Crispen's Rose: Chapter Nine

Crispen's Rose: Chapter Nine

A Chapter by Rhayne





Realm of the Council of Seven



Rhayne takes her place, seated on a cloud, at the platform. Council member number five, the Iron Shape shifter, sits next to her.  His staff erected toward the infinite space above.  Next to him is number four, a grey strange being of odd shapes with many extensions with suction-like cups lining each one.  Number three looked to be almost human with three eyes, a small mouth and long neck.  Next to him, a small being resembling a crustacean with several eyes teetering on long nerve endings.  Centipede-like crawlers extend around its body, a round beautifully colored shell.  At the head of the platform, seated invisibly inside a dark cloak is the First Council member.  The seventh cloud remains unoccupied, concerning the First.

“You know you give me no choice, Rhayne” he spouts, obviously knowing her mind.

“Yes” Genitor First, “but I beg to know if you have ventured my every thought and action?”

“I have” he replies.  “For those of the Council that have not the capability to know, I permit you to present yourself.”

“My spirit to you, Genitor First” she nods.

Rhayne has the complete attention of the Council as she spills out everything she had done to deceive them.  Each one conveys their shock in various forms as she speaks.  She pleads for mercy for the lives of her beloved Barcelli and their three sons, Raphael, Crispin and Alexander.

Suddenly, she is interrupted by First when he stands abruptly and waves her voice to be silent.  His angry gait gives her an uneasy feeling.

“Alexander has failed!  The human lives!  And your other son has broken yet another command!  I will not tolerate this any longer” he yells in her face.  “They will both be destroyed immediately.  Do you take me for a fool, Rhayne?  Do you not believe that I have the power to destroy anything that gets in the way of my plans?  Do you really think that this boy of yours is more powerful than me......than all of us together?  Shall I show you how wrong you are?”

Rhayne bows before First, crying silver drops from her blue eyes, “I will go with you and leave what I love behind.  You said yourself that we are finished here.  Can you not have mercy enough to leave this universe behind, to leave them behind me?  I will never disobey you again, you have my spirit.”

Genitor First moves around the platform as a ghost would float across a room.  He stops behind Slayde, the iron mass, taking hold of his staff with his invisible hand.

“You will become the metal inside Alexander.  You will rip through his organs until he has drawn his last breath.  Then return to me with the smell of his blood.  Do not fail me, Slayde.”

Rhayne weeps a river of tears as she stares into Slayde’s cold black eyes.  He rises and with his staff he bows to Genitor First.  The sleeve of First’s cloak waves over him, sending him on his way.  Like a brisk breeze, First moved to Snare, the octopus-like being.  His invisible hand gathers all the tentacles together.  He shakes them violently as he gives number Four his orders.

“Snare, I give you the power of reduction and celerity.  You will enter into Crispin and with your appendages you will squeeze his arrogant little brain until it bleeds.  Do not fail me, Snare.  This is your chance to prove your worth.”

Snare rises, his limbs springing around his body.  First’s sleeve waves over him, reducing his size and in a flash of light he is gone.  Rhayne rises into a great mist with only her head visible. Her eyes burn a diamond blue.  Genitor First’s faceless hood leans back, his invisible eyes looking up at her.

“Do not try to abase me, young one, you will not succeed. I have already taken away the gifts I gave you.  Can you not tell?”

“I do not need the gifts of mind reading to know what you think.  I do not need the gift of time travel when I can already flow with the clouds throughout time.  I do not need your gift of anything.  I was created with all the gifts I need by the creator of my own world, the world you destroyed with the burning star........yes, I know that you sent that Nova.  And your world, Sentinal, Genitor First destroyed yours as well.  And yours, Seeyer, yours too, First destroyed.  Now there is one of us who has compassion for all life.  He has powers beyond even Genitor First’s imagination.  Slayde and Snare will learn this when they meet him.  He is my second son, Crispin Aleron.  He is Barcelli’s son.  Do you not want to live in this beautiful place, the Heaven’s of this world’s creator?  We can, if we just let life go on and stop destroying everything we tire of.  Are you going to keep doing Genitor’s bidding and never know the pleasures that he keeps only to himself?  Think of what love is. I had never known such a feeling until I met Barcelli.  The beings of this world are made of these feelings.  Sure, there are those who abuse even that. They are the human Genitor Firsts of this world.  We could help change that and make this a home for all of us. Use your own abilities that you were created with.  You do not need the so-called gifts that Genitor First gave you.  Each of us have gifts and together we can use them to make things right.  Please listen to me and help me stop him.”

