Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

A Chapter by Veronica

The first Friday after my birthday some people came over. Jonah and me were suppose to do "ectoplasm". I never believed in it until stuff come out of my mouth in a shape of a human. The next day Ramsey took Jonah and me to this one place where they make newspaper ads. We 1st needed to get our picture taken and Ramsey had to make a ad. Once that was finished we went home and had lunch.
"So hows your day going so far, Capri" Ramsey asked
"Okay" I said
"Why OK, why not great?"
"We didn't do much today"
"We'll tomorrow we will do nothing" He said with a smile
"How fun" I said
"very" Jonah said. Ramsey just looked at us with no expression.
"Hows your day Jamie?" Ramsey asked. I didn't even realize she was there.
"Ah maz ing" She said all happy.
"How?" I asked
"Alyssa is having a party and I'm invited. I already know what I'm getting her."
"Her birthday?" I asked
"ya" Alyssa was Jamie's bestest best friend that she'd know ever since 1st grade.
"What are you getting her?" I asked
"This drawing stand, she loves to draw"
"how nice of you"
"very nice" Jonah said. For some strange reason he kept agreeing with me.
"I know right" Jamie said
"ya" I said
"yup" Jonah said. I looked at him. He was staring at me. He looked confused. So I stared at him looking confused also. I thought we were playing a game or something.
"Jonah? Capri?" Ramsey asked
"Ya?" we asked at the same time
"Are you two OK?"
"Ya" I said
"very" Jonah said. There he goes again, agreeing with me. Once Lunch was over, time flew by. Before I knew it, it was after dinner. I just sat at the table thinking about confronting Jonah, asking why he kept agreeing with me. I got up and went to his bedroom door. Right when I was about to knock, the door opened.
"Hello" Jonah said
"Hi" I said. It's like he was expecting me or something. I felt really scared.
"You can come in if you like" He said
"I'm OK"
"No, come in"
"Um... okay" I walked in and his room looked like a little kids room. But not with all the toys and stuff. He had a tree with birds around it on the wall. A painting was what it was.
"You can sit if you like" He closed the door and sat in a chair next to his dresser.
"Where? You took the chair." I said. He pointed to the bed. I went and took a seat.
"So, what did you want" He asked
"Why did you keep agreeing with me?" I asked
"When did I agree with you"
"At the table. You did that 3 times. It kinda confused me"
"Oh... well... I wasn't planing on agreeing with you all the time. We just happened to agree on everything"
"have you noticed?" He looked confused. I started to think about it. Wow. We really did agree on everything.
"Now I do" The sun was barely setting. There was still about an hour left until the sun would set.
"Are you bored?" He asked
"Ya, kinda"
"Do you wanna go on the roof?"
"The roof?"
"ya I go up there sometimes. I haven't done it in months though" he said with a slight smile. He never did smile much.
"OK" I said. He went out the door and I followed him. He went to the attic and up a ladder I have never seen up there before. I followed him still. When we got on the roof. He closed the passage. I was just standing there trying not to fall.
"Don't fall" he warned
"I hope I wont" He went to the middle of the roof and sat down. I did the same. I went next to him and just sat there. I looked at my shoe. It was dirty. It's been dirty for as long as I could remember. I finally had a chance to clean it.
"Have you ever seen that?" Jonah asked
"seen what?" He pointed to where the sun was setting. I never noticed but there was a lake about 200 yards away from the house. BTW we were facing the back of the house.
"wow... no I haven't" I said in amazement. The sun was barely hitting the lake and the clouds were barely over it. I've only seen the sun look like that in pictures, mostly paintings. But now I saw it. With my own eyes.
"Doesn't it look like that painting we saw today in one of those shop windows downtown?" He asked
"It looks just like that" I said. It was a picture perfect moment through my eyes.
"Oh wow, you got him before I did!!!" I herd Jamie yelling from the back yard. Her face had a huge smile. She was looking at us. I know it was crazy but I slid down the roof and landed on the ground, hard. It hurt but that didn't matter at that moment. I chased her all the way until she got in our room and locked the door.
"you know it true" She said once she unlocked the door and let me in.
"you don't know what you talking about" I said
"yes you do"
"no, not really"
"you like him" she put her hand up making it Mr. Hand
"yes you do. and I never lie" Mr. Hand said
"but you just did" I said
"Lets go to bed" Jamie said to Mr. Hand. I rolled my eyes and got in my bed. Now I could focus on the hurting of my ankles.                                                         

© 2009 Veronica

Author's Note

Ignore all mistakes :D

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lala land, CO

Hiya! I'm a 14 year old girl who hates describing things. I write the way I talk so, you might not understand somethings I say in my stories. I made an account so that I could get all my ideas out. Al.. more..

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