Didn't Need to See

Didn't Need to See

A Story by VassD

Loss does not mean emptiness.

It was raining. He could feel the moisture on his upturned face. It felt amazing, like he was rising up into the sky, the fantasy hindered only by the solid feet of earth beneath his bare feet. 
He supposed this was what freedom would feel like. 
The old cloth bandage wrapped around his eyes soon grew damp with the pouring rain. Part of him wished he could take it off, go back to the days when he saw the world around him, saw the people around him. 
But what good would that do?
His eyes had long since darkened, his world descending into one of blackness and sorrow. He heard it, he felt it, he sensed it--but no more could he see it. 
He struggled to remember what the sky looked like when it laid the sun to rest. What the water looked like when the rain danced on its surface. 
What a smile looked like when someone said, "I love you."
He felt warm, salty tears join the streaks of moisture on his face. He couldn't remember He would never remember. 
But, he though, as he felt her fingers slip into his limp hand, maybe he didn't need to see the sunlight to feel its warmth. 
He didn't need to see the smile to feel it on her lips. 

© 2012 VassD

Author's Note

Another flash fiction about the world that is no more. This is another about the guy I transposed into a different story. Yes, he's blind. He's awesome like that.

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Added on July 1, 2012
Last Updated on July 1, 2012
Tags: flash fiction, fantasy, loss, blind



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