Crispen's Rose: Chapter Fifteen

Crispen's Rose: Chapter Fifteen

A Chapter by Rhayne




Realm of Genitor First



Genitor First is pleased when Seeyer returns, having completed his mission.  Before him, Seeyer lays gently down the man who was near death only moments ago.  Disoriented, Derrick lays still upon the platform, staring up into infinity.  Sentinal, with his teetering eyes, rises up on his crawlers and creeps in for a closer look at the young man.  Slayde, his tattered staff by his side, stands motionless at the end of the platform.  Seeyer bows to Genitor and takes his seat to rest. 

“You have done well, Seeyer.  When you have rested, I have another mission for you.”

Sentinal trails along the edge of the platform, his eyes watching Genitor lean over the young man to exam him. 

“Why have you had him brought here?” he asks.

“This, Sentinal, is my weapon.  He will destroy Rhayne’s sons.”

“How?  He is but a fledgling.  Crispin is already a master of his skills.”

“Ah, but he will be the exception, Sentinal.  You see, I will be giving him all the powers he needs to fight Crispin.  He will share my powers and yours......and yours, too, Slayde. He will be stronger than either of you could ever imagine.”

“What do you mean he will share our powers?” Sentinal says sounding very concerned.

Genitor First floats around the platform, stopping behind Slayde. The sleeve of his cloak floats upward indicating his invisible hand rests on Slayde’s iron shoulder.

“Actually, you will not be sharing your powers, you will be donating them” he says sternly as he gives Slayde a sudden jolt.

The iron staff parts from his body and falls hard to the platform, rolling against Derrick’s body.  Slayde’s iron body breaks away into parts, disappearing into the mists below the platform.  Seeyer winces and stiffens as Genitor moves toward him.  He feels the invisible hand upon his shoulder, cold, claw-like and unmistakably strong.

“But Genitor, you said you had another mission for me”, Seeyer sputters.

“I do, but you’ll need a little help.  I give you the power of reduction.  You will become Derrick’s eyes so that he may see in all directions at once.  You will give him the power to use your telescopic vision, the ability to see in the dark and in bright light.  You will give him the power to extend his neck and limbs beyond the scope of any human.  These are powers that Crispin does not have.  Use this power I give you now and enter through an orifice.  You will not depart until I give you permission.  Do you understand?”

Seeyer began to regret not listening to Rhayne and leaving Derrick to die.  He found himself wondering which is worse, this mission or punishment for betrayal.  His center eye catches the gaze of Sentinal who knows he is next to feel Genitor’s wrath.  Genitor’s hand slides away from Seeyer’s shoulder and at once, he scales down to the size of a tick.  Taking several minutes to climb up Derrick’s arm, shoulder and neck, he stops just before entering the ear and looks up at Sentinal who is now gigantic. 

“Please ask Rhayne to forgive me” he says.

Genitor moves to Sentinal, his invisible fingers folding around his shell, “Sentinal, my old friend, you were my first, you know. You were the experiment.  It is with sadness that I must use you this way but you have given me no choice.  If only you would see things as they are.....”

“You mean, your way”, Sentinal remarks.

“Well, yes.  This is my domain and you are in it because I chose you.  How you exist here is because I made it so.  You have defied me, Sentinal.  How do you expect me to endure that?”

“So, you are going to destroy me?”, Sentinal asks.

“I am going to use you for battle.  Rather or not you perish is up to you and the others.  I am going to give you the power of reduction.  You will give Derrick your powers.  You will make his skin as protective as your shell.  You will give him your wisdom, the ability to work his mind with extraordinary speed.  It will be his strategy and cunning that will win this battle.  Crispin will obviously be expecting strength and trickery.  He will no doubt be expecting a display of all the powers he already possesses.  But he will not expect intelligence from this human.”   

Suddenly a voice comes from the mist, “what is this!  You’re going to use this man to fight your battle!  You said it would be between just the two of you.  You’re going back on your word?  I should have expected this of you!”

“Of course, you would think this of me, Rhayne.  You’ve always had poor insight.  Nevertheless, I will explain.  I will be facing my enemy myself.  In order to do that, I must give him something he can see, mustn’t I?” he says slyly.  “I will take the form of this human with whom your son is acquainted.  I would think you would be pleased that I chose him.  After all, your little bundle of joy despises him.  That should make him want to destroy me and make the battle more interesting and fair.  Do you not agree?”

