My Army of Dragons

My Army of Dragons

A Poem by Rhayne

My Army of Dragons


I dream of dragons, their beauty in flight.

Fire-breathing dragons that light up the night.

Dragons of ice, the warmth in their hearts glow.

Seeking solace in realms where no warrior can go.

I dream of dragons, who speak and cry.

They only want to live in peace, just like you and I.

Why not give them land to live, land like we farm?

And save them, protect them from those that would do harm.

There may come a day, tho I dearly hope not

That we may need their fire and ice to keep what we’ve got.

For Warriors are warriors and fighting is their life,

If no dragons to slay, then we may be at the point of their knife.

I dream of dragons, their beauty in flight.

A large horde of dragons, at my command, we’ll make things right.

© 2019 Rhayne

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that's quite an army. i believe your words that anything can be accomplished and made right. wonderful sentiments. powerfully visual and laced with inspiring feeling. there are some leaders who need to take this flight and fight for what is right... :)

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Can be done and with real Dragons, it would be fun.
Thanks for reading and am so glad you und.. read more
this is gorgeous.

my interpretation is that the dragons are like our spirit or our energy to change things in our life. the ice is the cold parts of our life but the dragons are good at heart so their hearts glow. when they breath fire it's like letting negative energy go. there's a feeling of wanting to protect the dragons and i think this is like wanting to protect our own desires. like, just let our desires live and create, but other people criticize. i think you're the warrior, and like a homophone you're a worrier too. the dragons are beautiful and you're the boss. ALWAYS remember that you're the boss, especially when life or someone challenges you; just fight back! life will listen eventually but you gotta take command of the dragons!

Posted 1 Month Ago

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it's about time i have read something about dragons that puts them in a positive light. They just want to live in peace like humans do.
and if we learn to live with them, they can help us greatly.
Protect us.
Gee, sounds like how countries may want to also get and let live...and work together.
allegory at its finest.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Why thank you, kind Sir, for you have seen my dream. I welcome you and thank you much for reading. ".. read more

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