Chapter Four.

Chapter Four.

A Chapter by VanillaBean

-Unknown’s POV-

“You have got to be kidding me?! This is where he sent me?” Sitting in my car I examined the area around me, the place I would apparently now call home. I knew my father hated me but to send a city boy to a dull town is just asking for trouble and I would create as much as one man, well monster, could create. I pulled my iPhone from my leather jacket pocket and punched in my father’s number, the tedious ringing was just adding to my foul mood, he was in for an ear full.

“Ah my dear son, you arrived I take it?” He picked up quicker than I expected, sounding as smug as ever.

“Yes Lewis, just got to this beautiful place, one hundred percent suited to my tastes.” My sarcasm was laced on thick clear to anger my father, especially with the use of his first name. I would never call him father to his face, he was anything but therefore he should not hold that title.

“Cain Alexander Gold!” I’d accomplished my goal of angering him, the use of my full name with him is the equivalent to seeing a pig fly-not impossible, but very unlikely. “I have told you countless times, you call me father; nothing else, do you understand?”

“Oh I understand perfectly well, I’m just not doing it. You may have had a part in my making but until you get mother to tell me to call you what you do not deserve, then you will have to earn it yourself, and last I checked you killed her Lewis!” The phone beeped signalling he had hung up, our conversations are always the same. He tells me one thing, I deny; then have to argue and bring the mother card into the picture, that’s soon followed by him ending the talk.

If the other arguments are anything to go by my phone should buzz in…

Just as predicted my phone vibrated and a message from him showed on the screen.

‘You dare accuse me of such blasphemy again and I will tell a certain person of your hiding place. Enjoy your new home and try to look happy son.’

So the threats have started now? Earlier than I anticipated.

Following the poorly drawn map one of my father’s minions drew up, I found myself on a deserted looking road with only one other car present. A car which had clearly seen better days as rust was all over the old Volkswagen Beetle, not to mention the many dents and scratches covering the surface. The poor thing was barely going 30 and my dark beauty needed to be free and speed. Pressing my foot down on the accelerator I swerved out onto the right side of the road, over taking the miniscule vehicle. I did manage to catch a glimpse of the driver, and boy did she take my breathe away.

 I arrived at a lavish looking house after 10 more minutes on the road.

“At least he did something right.”

I pulled into the long driveway, made of marble which glistened in the sunlight reminding me of diamonds my mother once wore around her neck. The house ahead of me could only be described as a small manor, with its three stories, large windows and magnificent brick work. Who would have thought such nice houses would be in such an area, definitely not me, I imagined myself living somewhere that resembled a shed while I resided here. My father may be a complete d-bag but damn did he have good style when it came to living quarters, I would never tell him that though.

I made myself completely at home upon arrival, if I was going to be here for God knows how long I was going to have to get used to the place. I’m not one for the high society lifestyle; if I had a choice between a high class family and middle class; it would always be the latter. So walking into a place that was jam packed with top of the range gadgets and modern up to date furniture didn’t please me in any way.

I had been laying on the cold white sofa made of leather since I arrived early afternoon, now it was pitch black outside. I wasn’t tired, I was never tired anymore, but I could still fall to sleep if I wished it.

Getting my act together I decided I would go on the hunt for my meal, hopefully a delicious one.


-Lux’s POV-

You know that feeling when your best friend slaps you real hard across the face and your head goes to one side leaving you stunned? Yeah that is how I am right now, except it wasn’t a slap and it wasn’t a friend. Hell I didn’t even know who he was! I just knew he was drop dead gorgeous and had an amazing butt, one I would never forget and will dream about for the remainder of my life. The urge to reach out and give it a light smack when he turned around was strong.

Still perched on the top of my rock, a blushing mess from the mystery man’s words and his touch. I couldn’t move from my position, I didn’t want to, he could return and I desperately wanted to see him again already. Great now I was sounding like a desperate little girl.

Sighing I jumped from the rock, I had no clue how long I had been sitting here nor what the time was; I just hoped I could remember my way back. I started walking the way I had come, checking over my shoulder at every new road and turn; a clear sign of paranoia. By the time I managed to find my home again the sky was starting to brighten but all I want is to return to my bed and catch a few more hours of sleep. Which is exactly what I did the second my head hit the plump pillows in my room.

A dreamless sleep, no Unicorns telling me of my fate and no mysterious men who emerge from the trees. In my opinion it was the best sleep I could ask for, granted it was only two hours but that is beside the point.

Thankfully it was the start of the weekend meaning no school and no questions about my new hairstyle.

Going through my morning routine; the usual shower, blow dry, dress and then eat system was just crazy for me. First off I couldn’t shower or blow dry my hair without freaking out every time I caught a glimpse of it after forgetting what had happened. Secondly my family were staring at me like I was some kind of freak, maybe I was? But they are my family and should at least attempt to hide those emotions.

“Okay, so I have purple hair and healing powers. Can we drop it already?” I snapped after 10 painfully silent minutes. All eyes which were previously rested upon me had now turned to staring down at the plates in front of them, with half untouched food which had been moved around the surface a number of times, as if they were too disgusted to eat.

