Crispen's Rose: Chapter Seven

Crispen's Rose: Chapter Seven

A Chapter by Rhayne





Realm of the Council of Seven




It had only been a few moments since Crispin vanished into the mist, bound for the future and the woman he so desperately loves.  His words roam through Barcelli’s mind so much so that he began to search his own past and future for answers.  Could Crispin be right about the Council?  Have their intentions been to create and control an army of selected immortals to take over this and other universes?  Why?  Has their evolution of power become so great that even they cannot control it?  How could any of the selected have known what was in store for them when they accepted the invitation to cheat death, which forces Barcelli to remember his own brush with death. 

“Why trouble yourself with things past, Barcelli, when there is so much to look forward to in times to come?”

The voice is familiar but from long, long ago.  There was a time it warmed his heart to hear it but his heart is so troubled now. Leaning against the platform that seems to hover in the mist, he crosses his arms over his large chest and sighs.

“The past is the beginning of the present and this present is getting very complicated.  How did this happen, Rhayne?  Crispin is so powerful.  The man doesn’t even realize just how powerful he is.  But I’m certain it will not take long.  He learns fast as you well know.  He has traveled into the future to find her.  He knows about Alexander and the mission.  I’m afraid that is my fault.  I could not keep it from my mind and he had no trouble hearing my every thought.”

The voice filters the mist as if it comes from an unsightly ghost swirling around him, “Barcelli, you alone are not responsible for this.  There is not one amongst us who ever expected this young man to be so powerful.  The Council will soon be together again and our minds will become one.  All will be answered and decisions made.  You will remain here until the others arrive.”

Barcelli can feel her presence, smell her sweet scent, like that of flowers after a spring rain.  Her voice is like a seductive whisper leaving cool mist sprays on his cheeks.  He remembers how she looked when she first appeared to him as he lay in a pool of blood after a long battle with Caesar’s army. She pulled the spear from his chest with ease as she offered him the gift of life.  Her ivory skin glowed like an Angel against the grey skies.  Her eyes of blue were like the fire of a diamond as they peered down on him, they’re heat sealing his wound.  She extended her hand to help him rise from the bloody soil.  She hovered just inches above the ground, her flowing white gown rippling in the blood scented breeze.  Upon her head, a crown of sparkling silver nestles between thick white curls that seem to flow the entire length of her.  He had never seen anything so beautiful in his whole life.  He thought she was an Angel sent to escort him to the Heavens.  Then she smiled and as she turned, he felt a cold wind blow on his face causing him to close his eyes.  When the wind stopped and he opened them again, he found himself in a very strange place, yet he was not afraid. He knew each strange thing, the tall buildings with lights glowing from nearly every window.  The traffic lights that changed every few minutes and controlled the noisy machines traveling in all directions.  The sights and sounds of a busy city in the twentieth century didn’t frighten him at all.  She had filled his head with knowledge and events of every year since that fateful day.  It was as though he had been there and witnessed each and every one.  He would soon learn that knowledge was not the only thing bestowed upon him.  Consumed with the wonders surrounding him, he stepped from the curb into the line of traffic.  Horns blew, tires squealed and voices yelled out to him in curses.  No one even noticed the speed in which he moved from the path of certain death.  It was as if a great hand had reached down and jerked him back to safety.  As he walked down the busy sidewalk near a darkened alley, he heard the sounds of a man being attacked.  He looked around and no one else seemed to hear it or maybe they just didn’t care for another human life.  Barcelli walked into the darkness where the only light was that being reflected by passing headlights on the wet concrete.  But then his sight seemed to change.  He could see as well in the darkness as he could in the light.  Just in front of him a man falls hard to the pavement.  He slowly looks up at Barcelli with a bloody face and swollen eyes.  Barcelli attempts to help the man to his feet when several young men dressed strangely in garments of chains and flashy jewelry emerge from the darkness and threaten him while slapping their palms with iron pipes.  Barcelli pulls the injured man to his feet and pushes him behind him and orders him to run, bringing the men rushing toward him.  Pipes swung high and low and grunts and blows abounded.  And then silence. Barcelli wasn’t even winded after all the commotion as he is left standing in the midst of all the thugs rolling around on the wet pavement. He was amazed at his own strength.  It began to rain, cooling his face as he looked up between the tall buildings to the small patch of sky.  He heard Rhayne laughing. 

