F**k you!

F**k you!

A Poem by Domino

F**k you & you're perfect smile

F**k you for not being worth-while

F**k you & your perfect hair

F**k you & your free designer underwear

F**k you & your perfect face

that I see everytime I'm out driving all over the place.

F**k you & your non-existent sense of reality

F**k you & your calculated artificiality

F**k you & your perfect body

F**k you for making me feel like I'm nobody

F**k you for stealing my soul

because of you I will never be whole again

F**k you & your artistic hues

F**k me for always taking your cues

F**k you & your fake spirituality

F**k you for making me lose my sense of reality

F**k you for wasting my time

F**k you for making me rhyme

F**k you for being you

F**k me because I can't stop thinking about you

F**k you for taking my heart

still beating & bleeding & now you've torn it apart

F**k you & your brown eyes

F**k you & your enormous lies

F**k you for paving a road that shouldn't be paved

F**k you for saving me when I shouldn'tve been saved

F**k you for your superficiality

F**k me because I love you, & can't have you on account of technicalities........

F**k you for being you, & f**k me too

But most of all f**k me because I am wasting my time by loving you....

© 2008 Domino

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Raw, icy, and most of all, it carries its own pulse.
I felt this as if it were my own heartbeat.

Quite an enjoyable read.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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F*****g great. I love the rage here against conformity and imposed perceptions of beauty. This reminds me of song lyrics from The Hold Steady. This is a punk rock song, waiting for music. Rock on.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 5, 2008




I was born & raised in a small hick town named Visalia. When I graduated high school I was accepted into a performing arts school in Hollywood, so I moved my naive self there expecting all my dreams t.. more..

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