“Sarcasm does not suit you, Genitor.  How do you think by using this man along with what’s left of the Council and yourself will make this a fair fight? Wait, I understand, oh, I completely understand now.  You’re afraid.  You know or at least you suspect that Crispin is more powerful than you and you can’t defeat him without all this treachery.  It has nothing to do with your invisibleness.  None of us had any problems seeing you as long as you had the cloak.  It would be no different for Crispin.  You are pathetic, Genitor First.  All this time, we have all thought of you as the most powerful, ingenious and wise being in all the universes.  Crispin is right.  You’re no match for the God of this one.”

“Silence!!” Genitor yells.  “You know nothing, child, nothing of me!  It is time for you to learn.”

The timbre of his voice literally freezes Rhayne, her electric blue eyes wide and fixed on the black void of his cloak hood. Instantly, a small burning red light spins from the center of the darkness, growing until it expands beyond the rim of the hood.  From it, spins smaller balls of fire, shooting past her. The heat begins to melt her frozen mist.  Her eyes shift to his sleeves where skeletal-like fingers grow longer and longer with razor sharp claws.  The breast of the cloak splits open to reveal a thin skinned torso with odd bony protrusions. The cloak drops away as the flaming ball expands into a smoldering peculiarly shaped head with fiery eyes and large mouth with jagged rows of teeth.  His size seems diminutive for such a savage looking body until suddenly, he begins to erect, unfolding on massive wolf-like haunches to the height of twelve feet.  Smoldering black wings stretch above him, each expanding to twice his height.  Razor sharp spikes at the end of each wing rib capable of ripping through steel reflect the white smoke mixing with Rhayne’s fog.

Genitor steps heavily toward her.  His breath melts away the remaining ice around Rhayne’s human-like form.

“Do you have an inkling of what power I have now, child?  Do you still think there is another more powerful?”

Appalled and shocked by his appearance, she was still not afraid enough to keep her thoughts to herself.  Quickly, she shape-shifts into a whirling cloud.

“Yes, Genitor, I do.  All you have shown me is your revolting appearance.  I still think you are a coward to use others to make up your strength.”

“You are incorrigible, Rhayne.  I can see it is hopeless to make you understand that I can and I will destroy your sons, Barcelli and then you.  I can burn hotter and brighter than the sun of this universe.  I will watch you evaporate as quickly or as slowly as I desire.  But not before I cut your sons to pieces while you watch.  That’s right, Rhayne, you will watch.  You think you can change into a mist, a cloud or even a tear drop and hide from me?  I have but to breathe a chilling breath on you again.”

Rhayne thought for a moment about that.  It would be better to be able to move about freely in the event there could be anything she could do to help Crispin.  Her whirling cloud slows and solidifies into her lovely human-like form once more.  Her blue eyes piercing his red ones, showing her resentment.

“That’s better.  Now, if you will please take your seat, I have work to do to prepare for the coming of your Prince.”

Backing away from her with giant heavy steps, he returns to Derrick who still lies very still upon the platform, seemingly unaware of what has taken place.  As his wings fold flat to his back, the rib spikes fitting into the holes lined down his torso, he leans over Derrick.  Mini puffs of smoke seep from his wide nostrils.  A forked tongue slithers from his thick mouth and slaps Derrick’s cheeks to arouse him.  His eyes widen and quickly shift to the creature hovering over him with burning eyes. 

“Rise”, Genitor First instructs.

Derrick sits up and maneuvers to the edge of the platform.  His movements are robotic.  He seems to be in a trance, waiting for further instructions.

“Show me your eyes, all of them” demands Genitor.

Derrick looks up at him with his natural green eyes and then from his temples emerge two more eyes being directed by exposed nerve endings.  Another eye rises from the back of his head looking at Genitor.

“Good”, Genitor First smiles, showing several rows of teeth.

With his clawed fingers, Genitor takes Derrick’s forearm and tries to penetrate the skin with a single razor-sharp claw.  Even though the skin is pliable, it is impenetrable.  Genitor is pleased.  He reaches for the jagged staff that once belonged to Slayde and places it in Derrick’s hand.  A stream of liquid fire pours from Genitor’s mouth, sealing the staff to Derrick’s hand and wrist making it as much a living part of him as it was for Slayde.  Derrick gives no indication that he feels pain.

“You are almost ready, my friend.  The best part of you is yet to come.  But be patient.  It will happen when my opponent arrives.”

As she watches, Rhayne begins to doubt that Crispin’s faith will be enough.  Icy tears streak her translucent cheeks.


© 2019 Rhayne

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