A Poem by Domino

I think this one speaks for itself


Face flushing

Eyes narrowed & glaring, shooting bullets at all those who pass

Jaw clenched so tight you feel your teeth are going to break on each other.

Angry tears streaming down my face

I punch a framed picture of you, bits of glass in hand

Knuckles bloodied & white. I scream out in frustration.

I imagine that the glass in my hand is bits of your broken teeth that I can keep for a souvenir. I imagine I will string them on a necklace later on.

I can see a blood-splattered version of your face through my teary vision, & I picture it's your blood & not mine. I've shed too much over you. I spit on your tears & your feeble attempt to explain yourself.

I'm leaving & I'm not coming back. I hope you relish your scars, for they will be all you have left to remember me by. Look back on them fondly.

© 2008 Domino

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That's a lot of pain...and wanting another to hurt because you hurt - and afterwards. "Look back on them fondly" - no hard feelings after you do leave. Good!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on February 5, 2008




I was born & raised in a small hick town named Visalia. When I graduated high school I was accepted into a performing arts school in Hollywood, so I moved my naive self there expecting all my dreams t.. more..

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A Poem by Domino