Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by VanillaBean

“Verena!” Turning I saw my one and only best friend charging towards me, her long golden hair and baby pink skater dress blowing behind her. Arms stretched out in front I awaited the impact of her running into me, which not to my surprise happened.

“Hey Aimee.” I greeted her with a smile and we gave each other a proper hug.

“Wow. Just wow. Your hair is amazing! Did you dye it?” She commented on my now dark brown hair, near to black which used to be a rather light brown, which fell down to the centre of my back.

“Actually, no. I woke up this morning and my hair was darker, I can’t explain it.” I answered her.

“Waaaay darker!” Aimee emphasized the word ‘way’.

                Brushing it off I started walking towards our school, Sir Advent High. Named after, Louis Advent, the builder of the school. Aimee and I made it to our lockers and got all books for our morning classes.

“You have Chemistry first thing right?” I asked Aimee to create a conversation.

“Uhh, don’t remind me!” Aimee was failing Chemistry big time. “The only plus side of that class is that I get to see Jamie.” 

Jamie is Aimee’s boyfriend or as she puts it ‘drop dead gorgeous hunk’. All three of us have been friends since we started school and those two have liked each other, to the point of it being obvious to everyone but them, for 2 years before doing anything about it. Me? I was still single, have been for a while now. I vowed I wouldn’t date again after my last relationship which ended in disaster.

                “Speaking of the hunk and he appears!” In an instant Aimee was running off in the direction she had seen Jamie. She turned to face me and waved. “See you at lunch Rena!” And with that I was left standing by my locker alone waiting for the bell for first class to ring. I sighed, clutched onto my blood red shoulder bag and made my way towards the girl’s bathroom.

The bathroom was completely empty for once, the normal giggly girls who would be crowding the mirrors caking their faces in make-up and gossiping about guys were not there for once, giving me the time to just relax in peace. Hoisting myself up onto one of the counters against the far wall, I leant against the cold tiles and got out my notebook and started doodling like I did every morning.

                “Oh I am terribly sorry!” Came a shriek, I looked up to see a small girl with big nerdy glasses and jet black curly hair which covered most of her face. “I-I will leave...” Quickly I moved my position on the counter so I was sitting over the edge.

“Don’t leave on my accord, the girls bathroom isn’t my humble abode.” I smiled at her. Patting the counter next to me motioning her to have a seat next to me. “Wanna talk?” I asked the petrified looking girl stood in front of me.

“U-uh...I don’t want to disturb you!” She started to turn away ready to run out of the bathroom.

“Oh you’re not! If anything you are saving me from boredom.” I giggled slightly to myself. “I love company.” Again I gave her another smile and patted the space by my side. This time she walked over to me and with great difficulty pulled herself up on the counter I had sat on, she still looked very uncomfortable.

                “I’m Verena, feel free to call me Rena.”

“S-Samantha...” She stuttered. “I don’t have a nickname...” Didn’t have a nickname? At all? My father was the one to give me the nickname Rena, her family must have given her a small one at least!

“Not even a nickname given to you by family?” I asked expectantly.

“ parents never really liked me. I was in foster care most of my life.” Stupid Verena! You had to bring that up didn’t you! I mentally scolded myself.

“Oh God! I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to touch a hard topic!” I hammered on, still scolding myself for what I had caused.

“Don’t worry, I am completely used to it now. Actually, this is the first time I have told someone I am in foster kind of feels good to let it out.” Then for the first time during this conversation Samantha looked up at me with her big green eyes and smiled a big smile.

Returning the smile I placed my hand on her shoulder and then hopped down off the counter my action was shortly followed by Samantha jumping down herself.

                “What’s your first class Sammie?” I asked, giving her a nickname that I hoped she would like. Which judging by the massive grin plastered on her face she did.

“Literature...” She paused and pulled out a small piece of paper with her schedule on it. “With Mr Youth.”

“I have that class too! Care to sit with me?” Sammie nodded excitedly at my offer. “Great, we should be heading there now then before all the good seats are taken.”

                The walk to our first class was uncomfortable, all eyes were on me and Sammie as we scurried down the hallway of teens. I could hear a few whispers about us as well.


“What is Rena doing with that low life?”

“Seriously Rena? Get away from that girl!”

“What is up with that girl’s mop of hair! It looks like a birds nest!”


These only got worse the more we walked. I was a very well known girl at the school and quite popular, even if I didn’t want that status, and to see me with a girl like Samantha must have been a shock for everyone. Not like I cared, she is my friend now, people need to get used to it.

                                I looked down at Sammie who seemed to be cowering and about ready to burst into a fit of tears by the harsh comments. I held her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“Ignore them Sammie, they are the low lives. Jealous people because you have my attention and they do not.” Whether or not that was true, I didn’t know, but it was probably the closest thing to explaining the insults. I hurried Sammie into our Literature classroom to get her away from those heart less people and luckily it was just me and her in the class at the time, otherwise who knows what would have been thrown her way! I noticed Sammie had made her way to a desk over by the windows and had her head in her hands.

“Sammie? Don’t fret over what they say, they just base people on their looks.” I placed a hand on her back in an attempt to comfort her, she didn’t budge. “Sammie?”

“Mmm?” Is all the response I got back, before I could say another thing Mr Youth walked into the room. Mr Youth was a seriously handsome man, he stood tall and muscular with chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes. Most of the girls in this school drooled over him and the guys wanted to be him!

                “Good morning girls.” He greeted us both.

“Morning Sir.” I answered back, Sammie didn’t say a thing her head still in her hands.

“Please none of the ‘sir’ Verena. Is everything okay here?” I asked, nodding towards Samantha.

“ will be okay.” I answered, not wanting to give him details in case it wasn’t okay with Sammie. “Just girl troubles, you know.” Mr Youth gave me a look that screamed he didn’t believe me but he didn’t press it any further and moved to his desk.

I took my seat next to Sammie keeping my comforting hand on her back at all times so she knew she wasn’t alone. Slowly Sammie emerged from behind her hands, removing her glasses to wipe tears from her eyes. I couldn’t help but feel terrible, all this because she was my friend? I was going to have to put an end to all this hate once and for all.

© 2013 VanillaBean

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I love the idea of how important friendship is in this very chapter and how you kept the reader drawn in.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Nice. I don't usually write short stories but i have a few that will definitely type out on here as.. read more

7 Years Ago

You should do!! I look forward to reading them when you do!

7 Years Ago

Thanx! I'm anticipated now.

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