Must Discard After Use (Lament of a Band-Aid)

Must Discard After Use (Lament of a Band-Aid)

A Poem by Domino

I am a band-aid. I help protect those who have been hurt & then as soon as they're better they toss me in the trash without so much as a second thought.


This is the story of my life. I have never been able to put it into more simple terms than that.

My realization of this came to me after a rude awakening this morning from one I love dearly & who is very far from me. When they needed me it was "I love you", when they first left it was "I love you & will miss you terribly", & now they still say it out of pity, but they have no use for me any longer.

You would think that a band-aid would come to terms with the fact that their sole purpose in life is to be there for those when they are needed, & then as soon as they no longer require it's services they vicariously throw it away. One would think that the band-aid would accept it's fate. Noone can hear their silent screams as they're being ripped from the flesh of the being they've grown so attached to. They feel as though their connectivity would last forever. The band-aid is fulfilling it's purpose in life & it ecstatic to do so.

But once you know your purpose in life & have set out to do the task that is required for said "life's mission", what then? The humble band-aid is left to fester & rot with the left-over Jack In The Crack & a used broken condom )amongst other very pleasant guests).



Christians are often heard saying "Be a vessel for God". The translation of that being: be a band-aid to keep infections like gay marriage & liberalism at bay! You will then be of no further use & will be rewarded in heaven.



It is time for me to rest now...I am in the good company of the used tissues & banana peels.

© 2008 Domino

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Good one here! I feel for the band aid , I feel like the band aid.
This is clever and easy reading with lots of metaphors, good work.


Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 5, 2008




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