Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by VanillaBean

School seemed to drag on, with all the insulting comments towards Sammie and I, Aimee drooling over Jamie and me getting a detention. Yeah I stood up for Sammie and I was the one that got the detention, if the teacher had heard what was previously said they would have applauded me!

I was now heading out the school gates towards my car, a glossy black mini cooper with crimson red seats. My car was given to me by my father before he disappeared and went on a business trip, or that’s what he told me it was, he was always going off onto one of these trips maybe three times a month; I hated it with a passion. The worst part about the whole thing was I never knew when he would return home, I just had to sit in an empty home, go about life as normal and await his return.

                Parking my car in the driveway of our home; I sighed and pressed my head against the steering wheel. I hated being in the house alone, it was boring and quite scary. Most people my age can say that they have their mothers but mine left me with my dad when I was just a few days old, I don’t even know what she looks like, or what her personality was like. The subject of my mother was a tough one with my father; he would always change the topic when I asked about her, which never stopped me asking. I stepped out of the car and trudged my way up the path whilst rummaging through my bag in attempt to find my key. Just as I made it to the front door I felt the cold metal of my keys and the small love heart shape of my key chain, I unlocked the door, pushed it open and walked inside.

                Throwing myself onto the white leather sofa in the centre of the living room, my shoulder bag landing on the floor beside me, I switched on the television; the news channel was on, a tall, lanky man stood in the camera view talking about an upcoming celebration. Ignoring the broadcast I closed my eyes and was slowly drifting off to sleep when a loud knock sounded from the door. I sighed once more and heaved myself up into a sitting position and forced myself to stand, dragging my feet along the carpet still rather sleepy I peered through the peep hole. A tall man stood in the view, he had jet black hair which had the 'just got out of bed look and was making his bright blue eyes stand out completely, he was breathtaking I won’t tell a lie; he was handsome.

                “Uh, hey?” I said in the most confused voice possible after opening the door to the god like stranger.

“Verena I’m assuming?” He asked in a simple tone, catching me off guard. He knew my name?

“Yes that’s me; I’m Verena...” I babbled on, “H-how exactly do you know my name?”

“I am here on behalf of your father, he-“

“You know my father? Come in! Sit down! Can I get you something to drink, eat, anything?” Again I started babbling moving out of the doorway ushering this man into my home. I followed behind him as he made his way to the sofa and sat down, I placed myself next to him grinning like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

“My name is Max, a close friend of your fathers.” He smiled at me. “Your father won’t be able to return to this town, he has asked that you come with me to your new home.”

“What? Why can’t he return here?” I practically yelled. “He is only on a business trip!”

“Your father will be able to explain to you himself when we get to him. Do you need help packing your things?”

“I don’t need help, because I am not packing.” I knew I was being stubborn but my friends were here, Aimee, Sammie and as much as he annoyed me Jamie. I couldn’t just up and leave in a blink of an eye.

“Verena, please I do not want to have to force you to come with me.” Max looked stern now and it actually frightened me.

                I didn’t respond to him; I stood up and walked to my en-suite bathroom locking the door behind me. I heard Max follow me upstairs and knew he was standing just outside the door.

“I’m waiting for you to force me.” I yelled attempting to be cocky.

“Verena you are being childish now, come out of the bathroom.” His words were followed by loud bangs on the bathroom door. He knew I wasn’t going to listen to him that easily and he was doing just what he had said he would do. Force me. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, jumping every time a new pound came from Max, I just sat and thought through all the reasons my father could have to not come home to me and instead sent some creepy stranger to collect me. He could have come himself; I guess he was too chicken.

“Come out of there now Verena!” Max angrily yelled to me, I walked over the door; counting the intervals between the bangs, then just as a new bang was meant to sound I quickly unlocked the door flinging it open. A distraught, furious looking Max lay in a heap on the ground by my feet.

“You wanted me to come out, it isn’t my fault that you were bashing against the door now is it?” I smirked then skipped into my bedroom.

                 Two hands grabbed my shoulders turning me around to a red faced Max.

“Verena. Please. Just do as I say.” He was pleading now.

“Eugh fine.” I sighed; he looked like a lost puppy. “Only because you look scared for the outcome if I do not arrive back there with you.”

“Thank you!” Max had pulled me into an embrace which did not last very long before he was holding me back out at arm’s length. “Yeah, that didn’t happen. Okay?”

I burst out laughing; we both knew my father would throttle him if he found he so much as hugged me, my father was seriously protective. I am his little girl after all.

“I don’t know what you are talking about?” I put on an act for him, smiling. “Come on then, let’s get to packing.”

                I only needed to pack a few essentials; I was going to make my father buy me tons of new clothes before I would forgive him for this. So I was making sure to ‘forget’ a lot of my current clothing behind. After putting all my packed bags into Max’s bright red sports car, and I had a seriously upsetting phone call with Aimee, we both got into our sides and started off in the direction of the place I would now live.

© 2013 VanillaBean

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Added on July 26, 2013
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