When Angels Cry

When Angels Cry

A Story by VassD

Rain doesn't always have to be depressing.

She took long, dancing strides through the tall grass, arms out wide to feel the warm, wet droplets land on her skin. She tilted her head back, a wide smile on her face that only grew wider as she caught the large, sweet rain drops in her mouth. 
It tasted like spring. 
She looked up into the sky, a light, merry laugh bubbling up out of her chest as she spun around, the tips of her fingers brushing the feathery tops of flowers. The melody that always played in her mind was everywhere out here. She heard it when the birds sang to each other, when the rain danced on the wate, when the wind laughed in the trees. 
Here she wasn't alone. 
She stood still, her eyes closed gently against the quiet raindrops. One hit just above her eye, and it trailed down her cheek like a tear. 
But this was a happy tear. 
Slowly opening her cloud grey eyes, she saw something she had never noticed before. As strong as it was raining, the cloud cover was sparse, and she saw beams of white-gold sunshine refracting through the raindrops. Looking at the beautiful sky above her, she could almost see angels flying behind the clouds.
So this is what happens when angels cry. 

© 2012 VassD

Author's Note

This is a short flash-fiction piece I wrote almost two years ago. The girl in the story used to be a character in a "novel" I was attempting to write at the time, but that story combusted early on. In the "novel," she seemed horribly two dimensional. I did like these short stories about her, though, so I decided to keep them. Opinions?

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Added on July 1, 2012
Last Updated on July 1, 2012
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