A Letter

A Letter

A Story by Vasilees Sybissyl

A letter he wished he had got.



Anybody who feels like I did,

Anywhere in the world,

Anytime you need help.

My dear friend,

I know you don't know me, but if this letter has reached you, please read on. I know what you’re going through in life - I’m going through it too. The hate, the abuse, the pressure, I’ve seen it. I’ve been through it all. I have all the issues you have. I’m writing this letter to help you numb your pain, ‘cause it still feels the same to me, and maybe helping you will make me feel better. I’ve been hurt, physically by all those around me and emotionally by all I ever dared to trust. I’ve got scars to prove it. I’ve got scars on my body, scars on my brain, scars on my soul. Look, I know what it feels like. It’s like a hammer on your existence. All those questions in my mind are the same ones in your too. Answer them - I'm trying to.

 If you have to pretend to be somebody you’re not to make someone stay with you, then don’t. If they can’t take you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best. If you have to say you’re alright when your soul seems to be bleeding, let go. If it tears your heart out, rips your being, then leave it.

Keep your head up. Keep going. Life, it’s a cruel friend. It’s about making mistakes. It’s about dreaming big, about trying to be great. I know you’re upset, you’re fed up of it, but you have it in you. They will keep speaking, trust me, I know. I’ve been through it all, I’ve got up each time I fell. Look at my life, it’s a replica of yours. They’ll try to bring you down when you reach up high - too high  for their liking, but keep going. That'll be the highlight. You were made to soar the skies. 

I’ve waited years for a moment I could finally breath, smile without drying up all the tears I had, and I still am waiting. But the moment will come. Trust me, it will. All you have to do is fight your way through all the barriers they put up.

Stop reaching out for that blade, it won’t help. Stop looking for those pills, they can’t put you back together. Only you can. The misunderstood will die before they can understand. Don’t let it be the death of you. Lucifer isn’t imaginary, he lives all around you and you can defeat him. The thing is, you can’t be the hero till you save yourself, and only then will you be the greatest and the truest one. Why should you die? Why should you die for them? You will stress, shout out loud, Be proud of it. You will get scared, you will feel angry. You will fall, maybe even break. Put yourself back together. Make mistakes. Don’t be sorry about any of it all. You are the strongest. You’ve been going through something they can’t even imagine. You are, but the strongest.

Keep fighting, for those you love, for me, for yourself.

- Another one who suffered the same.

© 2017 Vasilees Sybissyl

Author's Note

Vasilees Sybissyl
Music inspired this. Hope it isn't too dark. Hope it helps. Hope you keep fighting. Hope you don't give hope up.

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music is life, it isn't said fake.
Lovely mind you are blessed with to draw such beautiful writing in the form of words.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Vasilees Sybissyl

6 Years Ago

Well, looks like we've found our long, Kumbh ka Mela me Kho Gayi Thi sisters, doesn't it? :-P

6 Years Ago

arey, are you INDIAN??
Vasilees Sybissyl

6 Years Ago

Haan bhai!! I'm a true Indian girl!! Did you not know?
This is so full of meanings, sad in a good way.

I really loved it, keep writing.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Vasilees Sybissyl

6 Years Ago

Thank you very much! Your words inspire me a lot!
This is dark, but in a good way. It's so honest and sad..It's heartbreaking. Things do get better as life goes on :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Vasilees Sybissyl

6 Years Ago

Thank you so much, Alex. True, things get easier, if only you believe.
This writing truly inspires, motivates and encourages. After all, it is hope which sees a ray even in the darkest cave. You've stitched a stimulating piece of work. Keep writing and keep doing wonders!


Posted 6 Years Ago

Vasilees Sybissyl

6 Years Ago

Thank you so much Soumya! Your words mean the world to me.


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Added on April 23, 2017
Last Updated on May 17, 2017
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Vasilees Sybissyl
Vasilees Sybissyl

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