“I’m out of here.” I threw my napkin on the table and made a dramatic exit from the dining room making sure to slam the front door behind me to show I meant business. I looked to my left and saw my little beetle sitting where I always leave him before turning to the right where the old abandoned house was, except now there was a car in its driveway and the curtains were pulled apart revealing the inside, obviously this house was no longer abandoned. Curiosity got the better of me and before I could stop myself I was hopping over the fence which cut off the two homes and walking towards the door. Once my knuckles hit against the wood I instantly regretted it, my insides were screaming at me to run, to get as far away from here as I could, but I stayed and waited. The door was pulled open revealing the last person I expected to see, the one and only mystery man from last night whom I didn’t know the name of and that fact was eating at me.

“Well if it isn’t my little Goddess!” He smirked down at me, before stepping aside. “Are you coming in or not?” It was a simple question but I found myself blushing like a giddy school girl who had just read her first erotica. I didn’t hesitate in my actions, after his offer I was straight into his home my arm brushing against his as I got far enough in for him to close the door. My gut was still telling me I shouldn’t be doing this, that I should be in my car driving to the mall to buy a bottle of hair dye or a cinnamon pretzel.

“You live here?” I asked while looking around, not a bad place and by the looks of things he was well off in the money department given the amount of gadgets and art work he had around.  

“Got here yesterday.” He answered from a different doorway I had left him. Now mystery man stood in the arch between the room I was in and his kitchen, which was on the opposite side from the front door. He held two cans of coke one in each hand, with one hand extended as an offering.

“How did you get those so fast?” Once those words had left my mouth I wanted to cuss at myself for being so stupid, I took the can from him nodding my thanks. “Never mind, that was a silly question.”

He stayed in the arch staring at me with a smile on his face which was only removed when he took a swig from his coke, not at all creepy.

“Cain.” He held out his hand which I just stared at like a dumb blonde. “This is where you shake my hand and tell me your name sweetheart.”

“Oh, uh, my names Lux, Lux Sater.” I took his hand into mine and we greeted each other in the proper fashion, unlike what happened between us last night. “I live next door, this place has been empty since I was born so was natural I come see who has moved in.” Before I could carry on with my ramblings Cain had placed a soft, yet manly, hand over my mouth and moved closer to my ear.

“You’ll give yourself a headache with those rambles, sweet Lux.” He whispered into my ear. The feeling that came over me when he said my name had me fighting not to jump him then and there, it was a very close call but before I could do anything he moved away but took my hand once again into his. “Fancy doing something? Show me around this place?” He asked, a hopeful expression plastered over his face.

“Like a date?” What was wrong with me today? Never would I act like this around a guy, it was like I had forgotten everything, my mind a blank canvas.

“I like the sound of that, but my first dates are probably very different to yours.” Before I could respond Cain had picked me up bridal style, carried me out of the door and had me strapped into his car in lightning speed. “Where to first?”

I was speechless, I didn’t know where to take a guy like this. My usual places consist of mall food courts and the small coffee shop me and Trey would go to for peace and quiet.

“The coffee shop sounds good. By the way, who’s Trey? My competition?” Cain spoke up. Spinning around in my seat I stared at him in disbelief. “What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t say that out loud.” I pointed a finger in his direction. “How did you know I was thinking about a coffee shop?”

“A hunch, most girls like you go to coffee shops.” He shrugged it off forgetting one vital piece of information.

“I will take that, but how did you know about Trey?” Now I had him, he had obviously forgotten that big part of information in the small space of time we had been talking.

“S**t.” That was all he said before he started the car and drove out of his driveway and onto the road. Now I was beginning to panic.

I never took my eyes off of his frame, which stayed facing the road his jaw clenched shut and an occasional cuss word leaving his lips every now and then.

We had stopped. Taking my eyes off of him for a minute just to peek at where we were, but I didn’t get that far before I was pulled out of my seat and pressed against the cold metal of Cain’s car. His body firmly pressed against mine and his hand caressing my cheek just like he had done last night in the clearing.

“Lux, sweet Lux. I wish I didn’t have to do this.” Without another word he pressed small kisses against my neck, travelling across my jaw bone but retreating back the way they came before his lips met mine. My heart was pounding, I was scared but also excited filled to the brim with adrenaline. “We could have been great friends my darling.” Then it came, the scorching hot pain erupting from my neck and shooting through the rest of my body. I gripped Cain’s shoulders feeling my energy drain away. Opening my eyes one last time, everything was different, the trees surrounding us were brighter more vibrant, I could literally see the breeze as it blew through the leaves and carried on its path. My grip on Cain became tighter and I could feel my nails cutting through his t-shirt and piercing skin, but he remained at my neck not showing any sign of being affected. A surge of power exploded from the ground into my body giving me the energy to throw Cain back and straight into a large tree, I had shocked him and myself by my action.

“What are you?” He groaned as he stalked back to where I was. I stood my ground. “I said What.Are.You?” He sounded out the question as if he were talking to a child.

I remained silent and tried my hardest to not show how scared I actually was with his closeness to me. Cain had clearly had enough of my stubbornness, grabbing onto me turning me around so my back was pressed up against his chest and his arm against my neck as if ready for strangulation.

“Tell me what you are God damn it or I will rip your head right off your pretty little neck!”

“I don’t know!” I screamed back before pushing out of his grip and falling straight to the ground, my new found energy completely gone now.

© 2014 VanillaBean

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