Crispen's Rose: Final Chapter

Crispen's Rose: Final Chapter

A Chapter by Rhayne





The Realm of Infinity


Rhayne looks on while Rose, Rochelle and Laura kneel by the bodies of her sons.  Laura lifts Raphael’s hand, rubbing it, noticing his long fingers.  She thought of him in a beautiful garden, an easel erected in the shade where he briskly paints while she sat patiently and still for him.  She hadn’t gotten the chance to know him but she had seen enough to know that he was much like his brothers, brave, talented and handsome.  She lays his hand gently on his blood-stained shirt.  With loving care, she combs back his hair from his forehead with her fingers.  She longs for his eyes to open, for she can’t remember what color they are.  Were they dark brown like Crispin and Alexander’s or blue like their mother and father.  She longs to hear his voice again.  Did he have a French or Italian accent?  A tear drops from her cheek to his as she bends down to give him a kiss of gratitude.

Rhayne turns away, dealing with her own grief.  She walks through the mist until she is out of sight.  Burying her face in her hands, she weeps uncontrollably.

“Do not weep, my child, it is not yet over.  There are decisions to be made.”

The voice is that of a man, gentle and soothing.  She lifts her face and in front of her is a bright light, a beautiful light.  In its center is a beautiful being.  Soft feathery wings folded on his back.  His face is kind, loving.  He steps toward her, wearing a white garment of strange material, flowing, lightweight and moving as though there were a breeze when she could feel none.

“Who are you?  What is this you speak of, decisions?”

“My name is not important, my mission is.  I have been sent to you to give you a choice.  You have shown that you have a good heart and soul.  The Father has spared you from your otherwise most distressing eternity.  You have sacrificed what you love most for all those you know nothing about.  Love is a great thing.  It is the key to life in this world and the key to Heaven.  To love is to be loved and the Father loves you, Rhayne.”

“This Father you speak of, is he the same as the God of this world, the God that my son Crispin has such faith in?”

“The same” he answers.

“Then why has he let my sons die?  It was Crispin who had all the faith and belief in Him, not me.”

“We do not question the works of our Father.  We trust Him. Your son trusted Him and the Father has plans for him.  Maybe he has fulfilled those plans, maybe he has not.  I do not know.  I know that I have been sent to you, Rhayne.  My mission is you.”

“And what is your mission?  What is it you want of me?  I have given your God everything that means anything to me.  I have no more to give.”

“I have but one question to ask you.  It is all I have been sent to do, to ask” he says.

“Ask me what?” she insists.

“Do you wish to remain in this realm, the Heavens, as you are or do you wish to return to your own world of creation?”

“My own world of creation?  You mean my universe still exists?”

“It does because our Father would never let something He creates be destroyed until He is ready to destroy it Himself” explains the Angel.

“You mean the God of this world also created mine?”

“The Father created all universes and all things within them.  All beings are given a choice to live a good life or a bad one.  Genitor obviously chose a bad one.  He has tried under many names and many shapes to conquer but it is not in the Father’s plan for him to succeed.  He will try again in another way, another form and under another name.  It is his destiny to keep trying and to keep failing.  He will fail because of souls like you and your sons, like all the souls that he tried to destroy.”

“Tried!  My sons are dead.  The other Council members, they are dead!” she cries out.

“Death is not the end, child.  It’s the beginning of eternity, the beginning of life.  Which eternity a soul enters is determined by the way they lived their chosen life.  Can you not understand?  The Father is giving you a choice without you suffering another death.”

“So, what is to happen to my sons?  Can you tell me?”

“They will be given an opportunity much like you but not the same.  They will be granted a wish and from there they will choose the life they want to live.  That life will determine their eternity to come.  This is all I can tell you. You must give me your answer.”

“Very well, I wish to remain in this I am.  I wish to watch this world and the works of your God.  I wish to honor the memory of my son in this way.  I wish to learn what he knew to make him so devoted to your God.  I wish to someday meet Him.”

The Angel smiles and spreads his magnificent wings and bows to her, “it is the answer the Father hoped for.  Your wish is granted.  You will remain as you are, the clouds of the sky, the mist of the fields, the fog from the sea, the rain, ice, hail and snow.  You shall be happy, Rhayne.  You are loved by the Father.” With that, he fades in the light.

