Along comes a Little Old Lady (she wanted to know if i told the police)

Along comes a Little Old Lady (she wanted to know if i told the police)

A Poem by lyricvixen

Pumping-Someone-For-Information, Little-Old-Lady, Red-Car, Liver-Landlord, Asking-Who-You-Told-About-Face-Attack, How-Many-kids, How-old, Where-Live, Who-lives-With-You, Music-Song-Writing,

who did not sit beside me 
but stood in 
the side view of me 

just to start 
with her sad 
story of a 
husband that pass away 
(sorry for your loss, i said ) 

only to let her ask many 
thousands of questions
about me 

(more like, she will say something about her self)
(so you will speak the things she wants to know)

she said she was on the bus 
but i did not see her 

she said her backpack 
was heavy 
but later said it was light!

first the words were of 

then of crime 

who did i tell 

if it was a woman 
who hurt me? 

and the more i talked 
the more i knew 

she had done this 
many times before 

she played me 
the music she talked about 

but for who 
and the why

my slavery has been 
over 30 years 
and no one ever 
care before 

but i have watch 
as teachers, doctors, bus drivers, postmen, cops, landlords, Maintenance-men, and family 

do things, i could not 
and, Then it hit me 

it stocks 
and bonds, Pay checks for a entertainment community

I am a living free bank...
of slavery 

they come in my home 
with keys 
when ever they need

why would the gov. 
stop the gravy train!!?? 

© 2022 lyricvixen

Author's Note

Ogden-Utah, Slavery, disfigurement,Library-of-Congress,

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Added on April 7, 2022
Last Updated on April 22, 2022




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