Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by VanillaBean

D****t, D****t, D****t!

                “Lux!” More bangs sounded on the wooden door I was currently facing. My face a picture of horror. “Lux Sater, You open this door right now!”

“Hmm…nope think you are alright on that one James.” I smirked, knowing this would only rile my brother up more.

“I swear to God I will get you for this!” My brother, older than me by 2 years, screamed through the oak of the door twisting the knob and trying to force entry. “You have to come out sooner or later.” There was a brief pause before I smelt what he was going to use against me. “Mum brought home pizza! Oh look, its meat feast. Your favourite if I’m not mistaken.”

                I gritted my teeth in attempt to not give into temptation, James knew how to play dirty and he did it well. Too well. He also knew that I would give in, in about…

“One…Two...Three…” He counted, before I flung the door open and lunged towards the pizza box, holding it like Sméagol would with his precious ring. My hands never came in contact with the cardboard however, and instead I went face first into the beige wall opposite my room.

                “Mother f-“

“Language Lux, don’t want to be grounded….again.” James interrupted me. “Now where was I? Ah yes! I was going to make you pay for your little prank you decided to pull.”

“Prank? What prank? I’m innocent here!” I rambled on while getting as far away from James as was possible.

“I don’t know, maybe me being covered in maple syrup, hot coffee and mums left over lentils could jolt your memory a bit!” I was doomed now, all was lost. “Come give your brother a hug little sis.” James was closing the small gap I had managed to make between us, my back now pressed up against the wall, I had nowhere to go. I’m sure a hug couldn’t be too bad, I’d just get covered in gunk nothing a shower couldn’t cure.

                “You fall for my tricks so easily Lux!” Before I could react he already had me in a head lock and I then noticed the two whole eggs resting on his palm.

“Not the hair!” I screamed, but it was all in vain once his hand smashed the two eggs on top of my head.

“Pizza will be downstairs, you better hurry up before it’s all gone.” James said before heading down the stairs with a smirk on his face.

                Wiping off the egg substance making its decent down my face, I straightened myself and ran to the bathroom. Being as quick as I could I turned on the shower to its full heat and flung my hair over the side of the bathtub not wasting time with a full shower. Lathering up my hair with green apple scented hair products then rinsing all traces of the products and egg away. Simply towel drying my hair then scraping it all back into a bun, I turned off the shower and ran to get my pizza.

                “No running in the house! There is plenty of pizza for everyone.” My mum scolded me.

“Sorry mum…” I slurred through a mouthful of pizza I had immediately grabbed on entering the kitchen. “Had to make sure James didn’t eat it all, you know with him being such a big boy and all.” I aimed a smirk in James direction, his face was priceless.

“Save the arguing for after dinner you two,” Mum rubbed her temples wincing a little, “I have the biggest headache ever.”

“You’re not the only one…” I mumbled rubbing the top of my head where the eggs came into contact. Noticing an accomplished grin on James face I sent him the best scowl I could muster up before reaching over for more pizza.

                When dinner was finished, and every last crumb was consumed, I made my way back to my bedroom. Throwing myself onto the black sheets that covered my bed I gave into my tiredness and let my eyes droop to a close.


                “Lux…” I heard my name, a simple whisper barely audible. Forcing my eyes to crack open and then harshly close again from the bright fluorescent lights above me. It surely couldn’t be morning already.

“Lux…” There is was again, the voice unfamiliar to my ears. Slowly opening my eyes this time giving me time to adjust to the lighting whilst blinking a few times, studying my surroundings I found I wasn’t on my bed any longer. No, now I was sitting in a field filled with every flower and tree you could possibly think of, it was a sight to behold, pure beauty. Getting to my feet so I could get a better view of where I was I gasped. Standing only a few feet in front of me was the most magnificent creature I have ever laid my eyes on, people would call me mad if I repeated what I saw.

“Unicorn.” The words left my mouth involuntarily.

                “Yes my child, I am what you speak.” The unicorn spoke, its mouth unmoving. “I am speaking through our bond child, we have been connected since you were very young.”

I stood there, like a deer caught in headlights, I didn’t know what to think or what to say. A mythical creature I used to read about in my story books is standing right in front of me and not only that, it is speaking to me, through my mind.

“A bond? What kind of bond?” I managed a coherent sentence. The glorious beast took a few graceful steps towards me, as if not to scare me. I didn’t show any signs of fear and stood my ground letting the creature continue till we were face to face, or rather face to muzzle.