Sentinel and Seeyer converse quietly.  Genitor First rises eye level with Rhayne.

“That was a very good speech, I must say.  But it will do no good.  Your sons are dying as we speak.  And as for your first born, Raphael.........yes, Rhayne, I have always known about him. I am having him brought here and you will watch as I show you just how powerful I, alone, am.  Now, you will reduce your mist to a subtle little fog and sit down or I will show you the power of a sun you have never seen before.”

Rhayne takes her seat once again, wondering if Barcelli has reached Crispin and Alexander in time.  A swirl of fog moves across the expansive platform and then dissipates.  Before them all is a young man dressed in seventeenth century clothing, holding an artist’s brush in one hand and a paint palette in the other.  He is startled and confused, looking around.  With eyes like hers, Raphael focuses on Rhayne. 

“Where am I?” he asks, “how did I get here?”

With a wave of his handless sleeve, First moves Raphael from the platform to the floor of fog.  Thoroughly frightened, he backs away from the black cloak moving toward him.

“Be still, boy” First orders.  “Tell me, do you know who your parents are?”

“Of course, I do, sir” he stutters.

“Well, you must be lying because your mother sits before you and you did not acknowledge her.”

Rhayne changes before his eyes, into Allegra, his mother.  First waves his invisible hand again and takes from Raphael his paint and brush.  The young man’s eyes are fixed on Rhayne.  He had not seen his mother or father in many years.  First laughs at the young man’s thoughts.

“Your mother has not died and gone to Heaven” he says sarcastically, “your mother was never of this world.  You inherited a gift from her that never belonged to her in the first place.  I gave her that gift and now I have taken it away, just as I am going to take it away from you.  You used it well, I must admit.  Never for profit but for compassion, a trait you inherited from your father....and he, incidentally, was from this world.  But no more.  Like your mother, he will suffer great consequences for his actions and betrayal.”

“Sir, I know nothing of what you say.  I was in my room working and suddenly I am here.  And I don’t even know where here is.  I would like to go home if you do not mind.”

“Ah, but I do mind.  I have a purpose for you being here. I have to show your mother that I am all powerful and that she has made a grave mistake in trying to over-throw me.  Did you know that your parents have two more sons......that they never told you that you had two brothers?”

Raphael stares at the faceless cloak for a moment and then to the platform where Rhayne, Seeyer and Sentinel stare back.  Looking around to see if there was any way to escape, he steps nervously away from First.

“There is no escape, Raphael.  I brought you here, I will send you back when I decide.  Answer my question.  Did you know about your brothers?”

“You already know the answer, Genitor First” says Rhayne angrily.

“Yes, I do.  Would you like to see your brothers, Raphael? I can show you.”

With his sleeve once again, he waves it over a small patch of fog and within it the images of Crispin, Alexander and two women appear.  One man holds his hand tightly to the other’s chest where blood is flowing down.  A woman wipes the injured man’s forehead with a cloth.  Rhayne lifts her hand to her face and weeps.  The image fades with the separation of the fog.

“You see, Raphael, your brother thinks he can heal his brother’s wound.  But I have taken steps to make sure that doesn’t happen.  And when your brother, Alexander is dead, then your other brother, Crispin, will die also.  That will leave only you to deal with.  You are completely mortal now.  I have taken away your power to move things with your mind.  Go ahead, try and move your paint brush from the platform.”

Raphael’s bright blue eyes squint and water, his head aches but the brush lays still.  First laughs vigorously.  “You see, Rhayne?  I have but to wish it and it is done.”

Suddenly, Slayde appears, blood covering his body of armor.  But he seems distraught and fidgety.  He tries to speak but cannot. His iron staff broken at the tip.

“Alexander is dead” says First and Slayde nods.  “I have another mission for you as soon as you clean up.  Leave us.”

Raphael is horrified.  First turns to him and then to Rhayne, “now, for your discipline, young Rhayne.  It is my decision that you will be stripped of the gifts I gave you with the exception of life.  I want you to watch your son live a long and painful life.  Always coming near death and then back again.  He will live an immortal life with no powers to help him adjust.  I will send him to the year 2014 where he will know of his brothers but never get to meet them since they are already dead.  He will be consumed with knowing that he could have met them if his parents had not kept them a secret from him.  He will hate you, Rhayne, as well as Barcelli.  He will always be on the edge of insanity. There will be nothing you can do to help him.”

She weeps pitifully.  First waves his sleeved arm over Raphael and sends him into the future to an unknown destination.  Slayde returns to the platform, only Snare remains away.  First looks at each one, “this meeting is adjourned” and disappears into the clouds.

© 2019 Rhayne

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