Rhayne isn’t sure what she feels inside.  There is some confusion as to what just happened.  Why would God love her and not her sons who fought so bravely to accomplish the same task as she?  She emerges from the mist into the clearing where she had left her beloved sons.  To her surprise, the women were no longer crying but talking into the mist.  As she nears, she sees Crispin’s hand rise from the mist and cup Rose’s cheek.  A few feet away, Alexander’s hand rises and brushes Rochelle’s hair back behind her ear.  She leans her face into his hand, kissing it.  She turns to Raphael, who is being helped to sit up by Laura.  Crispin and Alexander rise up from the mist as well, taking the women they love into their arms.  Rhayne suddenly understood.  More crystalline tears drop from her cheeks.  Crispin sees her over Rose’s shoulder and reaches out for her.  She drops to his side, her moist, cool arm wrapping around the both of them.

“I thought I had lost all of you” she weeps.

“It was an amazing battle you fought, mother.  We would have surely failed if you had not come.”

“But it nearly killed you.  I would have never forgiven myself but an Angel of your God came to me and said that it was not over.  I know now what he meant.  I have made my decision and now I realize it was the right one.  I will always be with you.  And soon you will have to make your decision.  Choose well, my sons, as I trust you will.”

With that, she kissed him on the forehead and drifted to Alexander where she kissed him on the forehead and then to Raphael, the same.  Then, with a smile, she faded into the clouds above them.

“What did she mean, Crispin?  What decision?” asks Rose.

“An Angel came to me as well.  He said that I had to make a choice.  Do I want to stay in this time or do I want to return to my own time?  I would have no powers.  I would be completely mortal no matter where I chose to be.”

“I was given the same choice” says Alexander.

“As was I” complies Raphael.

“So, what are you going to do to, Crispin?” asks Rose.

The brothers look at each other as though the conversation is taking place in their minds.  Alexander turns to Rochelle, “do you know that I love you?”

“Yes” she answers.

“Do you love me?” he asks.

“Yes, I do” she answers with a smile.

“You would love my father’s farm and vineyards.  It’s beautiful there.  Grapes as far as the eye can see.  Rolling hills of them.  There’s a garden that surrounds the house with shade trees to sit under in the afternoon.  And valleys to walk in under the moonlight.  You would love it there, I know you would.  I can teach you the language.  I will take good care of you.  It is a much simpler time to live in than yours. It’s quieter, less demanding and there would be less expected of you. It would be a better place and time to raise children. You do want children, don’t you?”

She is smiling and holding his hands so tight he barely has circulation, “lots of them” she answers throwing her arms around his neck.

“Do I dare ask?” says Crispin to Rose.

“You just try and leave me here.  I would find you and haunt you for the rest of your life” she replies seriously.

“Well, can’t have that.  Don’t like ghosts.  So, what are your thoughts about children?”

“Only two” she says with a smile and falls into his arms for a long kiss.

Laura wipes her eyes with the back of her hand.  She feels a hand take hers.  She turns toward him.  His eyes are bright blue like his mother and father’s.  She becomes lost in them. Her heart pounds.

“It seems your friends will be leaving you.  I wish to return to my home too.  It is not in France but in Italy.  If you would like to accompany me, I would be honored.  I would love to paint your beauty on canvas as Crispin has done with his Rose.  I do not have much to offer in the way of possessions but I do well enough to support you.  We could visit my brothers as often as you like.”

A dreamy flow of words coming from him.  She squeezes his hand, “and the issue of children?” she asks.

“One?” he says carefully.

“One it is” she agrees with a smile.

He bends to kiss her, his first kiss ever.  She leans into him, teaching him, making it perfect. 


“So, it is done” comes the voice of the Angel and the gentle laugh of Rhayne.



© 2019 Rhayne

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Holy cow, that ending though. Everyone got their happily ever, and I love it. This was so beautiful, I absolutely loved it. The characters are wonderfully rendered, the battles and problems full of suspense. I'm glad I took the time to read this, it was truly a good read

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3 Weeks Ago

Thank you very much for the kindest of words. I kid you not, I'm soaring over this. I know it could .. read more
Reianna Jewel

3 Weeks Ago

You absolutely deserve it, you're such an amazing writer! And of course you can, I can't promise I'l.. read more

3 Weeks Ago

No rush. I just value your opinion and thought I would ask. I'll send it. Thanks!

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