Crispen's Rose: Chapter Eleven

Crispen's Rose: Chapter Eleven

A Chapter by Rhayne





Realm of the Council of Seven



Rhayne waits patiently for the return of Snare to learn news of her two sons.  She observes the others unnoticed.  They mumble to each other with an occasional outburst of anger.  She knows she has stirred their minds with her plea for a revolt.  Only Slayde sits quietly, still shaken from the experience of his mission.  His tarnished iron now clean of Alexander’s blood but the tip of his staff is still missing.  From the mist of her, she extends her feminine hand to touch him, “I do not fault you for the death of my son, Slayde....”

“But you must, Rhayne, I could have refused and died in his place” he replies remorsefully.  “They are all very brave, your sons.  The one called Crispin is especially strong.  He nearly destroyed me before I could complete the mission and return.  It was he who did what I believed could not be done” he says touching the tip of his jagged staff.

From the fog limps Snare, his appendages tattered and limply dragging behind him.  He is exhausted as he takes his seat between Seeyer and Slayde. 

“I see you did not find your mission easy as well” he says to Slayde.

“But did you complete your mission” he replies.

“No, he is too strong.”

Relief showers over Rhayne.  Her thoughts turn to Raphael and if it would be possible to find him.  The world in 2014 is a difficult place.  Without his power of telekinesis and to be sent there without advanced knowledge would make him extremely vulnerable and frightened at any age.  She must alert Barcelli and send him to help.  But how, now that First has taken away her gift of travel.  She would still be able to travel through time, just not as swiftly as before and time is of the essence for Raphael.  An outburst between Sentinal and Seeyer disrupts her thoughts as they argue loudly.

“Sentinal! Seeyer! Why do you argue?  You have never argued?” she asks.

“That is why we argue now.  I agree with the speech you made and Seeyer disagrees.  I believe he is afraid to speak his own mind.  What you say makes sense.  I see how these missions have changed Snare and Slayde.  Both have emotions they had not before.”

Sentinal circles the platform, his tiny crab-like shell sparkling like a kaleidoscope under the mist.  His tiny centipede crawlers leaving a silvery circular trail.  “Have we ever known Genitor First to take part in any endeavor?  No!  He sends one of us.  He claims to be all powerful yet this boy, Crispin, frightens him.  But the boy has never been a threat to us or anyone.  He could have destroyed you, Snare, but he did not.  He could have destroyed you, Slayde, and he did not.  Genitor First wished a young mortal woman dead just to force him into submission.  How would that work?  It would only anger him and force him to avenge her.  Now, his own brother is dead.  Do you not think he will be angry?  Do any of us remember how we felt when we were taken from our home and then made to watch it be destroyed?   I don’t remember an emotion. Did we have emotions?  Did we care about others like us?  I don’t remember!”

Solemnly, they listen to Sentinal until First slaps his invisible hands on the platform, shaking all of them and nearly sending Sentinal’s small body flying.  With no cloak to know he was there, he had been listening all along.

“You don’t remember, Sentinal, because I wiped it from your minds.  It was to protect you from pain.  Do you think that everything I do is to harm you?” he shouts.

“I think it is to control us” says Rhayne.

Slayde pounds the platform with his broken staff, “what Sentinal and Rhayne say is true.  You use us to do your bidding without even a confirmation of your thoughts.  Snare and I were nearly destroyed this time and our enemy showed us more compassion than you.”

Genitor First is surprised at Slayde.  He had never spoken up like this.  There was a tone to his voice no one had ever heard.

“Is it true, Genitor First, that you destroyed our homes?” asks Seeyer.

Not knowing where Genitor could be, each member keeps scanning around, realizing how difficult it would be to fight something they could not even see.  Sentinal is already having second thoughts.  His shell had been thoroughly jarred.  Genitor does not answer.

Rhayne’s angry voice echoes through her mist, “if you’re not going to answer that question, will you answer this one?  Were you not planning to destroy this universe until you realized that Barcelli and I had deceived you?  You have been pondering the idea of destroying us and replacing us with the stronger of our sons.  Then you learned that Crispin is superior to even you.  Well, you couldn’t take the chance that Raphael and Alexander may also have those powers stored away, so your plan has changed.  You are searching for another with less power but equal to any one of us.  Once you have accomplished this, you plan to destroy this universe along with Barcelli, our sons and me.  You fear that you will lose your control of all half humans and this Council.  You have already lost control, Genitor.”

