Crispen's Rose: Chapter Ten

Crispen's Rose: Chapter Ten

A Chapter by Rhayne





Tabora Beach, North Carolina

Winter, 2014


In each other’s arms, Rose and Rochelle try to comfort each other.  Crispin still tries in vain to revive his brother.  With his head pounding and his nose bleeding profusely, he keeps trying to heal Alexander, ignoring Rose’s pleas to stop.

“Alexander, you listen to me!  You can heal yourself, damn it!  Help me!” he shouts.

“Crispin, please, he’s gone. Please stop” Rose urges.

“No!  We can do this” he insists, wiping his bloody nose on his sleeve.

“You’re bleeding.  You’re going to give yourself an aneurism or something” Rochelle adds, “Rose is right, there’s nothing else you can do, Crispin, Alex is dead.”

He removes his hand for only a moment to check the wound.  The blood had stopped flowing.  Rose’s hand unfurls in front of him, the crushed bullet in her palm.

“See?  You got it out, but he’s lost too much blood and there’s nothing you can do about that.  Let your brother go in peace, Crispin.  I’m so sorry.  This is all my fault.  It should have been me.”

Crispin glances up to her and then suddenly grabs her shoulders, shaking her, “never say that again.  I can save him” he says wincing from the pain in his head.

“Crispin, you’re bleeding from your ear now, please don’t try again” Rose begs.

He sees her mouth moving but her words aren’t reaching his ears. Inside his head, it feels as though his brain is swelling or being squeezed by some invisible force.  The pain is getting unbearable as again he tries to ignore it and continues trying to heal Alexander.  His hand cannot generate any heat as he begins to feel extremely weakened.  The sensation of falling comes over him but he had not thought of traveling.  Unable to control his body any longer, he falls away from Alexander and sprawls onto the floor.  Everything seems to be in slow motion as Rose and Rochelle move away from someone else in the room.  The blurred image of a large man in dark clothing moving toward them and then looking down at Crispin, he moves toward him.  The blue eyes peering down at him warms his face.  His mouth is moving but he can’t hear a word he’s saying.  Rose looks so worried, tears streaming down.  Then, a voice in his head rings out.  Crispin looks up into the man’s blue eyes, his mouth no longer moving but his words are very clear now.

“Crispin, listen carefully my son, you must fight.  Fight like you told Alexander to fight.  Do not let them win, Crispin. This will be the hardest battle you have ever had to fight but I know you can do it.  You are stronger than you think. Get rid of all the self-doubt. Heal yourself.  You have to want it, Crispin, look at Rose, boy, your love for her has brought you this far. You can go the rest.”

The pain worsens, making him convulse.  Barcelli’s angry voice fills his mind, “Crispin!” he says shaking him, “fight it or Rose and everyone on this planet is going to die!  Do you hear me?”

Aside from Barcelli’s voice another sound abounds through his head.  A gnawing and popping sound like plastic suction cups being pulled from glass.  Each sound sending a piercing pain to the core of his brain.  Another voice echoes, “finish it, Snare, or face the consequences”.  Somehow, he knew that voice.  He had heard it before in a dream it seemed. 

“Fight, Crispin” comes Barcelli’s voice loud and clear.  “That’s it, that’s it.  Destroy whatever is consuming you.”

“Listen to Barcelli, Crispin, do what he says, please. I love you. I need you.”

It is evident that Rose is terrified.  The pain is lessening as he can now open his eyes to find Barcelli is cradling his head in his lap.  His large hands cupping his face.  He peers down at him with those extraordinary eyes.  He realizes that he is lying on his back on the floor at his brother’s feet.  Severely weakened, he lifts his hand to Alexander’s leg.  Still wincing in pain, he speaks to Barcelli, “I couldn’t save him.  Why?  Why couldn’t I save my own brother?”

A warmth covers his hand and carries it upward to a softness that he knew could only be Rose’s lips.  She kisses his hand as tears drop and run down his palm.  Looking into her eyes seems to help the pain but only for a moment.  The familiar voice comes back more angrily than the first time, “Snare!  I warn you, do not fail me.”

An answer this time cuts through his brain like a hot knife, “he is terribly strong, Genitor First.  I have exhausted my strength. You must help me.”

Barcelli holds tightly to Crispin, waiting for his pain to pass. Rose grips his hands.  He takes a deep breath and holds it so long that Rose fears that it is his last.  She glances up to Barcelli who seems to be fearing the same.  Crispin’s body becomes rigid for several seconds and then suddenly, he relaxes and exhales slowly.  For several minutes, he breathes in and exhales slowly.

“That’s it, Crispin, let your mind take over.  Breathe and concentrate.  Let all your strength work within you.  You can do anything you want to, son, you have only to wish it and it will be done.”

Those words, it seemed, he had heard before, in the same dream he had heard the voice. He opens his eyes and looks directly into Barcelli’s, continuing to breathe in and out slowly.  His eyes are clearer and alert now.  Barcelli smiles, infecting Rose with a smile.  Rochelle still watches in silence from behind the sofa.

“Barcelli, there’s a Council member inside my head, literally, inside my head.  He was sent to destroy me.  I’ve weakened him and now First is threatening him.”

