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For five generations, they’ve lived in a delicate balance. Thrust from the world they once knew, they forged a nation while others bowed to fate and conquest. For five generations, they’ve have resisted every attack, repelled every invasion, but now they have a new enemy.


In a nation born of fatherless refugees, the motherly instinct of the Koroneans has been corrupted, and has twisted into a fetid canker that threatens to overrun them. Divided sister against sister as they struggle to end the age-old threat from the east, they are also split mother against son as every male within their borders is targeted and punished for the darkness their accusers refuse to acknowledge as their own.

Only one group stands apart from this, and they stand apart from everything. The Knights of the Covenant, once hailed as a haven for equality, justice, and protection, has been poisoned with an apathy that rivals only the bigotry devouring its mother nation. In their hour of greatest need, the will of a child is the only thing that stands between salvation and destruction from without and within.

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Author's Note

This is the "book jacket" of my manuscript-in-progress. This one doesn't need much in the way of review. I just thought it might be nice for you guys to have it available. :) Enjoy.

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I know you're not asking for a review on this, but I thought it might be useful to note:
1. You write "for five generations, they’ve have"--no need for the second "have"
2. I feel like if I was reading this book jacket, I wouldn't know exactly what to expect. You might want to write something more specific--give a character name, something to do with the plot, etc. (Ultimately you want to tease the reader into reading the story...not dissuading them from it.)

That's all! Hope it was useful...

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)

Oh, jeez- typo. XD Didn't mean to.. read more

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