Monday Morning

Monday Morning

A Poem by Venompen

A story about someone having a wonderful dream, then having it shattered by the cursed invention known as the alarm clock.


One minute I'm feeling the rushing wind,

As I fly about on a random whim.
Wrapping around me in a warm and cooling breeze.
I can smell the pure and unpolluted air,
I wonder how it got there.
I'm seeing a scarlet sky with a purple sun,
I don't care, I'm having too much fun.
The birds are singing in a melody.
From deep within my memory.
Their harmony,
is heavenly.
I drift among the fruit trees,
sniffing the potpourri on the breeze.
I grab a fruit and put some heaven in my mouth.
And that’s when things start going South.
A blaring screech pierces my perfect world,
The birds scattered and the ocean swirled,
down into the depths of my groggy mind.
The piercing scream wails again and again,
casting my realm to oblivion,
every noise makes some wonder fade away.
SKREEEE! Goodbye rainbow hay.
BREEEEE! Goodbye golden beaver dam.
SHEEEEE! Goodbye giant Christmas ham.
The light is fading, the colors are gone.
All I can do is curse the dawn,
for taking away my neon lawn.
My world has left me, its been erased,
I don't know what can take its place.
Its me alone with this cursed sound!
The noise is gone. I'm all alone.
I quickly focus on returning home,
but alas,
it’s fading fast,
I can see it, but blurry and far away.
I guess I can't turn back from this accursed Monday.
I open my eyes, and look upon my overrated world.
I don't want to leave the portal to my perfect world.
But I have no choice,
My opinion has no voice.
I pick my scraped up fist out of the pile of broken, plastic, chips.
Reality. What a gyp.

© 2008 Venompen

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Hmm... this is a very unique rhyming scheme. Judging from some of those onomatopoeias, I figured that this poem may be an inspiration for a song. There's some nice and realistic scenery here and there, and it just sounds like a slice of life wit your own little twist. Then again, I'm pretty sure everyone hates Mondays. ;)

Great job!

Ironically Yours,Blade and Blood

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is wonderful, so realistic and at the same time is has a fantastic fantasizing feeling to it. This piece gives me chills, but in a good way. Over all i love it.


Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on October 22, 2008



Los Alamos, NM

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