Test story idea Name: (The Bird and his life)

Test story idea Name: (The Bird and his life)

A Story by Vexx

This is a story idea that ive been working on. This story is about Vexxen as his life will be forever changed.


The Beginning

This began on 2018, March 15. A large ship the size of US teleported 124,007 mi away from earth. This ship stayed there for 10 days. During that time scientist were stunned. They tried everything to communicate. Radeo, microwave, even probs. The ship didn't respond. After the 10 days it fired 2 probs. 1 prob took 2 days to reach low earth orbit and the other took 1. The government where scared. Than the first probe sent out an single saying in english saying “these ships will not heart you.” After that the second ship began to go toward the planet. It was about to land. It took 14 hours for it to land. It landed in new york. The police quarentend it. After 24 hours after landing it began sending an single saying “This prob will communicate in this planets favourable langwith called english. They will use system calls sound to communicate. This will begin in 12 hours.” The government got ready. Than after 12 hours have passed. It said out loud “Communication has begun just ask question and we will answer. This will last 12 hours than stage 5 will begin” A scientist came up too the prob. He said “why our you here?” it said “we our here to make this planet be integrated into our society or if it's not compatible we will destroy it” He asked “what do you mean we are compatible?!” It said “If this planet does not change its rules it will not be compatible. The conditions for compatibility is for it too be fair to all life. That's not true right now. We will have an test at stage 5 too see if you change too compatibility.” “What is the test?” He said. It said “The test is classified. If we were to tell you it would change the results. We can tell you a little though. The test will change this whole planet. It will also effect 5% of the population and 1% of all life. This may also change the lives of those 5%. The 5% will be chosen at random. At least 2 people per town” He said “list all other stages.” It said “stage 1: go to planet, Stage 2: Scan species of planet and scan surface. Stage 3: send down prob and get ready. Stage 4: conversate with the species. Stage 5: Perform test: Stage 6: what 12 months. Stage 7: judge.“ He said “that's all for now.”

I was watching that all on news for the past 3 weeks. Me name is Vexxen Drex Drelgallo. I live in a family with my mom, my sister S’ine, and my other sister Krily. After the 12 hours. My whole family was watching the news worried that one of us was going to be the 5%. We sat quiet watching the tv waiting too here the news. Than boom. The tv changed too an live brodcast of the porb. The prob said “Activating stage 5”. It than said “Sending marking blast in 5 seconds. This will make people white an purple glow. Those people will be the 5%.” Than is shot an blast of purple. The person holding the camera began to glow purple as well as an few people in the crowd. I heard an strang blast coming toward us. Than Zam! I started too glow purple.

I started to glow purple it was unbelievable. I was scared. Than the prob said “sending transformation last in 5 seconds.” I started to panic. I thought it might be that way but i was not sure. I sure the test it was talking about is changing 5% of the population into animals.

Than boom. My heart stopped. I started to feel a strange change come up me leg. Than pow. Some pain shot up me leg. Then again and again. Pain everywhere. I started to see everything get blurry and than black. I was knocked out.

When i woke up

When i woke. Everything was quite. Everything was strange. Everything was… was different. I held out me arm. I was not a arm. It was… huuu it was an wing. I started to panic. I thought “no… NO… this can't be happening… I got plans… Many plans i can't do them like this…. NO NO NO NO…” As i looked at the rest of my self i felt sad. I said too myself “OK you will be OK they will fix this. They will make my human again.” I started to look at the room i'm in. I was in a dark room with white walls. I was an bird. About ¾ of an foot tall. I assumed i was a bird like those raptor birds on animal planet, i was brown. My wings where about a foot long." They looked beautiful but i was more worried about what would happen next. I basically had no sense of smell, also every sound was muffled, i cannot see red, and i could see in the ultraviolet and see colors no human has ever seen, everything was sharper too. After an few seconds an doctor came into me room and saw i was awake. He said “Vexxen! Your awake..” I tried too say something but it just came out as some squakes. He said “It's ok calm down. Lisson…” he explained everything. After I got knocked out after that i continued changing and after mom called the hospital and than now. Than he brought out an strange device. The thing had letters buttons as well as numbers and symbols. It also had an keys that said say, delete, and delete all. He said “this is a Nonverbal Communicator 2060A. It's normally meant for mute people but it will work for you.” He but it beside me. I typed “This is terrible. I can't do anything like this. I can't even play own me gs4 like this.” than i clicked the say button. It said what i typed in an computery voice. He said “we will figure it out ok.” Then i started typing. He said “You fell ok? And well what is it like.” I erased what i started typing which was annoying considering how long it takes to type with an beach. I typed “It's strange. I can't see the color red which is wered. As well as that everything's a lot sharper to the point where i fell that i could see something from an mile away. Also there's colors i have never seen before that i can see. Hearings bad, and i have basically no sense of smell. You get used to it.” He said “ok” After that day..

When i woke up i felt terrible. Maybe because i was not use too sleeping standing up. I said in my mind “He was wrong when he said that sleeping like an bird will help. Well he was wrong.” i looked around he was not hear. I saw an note by me cage. It said “I'm going to be gone for a few hours. I am getting something special for you. Ps: your family will be coming today. -form curt” If you didn't know already curt is that person who helped me. I thought “My families coming over. I don't want than to see me like this! But it would be nice to see then again.” I looked around for something to do. I did not find anything. I decided too go back to sleep.

When i woke curt was staring right at me. He said “Your families here did you see me note.” I typed “yes”. He said “ok, come” He picked up the cage that i'm in and took my too the next room. I saw mom, S’ine, and Krily. He put me down. I felt sad. Mom looked.. Surprised… sad… yay. Cert opened the cage i went on to the pedestal. Mom said “Vexxen!” She came up and hugged my. It was uncomfortable considering i'm a bird. She said “I'm sorry. I'm sorry camden. I'm sorry this happened.” Cert Brot the typing thing. I typed “it's not your fault. I'm ok. That's all that matters.” She hugged my harder. I typed “Could you stop hugging so hard it's getting hard to breathe” She said “ou i'm sorry Vexxen” She stopped hugging.

© 2018 Vexx

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This story is not finished and i will update it when i write more.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Please give reviews and feedback! Hope you enjoyed/enjoy the story.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

I thought this story is really cool and it's really descriptive. You put a lot of effort in to it. W.. read more

2 Years Ago

yay thanks

2 Years Ago

no problem vexx!!

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