  I grew up learning and believing in God.  My faith never died, Barcelli, even in this realm of living.  You never told me that I was expected to give up my beliefs.  But you did, didn’t you?  You became totally loyal to the Council of Six, did you not?  You don’t even have to answer, I hear it in your thoughts so loud it hurts my ears.  I believe that the God of this universe is much greater than the Council of Six or Seven.  I believe that when I accepted your invitation to live, my God also extended an invitation.”

“And that invitation was?” Barcelli asks.

“That invitation was to use my powers for good and for all. The Council of Seven only wanted to breed a race of people that they could control.  That is why there are so many that have only one power to deal with.  There are psychic ones, those who have telekinetic powers, those who remember their past life, those who have ESP and so much more.  But I, for some reason, have all of them and then some.  I have not used my powers against anyone, not even those like me.  Have you?”

Barcelli turns helplessly from him, knowing that he could not hide any thoughts from him.  It is an effortless power Crispin has now.  Bringing him here just seemed to enhance them.  He seems to see everything more clearly than ever.  He had no questions anymore.  He had all the answers.

“Oh, Barcelli, you have.  You’ve destroyed people.”

Barcelli turns quickly with tears, something Crispin had never seen in his eyes before.

“Only by order of the Council!  It wasn’t what I wanted to do.  But it was a matter of saving my son!”

“Your son?  Alexander?  Me?”

“There was another before you and Alexander. Raphael.  The Council of Six warned me of a plot to kill him.  He was only ten years old at the time.  Like you, he was brilliant with a brush and canvas.  His special ability was moving things with his mind. One day, a horse was spooked and turned over a cart, pinning a man underneath.  No one was strong enough to lift it and the man was screaming in pain.  I held Raphael in my arms, trying to shield him from this tragedy.  But he wriggled loose from me and ran to the man.  He starred at the wagon until beads of sweat were upon his forehead and then the wagon just lifted up and he held it there until we pulled the man away.  Then he let it crash to the ground.  From that moment on, he was sought after for sorcery.  They wanted to kill him.  Murder my child.  Then another with powers of the mind came to our house.  The Council had warned me of him.  He was there to destroy Raphael.  I couldn’t let this happen.  So, I destroyed him before he even saw the boy. I had to do it.  What would you have done, Crispin? Like Alexander, Raphael is your brother too.”

Crispin sensed something.  There was more to his telling him this story than explaining what he had to do.  He was hiding something he feared.  Barcelli was pulling energy from all resources to camouflage his thoughts.   But he had failed.

“What about Alexander?”

“What?” Barcelli sweats.

“There is something you’re not telling me about Alexander.  What is it?”

“I know nothing about him, Crispin.”

Suddenly, Crispin remembers having a crushing pain in his chest as Barcelli took him from the hill top at the monastery. He remembered having a sore throat for a moment after giving Chanler his voice and how Chanler had to help him to his feet after healing Father Elliot’s knees.  It all becomes clear.

“Again, you’re lying to me, Barcelli.  Something happened to Alexander. His heart?”

Barcelli had failed in hiding his thoughts and sits hard onto the platform.  Crispin is just too strong.

“Yes.  He had a heart attack, Crispin.  When it happened, you felt it.  You felt it because you had healed his hands.  Any time you heal one, you are linked to them forever.  You know when they are in distress.  That is why you can’t use this power for everyone you see in need.  You can’t look after the world alone. When Alexander’s heart seized, yours did too for a moment.  I brought you here where you would sleep until my return.  I reached Alexander in time.  A while later, the Council of Seven ordered me to bring him before them.  They told him that you would die if he did not accept and complete a mission.  He accepted the mission and is away now.”

“Why would they tell him I would die?  What is the mission?” asks Crispin as he gives Barcelli the chance to explain.

“The mission is to kill Rose, Crispin.  They believe that if she ceases to exist that it will make you vulnerable and they will be able to destroy you as well.”

“Barcelli, Alexander will not do this.  I know he won’t. Alexander is not a killer.”

“But he thinks he’s doing it to save your life.  He loves you, Crispin, he would do anything to save you.  I believe he just may do it.”

“Then I have to stop him.  Tell me the truth, Barcelli, can I break this hold the Council has on me and travel to another time as you can?  Is this in me too?”

“I don’t know, son.  I really don’t know.”

“Then tell me how it is done.  How do you do it?” he asks.

“I think of where I want to be.  I think of things that attract me in that era.  It’s like when you are falling to sleep and you suddenly feel as though you are falling and then your body jerks as though hitting the ground.  When I open my eyes, I’m there.”

Crispin lays back onto the platform, closes his eyes for just a moment and then opens them to Barcelli’s face above him.  He smiles.  Barcelli smiles back.

“I did it” he says, sitting up.

“Impossible!” laughs Barcelli.

“Why do you say that?” asks Crispin.

“Because you only closed your eyes for half a second and then opened them again.  Your body never left.  Where do you think you went?”

“I went back to the monastery to the day before the mudslide.  I moved the portrait of Rose from the supply hut to the root cellar where it would be safe” he smiles cleverly.  “The important thing is that I can do it.  That means there is nothing keeping me from Rose now.”

Barcelli pushes away from the platform in frustration, “except Alexander.”

“Not even Alexander, Barcelli.  Come with me.  Forget the Council of Seven and make them Council of Six again.  Gather your sons together, Father, and let’s give the Council of Six a send off to another universe.  One where they can’t change what is already.  This is our God’s universe not theirs.  We have to bring all our kind together and fight them.  Destroy them or send them away.”

“What a preposterous idea, Crispin!  You can’t possibly think that we can over-throw the Council of Six?  Can you even imagine how long it would take to find all the ones with special powers?  Even in the twenty-first century, they hide in fear of being prosecuted or shunned.”

Crispin chuckles as he is delighted in knowing that he can travel anytime he wants and that the Council of Seven obviously does not have control of him anymore.

“That can wait anyway, Barcelli.  Right now, my concern is Rose and Alexander.  We still have so much to talk about, you and me.  Next time we meet, I want to know how you came to be my father, and I want to meet my brother, Raphael.”

As he speaks, he backs into the mist, his eyes closed, a smile on his face and right before Barcelli’s eyes, he disappears.

© 2019 Rhayne

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Alexander better leave poor Rose alone, she's such a sweetie.

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