“When you were a baby you were sick, dying even. Your parents sought help from an elderly man who cares for me. He made an elixir, one that my horn soaked in overnight giving it the power to heal your fragile body.” The unicorn paused for a brief moment, allowing the information to sink into my brain. “I am showing myself to you now because you have been seeing changes in yourself, am I wrong Miss Sater?”

“N-no.” I stuttered, “Y-you are not wrong.”

                Since I turned 15 I had been seeing changes with myself but brushed them off to puberty, only lately have they been getting to be much bigger changes unrelated to anything puberty could control.

“When I turned 15 my eyes would change to different shades of green almost every day, my skin turned paler and I became unable to tan like I used to.” I looked at my hands, so close to white but not quite, my mother would call it ‘English Rose’.

“Go on child.” The unicorn prompted. I nodded in response and continued listing off the small changes that occurred, they almost seemed unimportant compared to the new changes that had started to happen. “You have been seeing bigger changes as of late?” The Unicorn asked as if reading my mind.

“Yes,” Nodding once more, “The first thing big that happened, happened while I was at college the day after my 18th birthday. I wasn’t feeling at all well that day, the centre of my head was pounding and I felt nauseous, so I was excused from class to go to the bathroom.” I sighed, reliving the memory was tough. “In the bathroom I dabbed water on my face while looking in the mirror and fixed my hair, which as you can see is a nice golden blonde colour.” I pointed towards my hair then pulled one of my golden curls onto my finger twirling it.

“What happened Lux? I need you to tell me everything.”

“I looked away from the mirror just to go into the toilet cubicle, but when I came back out what I saw in the mirror made me fall to my knees, I was petrified. My hair was no longer the lovely blonde colour I grew up with, no, instead staring back at me was a girl with light purple hair, almost silver, not to mention much longer than how it is now.”  

“What other changes have been happening to you Lux?” The Unicorn didn’t seem fazed about the hair changing colour aspect of things, there seemed to be something else she was looking for, something much bigger than that, and I was pretty sure I knew what it was. Taking a deep breath I thought on how to say this without sounding like a total nut job.

“I healed a young girl’s scraped knee with a single touch.”


I was back in my bedroom, no sign of the field, the flowers or the Unicorn. Had I imagined the whole thing? Maybe I was truly going insane.


I’m still here child, forever in your thoughts.


So I wasn’t dreaming, all of that was indeed true. I just met a Unicorn, a mythical creature.


You did, and we will be meeting each other again very soon. Now I am leaving you for a while child go about your day like normal, but before I go, my name is Lucia, Unicorn is too formal for us.


With that last message from Lucia my head began to throb causing me to let out a small yelp of pain and grip the sides of my head. The pain only lasted a few minutes before passing as if nothing had happened.

                Slipping on my fluffy white slippers I sluggishly walked to the bathroom, I was in need of a really long bath after all that just went on. So turning on the hot faucet all the way and the cold just a fraction to fill the tub I grabbed my lavender bubble bath and bath salts, pouring a small amount of each under the running waters. Listening to running water always calms me down. Sitting on the edge of the bath tub I ran my fingers through the forming bubbles making them bigger with my hand movements. When the water was at a reasonable height which I classed as perfect, I turned both faucets off before stripping all my clothes off leaving them in a pile in the middle of the room. Wasting no more time I slipped into the tub relishing in the soothing heat and the relaxing scent of lavender, this was just what was needed.

                My relaxation was short lived when a rapping on the bathroom door started.

“Lux is that you in there?” It was mum and she was sounding very frantic.

“Uh, yeah mum. Did you want to use the bathro-“Before I could even finish my question my mother was barging her way into the room and looking through the medicine cabinet while clutching her arm towards her chest.

“Are you alright?” I asked, genuinely concerned. My mum jumped obviously forgetting I was even in the same room and spun around. That’s when I saw it, blood was dripping down her arm falling onto her white blouse. “What did you do?” I got out the tub wrapping a warm towel around myself and taking my mum’s arm into my hands.

“I wanted some cake, but while I was cutting a slice I must have gotten distracted by something and well yeah you can see the rest.”

                What happened next left both me and my mother in shock, as if on instinct my hand hovered above the cut on her arm and then a bright light blinded the both of us. Looking away but keeping my hand in place we waited until the light died down. My mother’s shaky gasp was the first thing to bring my head back round to rest on the area the wound used to be. Yes used to be, the wound was gone, completely healed up without even a scar in its place.

© 2014 VanillaBean

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