A Poem by Veramor


He says this word as Amor-Us

Meaning she was Love-ly

She exudes love from her pores and he felt it just by standing near her

Her eyes had the depth of an ocean he wanted to dive into and backstroke, breaststroke and doggie paddle in

The kind of eyes that opened up new galaxies and worlds with just a 2 second stare

Her mouth

Her Amor-us mouth that spoke words and made them sound like new colours

Words like apple, ball, cat, dog were given the fullness, depth and mystery of a rainbow when uttered from her mouth.

Her Laugh

Her Amor-Us, Love-ly mouth laugh sent him on a magic carpet ride through Orion’s belt at the speed of light

She was Amor-Us

She was a drug that he, unashamedly, was addicted to

She was Amor

She seeped love from her pores and he felt it just from looking at her

Her presence was his adrenaline

Her smile his insulin

Her scent his Dope-amine

She is Amor

He is Sin Amor

She vanished into the dark of day and took his everything

With the blink of an eye she was gone

Taking his adrenaline, insulin and dope-amine

 She was

And he was left standing in the middle of that Starbucks on his flat tyred magic carpet chasing a colourless rainbow. 

© 2011 Veramor

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This poem was sad and beautiful at the same time. I really enjoyed it. Only mistake I saw: last line says 'tyred'....I think you meant 'tired'.

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Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on November 2, 2011
Last Updated on November 2, 2011
Tags: love, loss, infatuation



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Hi! I'm Zaliwe, but nearly the whole world calls me zee! Nice to meet ya! I would like to say I've been writing since I first grasped a cryolla but alas, I haven't. I don't write as much as I wish .. more..

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