McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C

A Poem by Veramor

This poem came as a result of a breakup, I really hope you like it :)


My strength has gone.

I have lost that thing that wakes me up in the morning

That thing that puts a smile on my tired face and says ‘it’s a beautiful day’

My inner being has been left t



                                                        n to pieces like an empty room in a derelict building

Its four walls being held up by nothing but worn and weary wallpaper


Like a cheetah after an unsuccessful hunt

I sprung into you and went from a speed of 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds

With every twist and turn I gained speed and momentum, feeling life pulsating through my fluid spine and limber long legs until

I could chase after the gazelle that was your love no more


You have taken this once majestic creature and turned it into an empty vessel

Good for carrying nothing but bitter tears and hollow breaths

Once the hunted

The sought after

The greatly desired

The ‘I can’t go a day without your touch’

I have become the hunter

The seeker

The least desired

The ‘I need a day/a week/ a month away from you’

I have become nothing more than a good-for-nothing-but-carrying-your-s**t vessel

My pure white 100% Egyptian cotton sheets are now stained with the mascara I bought to look good for you

My once Sahara-desert-dry pillow now lays soaked as though sunken at the bottom of the Atlantic, forced to face the watery wrath of Poseidon and his trident

My strength has gone

I love you like Romeo loved Juliet

Only difference is

I am NOT 12

It has not been a mere 3 days


I love you ON PURPOSE!... not by chance...

I needed you like the oceans need the moon

Like the summer needs the sun, I need you but


You Are unattainable

I put all of me into you the way an asthmatic puts all they have into a single breath


My strength is gone

Like a cheetah after an unsuccessful hunt

My strength is gone.


My spirit is not broken

And soon

I will rise from these ashes like a phoenix and hunt once again

And go from a speed of 0 to 70 in under 3 seconds

© 2011 Veramor

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Added on June 29, 2011
Last Updated on June 29, 2011



Milton Keynes, bucks, United Kingdom

Hi! I'm Zaliwe, but nearly the whole world calls me zee! Nice to meet ya! I would like to say I've been writing since I first grasped a cryolla but alas, I haven't. I don't write as much as I wish .. more..

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