Rhayne had come from a galaxy made up of pure moisture.  The Council of Five had saved her from her dying home shortly before a Nova passed through it evaporating it.  She seemed to have control of all things pertaining to water.  Barcelli was her first mission as a council member.  He had been watched for many years and valued for his wisdom, loyalty and faith.  Her mission had arrived on the day of a great battle with Caesar’s army, when Barcelli lay dying with a spear deep in his chest.  Granted to know his every thought, she heard his last prayer and is subjected to a feeling she had never experienced before.  His blue eyes attracted her as they were like her own.  He had fought with a bravery and mightiness that she had never seen before and yet he had the gentleness of prayer still left in him.  It moved her and drew her into him.  She called his name and quickly offered him her precious gift.  She would forever watch over him.

Barcelli obeys her command to stay and wait the arrival of the other council members.  His thoughts are of Crispin and Alexander and the possibility that Crispin may be too late to save his beloved Rose or worse, that he may have to turn against his own brother to save her.

“You worry in vain, Barcelli.  Your sons will not become enemies.” Her voice still wavering in the mist.

“Why not show yourself, Rhayne?  I have missed your lovely presence.”

Her laugh echoes in the vast whiteness.  He smiles, thinking how much he likes to hear her laugh.

“Why do you laugh?  I have only seen you once.  Why do you only speak to me through a mist?  I remember what a beautiful creature you were the first and only time I saw you. You should not hide such beauty.  Please, Rhayne, I would like to see you again.”

“I laugh because you have seen me more than once.  You have seen me many times, Barcelli.”

He pushes away from the platform and waves through the fog with his hand, “you know what I mean.  I want to see you in solid form.  I have seen you as rain, mists, fog, streams and such many times, I know.  But I wish to see your true form again.”

The mists swirls drawing all moisture to its core, resembling a small-scale hurricane.  As it turns faster it seems to take form as a delicate hand emerges and then withdraws and then another does the same.  The swirling cloud begins to solidify into a flowing gown twirling on a dancer.  As the swirling slows, her long white curls fall flowing down past her waist. A glittering spray of mist on her cheeks give off a soft hue just below her shining blue eyes.  Very pink lips turn up at the corners giving a slight smile.  She is the perfection of fragile beauty.  Barcelli is in awe of her, speechless.  She glides toward him like a feather in a gentle breeze.  Her hand raises to his cheek where she leaves an inviting coolness.  Closing his eyes, permanently burning the image in his mind, Barcelli cups his hand over hers.  She is as solid as he yet the softness of her seemed to fade like cotton into water.  He opens his eyes to her sad gaze.

“What is it, Rhayne?” he asks.

“I have deceived you, Barcelli.  More than once, I have deceived you.”

“What do you mean?  When?” he asks.

“Not when. How” she says turning away.

“Tell me, does not matter.  I will forgive you anything, Rhayne, I love you.  Do you understand what that means?  To love someone?”

“Yes, I know.  It is why I deceived you, because I love you too.  I like this feeling, love.  But I have never felt this way about anyone in all my existence.  The Council forbid me to feel this way about you and said they would destroy you if I persisted.  So, I deceived them to be with you but it meant deceiving you also.  I am sorry, Barcelli.”

“I don’t understand.  How did you deceive me?” he says walking up behind her.

A mist suddenly envelopes her, misting down from head to toe and then vanishes.  Before him stands a woman, he recognizes even from behind.  Long black curls bouncing over her shoulders as she turns to face him.  Her green eyes are sparkling with tears. He touches lightly her blushing cheeks, trailing his finger down to her pouting lips.

“Allegra?” he whispers.

“And mother to Raphael, Barcelli” she replies, her eyes begging forgiveness.

“You’re a shape shifter?  Incredible” he says, smiling.

