The Mechanism

The Mechanism

A Poem by Venompen

The world seen through a rational eye


They system isn't there for you.

The system is not a guiding light.

It is a cold, ruthless, machine.


It is designed to process people.

To strip away their individuality.

To force them into society's form.


To mold men into machines.

To manufacture corporate cogs.

Endless drones to tend the human hive.


The mechanism is a mold.

Youth, its medium.


Most pass harmlessly through the mold.

They get spit out at the other end,

shaped in efficient uniform perfection.

To live and die in idle servitude.


Some are crushed by the pressure.

They skid, clatter, and roll through life.

Bad parts changing many hands.

Until, finally spent, they collapse.


Some fall through the cracks.

Left alone, they shape themselves.

Raw passion, individuality, and drive.

Odd tools for unique purposes.


Some break the mold.

Masses of sturdy will and passion.

Shining gems of indiduality.

Gifted ones that shape the world.


All pass through the Mechanism.

Who have you become?

© 2011 Venompen

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A very true message about society and the current state of the system. I like how each stanza seems to deal with a certain type of person. Also, the last line is strong. It's a very broad topic that you've dealt with well within just a few stanzas, but I felt myself drifting off about halfway through. I don't know, perhaps you tell too much and don't show. This is at least true of the first two stanzas.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I really liked this. Its kind of like finding your way in the world and going through different obstacles. Anyway terrific write.
♥ Ta'Shandra

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I do not review your work unless you review mine. I hold this policy because, thanks to all the quick and easy poetry on this site, noone spares a second for a story author such as myself. If you've.. more..

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