A Chapter by Sigyn

The beginning...

The world was fine. Was it perfect? Was it everything I wanted it to be? No. No, the world was far from it. But we were all surviving. That's what mattered. No one thought about living to see tomorrow. We all knew we were going to make it. There was no question about it. The adults went to work in the morning, and the children went to school. Teens did their homework, and little kids ran around in the backyard. And when the day was done, the family gathered around the table, or perhaps the tv set, to eat dinner.

But on one snowy day in December, all that changed.

No one's sure who first attacked who. All we know is that when we woke up on December twenty-third, 2013 the world was at war. Not England and the Germans. Not Japan and the United States. The whole world was fighting each other. One day the Germans and Japanese would be bombing England. The next day, they would be bombing each other. There were no alliances. In the United States, men were being shipped off to war. Then the women too, leaving the children in charge for the time being. They said the war would end soon enough.

They said that for five years. And during those five years, the world was utterly destroyed. Great cities burned. We lived among the rubble and destruction, stealing and selling our soul and worse for food and comfort.

I knew I had to get out. I knew there had to be a way. To get away from the death and the madness of the world. I couldn't live like this, just waiting to die.

So I called upon the help of Johnathan Aster Rose, the Loki of New York City. The trickster. The mastermind.

And together, we found a way out. 

So read these instructions carefully. We left them here for a reason. We knew that when the war ended (if it ever did) Earth wouldn't be able to sustain itself. We knew others would need help. Our way was so secretive, so hidden...

This is the way out. The only way out.

Once you're finished, destroy this. Leave your enemies to burn and rot like we did. Believe me, it's the right thing to do.

© 2012 Sigyn

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Added on February 2, 2012
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