“Yes.  It is an ability that I learned was within me just before the Council of Five saved me.  I was dying with the rest of my world.  The heat from the burning star was evaporating everything around me when I found myself wishing that I could be as solid as the rock the star was made of.  Then he appeared above me.  He was like a moving statue of iron.  He carried a staff in his right hand.  He offered me the gift and I took it, of course.  I wondered how he would lift me since I would flow through or over anything solid that touched me and then I saw him do the most peculiar thing.  He held his staff up over me, laying over both his wrists and I saw it grow and change into a canoe-like vessel, only it was attached to him, a part of him.  He was a shape shifter.  Any fluid has the ability to shape shift also. I became the form of his form and then I realized that I could change my appearance if I wanted.  The human body is made up of water and very little solids.  I saw the woman in Rome whom you fancied and chose to look somewhat like her.  You had been placed in Sicily by the time I decided to give in to my feelings and so I gave myself the name Allegra, a name I chose because of its meaning.  Joyful.  I made myself available everywhere you traveled until you noticed me.”

“Oh, I noticed you.  But why didn’t you tell me then?” he asks.

“Because the Council could read your mind.  I had to be very careful.”

“And Raphael, he is our son?”

“Yes, as is Crispin and Alexander” she smiles.

“But Dominique is their mother” he drags out his words, as his eyes become large.

The mist flows down her again and her appearance once again changes.  A woman with silky black hair, brown eyes and an ivory complexion stands in front of him.  He could see Crispin’s eyes and mouth, Alexander’s nose and chin.  Both boys had her fine shiny black hair.  He falls to his knees, wrapping his arms around her tiny waist and pressing his bearded cheek against her belly as he weeps.

“How could I not know” he says lowly.

“Because I could not let you know, my love.  I could not take that chance.  I had children to think of.  They were half mortal, you see.  They are of your world and of mine.  Now they are all like you and I, immortal and more powerful than either of us.”

He rose quickly to that statement with fear in his heart.  The other Council members would be arriving soon and the fate of his own son would be the topic of their discussion.  Would his knowledge be known to them and ultimately his and Rhayne’s destruction as well?

“Do not fear, Barcelli, I know that Crispin will reign over us all.  He has the power to persevere but only with our help.  He has much to learn.  It is true what you said, he has not realized his powers.  We must make him.  I have decided that you must go to him, help him.  I will stay and confront the Council with my deception.  I will make them understand what I have done is no fault of yours.  I will convince them to leave you and our sons here to rule.  I will convince them that to go with them and leave you behind will be a worse punishment than they could imagine.”

“No!  I will not leave you to face them alone.  We will do it together.  There is one thing I must know from you, Rhayne, and that is, is Crispin right?  Is it the intention of the Council to destroy this world?”

Being called Rhayne and not Dominique, the name of her image, causes her to change to her true form.  Her blue eyes shining like fog lights upon the mists surrounding her.

“Yes, Barcelli, as they have done five times before.  This is why I must convince the Council to do what I ask.”

“But why destroy the worlds?” Barcelli asks.

“Because they fear what has already happened.  That one like Crispin would be born and threaten them.  Do you not understand, Barcelli?  We have already done what they fear Crispin and Rose will do.  That is why Alexander has been sent to destroy her.  You know this, I’m sure.”

Barcelli admits to knowing the plan to destroy Rose, but like Crispin, he believes Alexander too human and compassionate to follow through as he explains to Rhayne.  As she is about to continue her argument, the two of them sense the approaching presence of the Council. 

“Please, Barcelli, go to Crispin and tell him everything.  Teach him how to realize and use his powers, for all our sakes. Go, now, trust in me, that I can do my part to save our children’s lives. I will always be with you, my love. Always.”

Her hands wash over his face leaving the warmth of a kiss on his lips as she fades into a swirling fog.

© 2019 Rhayne

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Pretty sneaky, I like this 'Rhayne' character, I wonder if the person she was based off of is as beautiful as she is??

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1 Month Ago

OMG, don't I wish! She's how I see myself in my fantasy world. When I created her, I realized I was .. read more
Reianna Jewel

1 Month Ago

I think deep down you are just like this character. She really comes through beautifully in your wri.. read more

1 Month Ago

Thank you for that. You're so sweet.

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