Standing up, Snare calls attention to himself, his tentacles slapping the platform.  His oddly shaped eyes flutter, looking around for any sign of Genitor.

“I have a message from Crispin, Genitor First.  He wishes me to tell you that he will be coming for you soon.  He does not claim to be the most powerful of this universe, only that he is more powerful than you.  He seems to have great faith in another power just as invisible.  He refers to it as God.  He says that his powers come from Him and not from Genitor First. He says that you cannot take away from him what you did not give.  I have experienced, first hand, the strength of this young half human and it is indeed very strong.  I think you should reconsider Rhayne’s request to leave this universe and leave it unharmed.”

Genitor’s voice fills the vastness making it hard to pinpoint his exact whereabouts, “well, it seems you have all turned against me.  I wish to ask my Council a couple of questions, where would all of you be if I had not offered you life?  How would you have survived my realm if I had not given you the means to do so?”

Rhayne is the first to answer giving the others even more to think about.

“But did you really offer life?  It was not a resurrection because I had never really died.  You remember, do you not, Slayde?  I was still alive when you came to me and you swooped me up into your monstrous ladle and brought me here.  How can I know that I would have surely died?  I recall there were survivors until you sent the nova into the heart of our world.  As it turns out, Genitor, it was a mistake for you to have told me that you had been watching me long before the nova came.  You knew the potential of the beings of my world, the abilities we possessed. You said you chose to save me because I was the most beautiful of my kind.  Do you remember, Genitor?  It was then that you offered me gifts such as the power of swiftness to time travel.  That was all.  Shape shifting was already my gift.  The power to control anything fluid is who I am.  These were powers that you wanted control of because you did not possess them yourself.  So, making me believe that my world was doomed and that you were saving me, indebted me to you.  You sent Slayde to retrieve me because you knew that he could withstand the heat from the nova, and it was that same heat that gave him the ability to mold his staff into a canoe for me.  Seems to me that all you really possess is intelligence to use resources.  Let me ask you a question, Genitor, if you had none of us, where would you be? What would you do?”

Everyone is silent, awaiting Genitor’s answer or something awful to happen to Rhayne when from the mist appears Barcelli, looking rested and pleased to see Rhayne.  The soft hum of murmuring begins again among the others.

“Barcelli!  Why have you come back?  I know of Alexander’s death but should you not have stayed with Crispin?”

“Crispin is well.  Are you not glad to see me?” he says taking her hand to kiss.

“I am always pleased to see you, but....”

Then, before her eyes and everyone, the image of Barcelli changes to that of Raphael and then to his black cloaked invisible self. Rhayne is appalled at Genitor’s trick.  Transforming her own self into a wall of fog, she hides her true feelings.

“You see, my children, I do have powers that you possess. I beg you not to under estimate me, for I do not wish to have to show you my true strength.  I assure you, it would be easy for me to eliminate each of you.  I have listened to you twice today, Rhayne, because I consider you my daughter, my beautiful child.  But you have gone too far this time.  I will delay your discipline because there is the matter of your son to deal with now.  He wishes to battle me, Snare?  So be it.  Rhayne, I will permit you to go to your son to deliver my return message.  Tell him that I will meet with him whenever and wherever he would like.  Tell him it will be just the two of us.  If he should destroy me, all is done.  If I should destroy him, he should know that his brother Raphael, his father and you, Rhayne, will die also.  Tell him, this can be avoided if he will surrender to me for execution.  I will let the rest of you live.”

“Why do you want to destroy him, Genitor?  Can he not join us, have a seat on the Council?  Can you not see how valuable he would be?” pleads Snare, with others agreeing.

“He cannot!” First snaps, “he has deliberately broken my commands and now he has challenged me.  This will be the end of this rebellion.  I will destroy him and you will see that I am all powerful and there will be no more challenges.  Go Rhayne, do as I have commanded and say goodbye to your arrogant son.”

Swirling into a tornado, she disappears into the clouds.


© 2019 Rhayne

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The First needs taken down, and hopefully Crispin does that

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