The basement

The basement

A Chapter by Veronica

Wow it my Birthday already? 15 is such a small number. But yet I love it.
"Happy Birthday!" I opened my eyes. Everyone was there. Jamie, Jonah, and Ramsey.
"You people are such dorks!" I yelled. Pretending to be all mad
"But you are the best" I got up to hug them. But I hugged Jonah the longest. After the whole hugging parade Jonah and Ramsey left the room leaving Jamie and me.
"You know how you've been dieing to go into the basement?" Jamie asked
"Rumor has it that Ramsey is going to let you go down there today" She said with a huge smile
"What do you mean Rumor has it?"
"I call myself a city, and the city is buzzing with a rumor!" She yelled laughing
"Oh sure" I started to giggle.
"Can you please tell me what's down there?!!"
"Pa lez. I don't even know if I'm going."
"Oh, you will."
"I just know it."
"I know you"
"I know" she said with a smile. I wanted to make her mad.
"Well... Rumor has it that you like Jonah." She always hates it when I say that. But I just know that it's true.
"I'm getting sick of you saying that" She held her hand to my face
"Hello Mr. hand" I said
"Hello" She said in a mans voice as she played along
"I herd that Jamie likes Jonah."
"Me too"
"Ya I hear that it's true" Then Jamie gasped
"Mr. Hand!! You were suppose to keep that a secret" She said angrily to her hand. I had a feeling someone was listening to us. I saw a shadow at the other side of the door.
"Hold on" I told her. I ran to the door and opened it really fast. There was Jonah.
"EH MA GOD!" I yelled while I busted out laughing
"I take it you herd all" I said. Jamie didn't turn around.
"Ya i did" He started to giggle. Then Jamie started to turn around slowly
"You did?" She said as her face turned red. He smiled. She ran to the bathroom while he just stood there. Then he looked at me.
"I've always known that" He said
"Always known what?"
"That she liked me"
"Ya, well anyway, Dr. Aickman wants you in the basement." I put on a huge smile
"are you gonna go?" I didn't want to be alone with Ramsey
"good" I ran down to the basement and I had to promise not to say what was down there. I got there and it was just like what I imagined. Dead bodies and other stuff. So ya. A few seconds later Ramsey walked in.
"So... Capri... are you scared yet?" He said
"No" I answered
"No?" he asked in confusion
"I don't know" He pointed to Jonah,
"Go stand over there" He said. I walked around the dead body on the table thingamabober and went to Jonahs side. He looked at the body and his eyes started to widen. I think he was starting to get scared.
"Are you OK?" I asked
"Ya" He said as he looked down at me. Then Dr. Aickman came in and stood next to the corpse. The corpse just looked like a normal person. Nothing like what I saw under the table that one day.
"Don't scream" He said. He grabbed a little knife looking thing. Then he started writing on the body. The blood started coming out and I thought that I was about to scream. He wrote strange markings in the corpse and as he did this he was whispering to himself. I looked over at Jonah. He looked so scared.
"What's he doing?" I whispered to Jonah
"Quite" Ramsey said and he went on with his work. When he finished writing in the whole body he grabbed tiny little scissors. He grabbed one of the eye lids and slowly cut it off. I blinked. Then I quickly looked over at Jonah. He still looked the same. He was just staring at it in fear with his eyes wide. Then Ramsey took the other eye lid
"What are you doing?!" I yelled right before he cut it.
"I said be quite" He said calmly.
"How can I be quite when your messing up this body?!"
"I SAID BE QUITE!!" He yelled and looked at me with such an angry look. I've never seen anyone so mad.
"SHUT UP!!!!!" He ran to me grabbing me by my hair and pulling me across the room.
"you need to be quite when I do that"
"do what?" He looked at me in confusion. Then pushed me agents the brick wall hard.
"1. You can't tell anyone about what I'm doing. UNDERSTAND!?" he yelled. I just stared at him.
"UNDERSTAND!!!??" he pushed me even harder to the wall. It felt like someone was shooting me all over my back. I started to cry.
"2. Shut up and go stand by Jonah" I went over to Jonah once Ramsey let me go. Jonah still hadn't taken his eyes off the corpse. What did he see? After Ramsey was finished with the other eye lid he told Jonah to go and get the shovel.
"We need another one. Barely any people are coming these days" Ramsey said as we walked out the door. Jonah and me were silent. We got in Ramsey's automobile and we drove to the graveyard. I looked on the floor of the moving vehicle. There were bags of sand. I didn't want to ask.
"Get out of the car and start digging." Ramsey said we all got around a grave and started digging up a coffin it up. We got out the dead body and put in the sand bags. We did that to about 3 graves. Then we put back the coffins and buried it back in the ground. We drove back and put the new bodies in a place in the basement. Then we all went to our rooms and tried to sleep.

© 2009 Veronica

Author's Note

Ignore mistakes :D

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Hiya! I'm a 14 year old girl who hates describing things. I write the way I talk so, you might not understand somethings I say in my stories. I made an account so that I could get all my ideas out. Al.. more..

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