“You can turn this around, Crispin.  Destroy him or force him out if you can.  Do whatever you must to heal yourself.  You were right about the Council.  They are planning to destroy this universe.  We have to stop them, but you are the key.  You have the greatest power than all of them put together.  Fight him, Crispin.”

Crispin closes his eyes and becomes very still.  His breathing almost ceasing.  Rose is alarmed but Barcelli assures her he is alright.  Inside his head, he searches for the alien.  He calls out to him, warning him to reveal himself.  The voice is weak but still manages to inflict pain.

“Your mother is right, you are very powerful, Crispin Aleron.  I have failed Genitor First just as your brother has done.  He will destroy me even if you do not.  Before you do, what you must, I may as well tell you that it was First who killed your brother.  He sent Slayde, the iron staff to enter his body and destroy him.  I do not understand these feelings you are experiencing but I do understand they are a large part of what makes you so powerful.  I believe you will be the only hope for this universe.”

“You are wrong, Snare, I am not the only hope for this universe.  There is still one that is more powerful than any of us.  It is He who gives me the powers I have, not First.  First cannot take away what he did not give.  The creator of this universe, God, it is He who has made me what I am and to Him I will give thanks and honor.  These feelings I have are what my God is made of.  The greatest of them being love.  The Council has really been only Genitor First.  He has no love for anyone or anything.  He only uses what he wants and destroys the rest. This will not happen to this universe.  I am a part of a great army that will protect it.  I will not destroy you, Snare.  I will send you back to First so you can tell him everything I have told you and warn him that I will be coming for him soon.  Release the rest of your arms from me now and go.”

The pressure within his brain released and all pain with it, leaving Crispin in a healing sleep.  Barcelli can feel the release as Crispin’s body relaxes in his arms.

“It’s over.  He’s done it.  He’s only resting now” he explains to Rose.

Barcelli picks him up as if he were a child and follows Rose to her bedroom where he lays him gently on her bed.  She removes his shoes and covers him.  She feels about his face and kisses him lightly on the lips.  Barcelli stands in the doorway in full view of the room, remembering the perfection of the portrait of Rose that as far as he knew was still buried with the monastery. 

“His strength will return soon and then the real battle will begin.  But he will not be alone in this one” Barcelli says, closing the door leaving Rose to look after him.

Rochelle dries her eyes as she picks up the bloody towels from the floor.  She finds the cell phone near the chair and checks to see if it works.  She begins dialing.

“Who are you calling” Barcelli asks.

“The coroner’s office.  It would be best to have Alexander’s body taken out of here before Crispin wakes up, wouldn’t it?”

“Please, Rochelle, put the phone down.  There are a lot of things you don’t understand.  You see, I can assure you that Alexander is not dead.”

“What?  No disrespect intended, but are you blind?  He’s not breathing and he’s lost nearly all his blood.  No one can lose that much blood and still be alive.”

Even with her certainty, she would give anything for Barcelli to be right.  Barcelli sat hard into the chair near the fireplace and across from Alexander’s body.  If it were not for all the blood, he would look as though he had just fallen asleep.

“Touch his hand, Rochelle” he requests.

“What?  Why?”

“Trust me.  Touch his hand.”

Slowly, she moves to him and picks up his hand, their palms together.  She felt a sudden surge of excitement run through her as she felt warmth still in his flesh.  Laying his hand down gently, she peels back his eyelid and finds his brown eye sluggishly moving as though dreaming.

“Oh my God!” she exclaims happily.  “Barcelli, help me lay him down so he’ll be more comfortable.  I can’t believe it!” she giggles.

It is nearly midnight when she finishes cleaning all the blood from him and covers him to the chin with a blanket.  The wound had nearly healed completely, leaving her amazed.  Barcelli rests near the fire, stretched out from the chair.  She covers him as well, smiling at his snoring.

“You need to rest to” comes a voice from behind her, giving her at least the tenth startle of the day.

His eyes were half open.  She kneels by the sofa, tucking the blanket over his shoulder and whispering softly, “shhhh, you’ll wake the big guy over there.  How do you feel?  Can I get you anything?”

“My brother.  Where’s Crispin?”

“He’s sleeping in Rose’s room.  He’s been through quite an ordeal and so have you.  We all thought you were dead.  Barcelli’s the only one who knew you weren’t.  Hell, I was about to call the coroner’s office.  Oh Alex, I’m so glad you’re alive.”

“I seem to remember you telling me that I couldn’t die now, that we had things to do?”

“That’s right, I did. We do” she smiles.  “I mean, if you want to.”

“Don’t know of anyone I would rather do things with than you, beautiful lady” he says touching her face.

Taking his hand, she places it back under the blanket and tucks it in again, “rest.  We’ll talk more about this tomorrow.”

When his eyes closed and she was sure that he was asleep, she poked the fire, added a log and then turned out all the lights.  Just a peek into Rose’s room and she was glad to see that she was sleeping soundly next to Crispin.  From the hall closet and the spare bedroom, she collects blankets and pillows to make her own bed on the floor near Alexander.  Removing her shoes and spreading the blanket over her legs, she takes one last look at him before settling in for the night.

© 2019 Rhayne

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