A Story by Victoria Glass

THIS IS UNFINISHED. This is my 'baby' so to speak - its under construction still. This is all I have written so far. I'll update this as I write...



"Welcome to Fredericks Technologies, if you walk this way, you'll see the meta-human prototypes we are developing for military purposes. Purposes that gentlemen such as yourselves..."

The assistant, Mia Reynolds, trailed off suddenly, piquing my interest. I crept out of the shadows of my cell, pressing my face to the bars.

The group she was leading gasped, jumping back as one when they caught sight of me.

Mia smiled pleasantly in my direction for a moment, turning her attention back to the military officials, "As I was saying, ladies and gentlemen such as yourselves will find that our developments will assist you in many ways,"

She led them to my cell, kneeling down to reach a hand through the bars. I allowed her to scratch behind my ears with her long red fingernails. The officials murmured to each other, shuffling their feet.

"You don't have to be afraid of Fang, she wouldn't hurt a fly," Mia told them, patting my head before rising to meet their curious gazes.

"If she wouldn't hurt a fly, then how could she be of use to us?" A rather portly man barked, pushing his small round glasses higher up on his nose.

Mia turned towards me, "A rose by any other name..."

Every fiber of my being targeted the threat - the man. I hurled myself against the bars of my prison, opening my mouth to display my snake-like fangs for which I was named. My claws gouged long marks in the cement floor as I snarled and roared in rage.

"Would smell just as sweet," Mia finally finished.

I relaxed, falling back onto my haunches, panting from the effort. The man was staring at me, wide-eyed, his double chins wobbling as his teeth chattered.

One of the group began to clap. Soon, thunderous applause filled the lab, stirring some of the testing animals in the cages opposite of me from their slumber. Dinky the chimp jumped up and down, clapping his hands and grinning. I returned his happy gesture with the best smile I could muster. I had a feeling it looked more like I was baring my teeth at him though.

Footsteps rang out hollowly on the white tiled floor. I swung my head in the direction from which they came. I leaped to my feet, wrapping my hands around the bars. It was my father, looking immaculate as ever in his long white lab coat and bright blue tie.

"Hello my dear," He nodded in my direction. I nodded in return. It was our only means of communication.

"Sorry I'm late, there was an issue with one of the meta-humans - he decided he didn't want to get back in his cell," He muttered, tugging at his shirt collar.

There was slight laughter from the gathered officials.

"I trust you have this place under control?" A woman asked. She had blonde hair which hung around her face in curls.

"Oh of course. In fact, watch this," He crossed the room in two quick strides, sliding a key into the lock of my cell door.

I whipped my tail back and forth happily, purring with delight. He swung the door open.

I leaped out, rubbing against his legs, overjoyed to be freed - even if it was for just a moment.

"Meet my daughter, Angela," He gestured down at me. I raised myself to my full height, balancing on my hind legs, turning to face the crowd.

I raised one of my hands, waving awkwardly. They clapped - it was not thunderous as it was before - and laughed at this.

"What sane person would do that to his daughter?" The portly man muttered, taking his glasses off to clean them on his dark green shirt.

But father did not hear. He was too busy stroking my hair, tickling underneath my chin with his long slender fingers.

"Okay, in you go," He jangled his keys in front of my cell door.

I sauntered inside, sitting obediently on the cool white floor. He closed me back inside my cage, locking it.

"Now, ladies, gentlemen - if you would care to walk this way?"

They left me, alone, with no one but the other beasts to comfort me.

And in my solitude, I wept bitter tears.

My happy, bubbly, cat-like presence was merely for show.

I was alone. I was always alone.


The meal-cart's wheels squeaked as they turned. Ben whistled an annoying tune which set my nerves on edge.

"I got food!" He called in a sing song voice. The parakeets fluttered around in their cage, chirping their approval.

The parrot beside them, called Gerbert, cried out triumphantly, "The target has been acquired!"

I stood up on my hind legs, peering out into the white lab beyond my cell. Ben had chosen to feed Dinky first, throwing him bananas and other assorted fruits.

I meowed as sweetly as possible, batting my eyelashes at him when Ben turned around.

"Oh, alright, I'm coming. How could I say no to that gorgeous face?" He grinned, wheeling the metal cart towards me.

My mouth watered when I caught the scent of fresh meat in the bottom section of the cart.

He pulled the white blanket off of the mound, revealing a slightly mangled deer that had most likely been hit with a car somewhere. He opened my cage door.

Now was my chance. I leaped out, sinking my teeth into the red flesh.

"Woah there girl! Hungry are ya?"

I purred in response, pretending to be completely occupied by the bloody deer before me.

Ben made a move towards the taser hanging on the wall opposite my cell.

I bolted away from the cart, sprinting down the hall on all four legs.

"Oh s**t!" Ben screeched from behind me. An alarm rang out, piercingly loud.

Scientists scrambled out of my way, papers and test tubes that they had been carrying flying into the air. The various contents of said test tubes burst in clouds of red, blue and green on all sides of me. I realized they were throwing them at me in a desperate attempt to slow my rampage.

I passed Mia who immediately cried out, "Would smell as sweet! Would smell as sweet! Damn you, you goddamn cat!" She roared in rage, stomping her high-heeled feet.

I was no house-pet. I skidded to a halt, my claws skittering across the slick floor. Pulling myself up to my full height, I opened my mouth, extending my fangs.

And roared. The guttural inhuman noise spilled from my throat, my chest shuddering from the effort.

Mia screamed, toppling backwards into a group of scientists who had been huddled behind her. They fell like dominoes into a heap of white lab coats and various papers.

I turned and ran, my front legs falling to the ground. I slunk low to the ground to increase my speed. The doors leading outside were so close, I could almost taste the sunshine on the other side.


It was my father. He had his head poking outside of his office door, his face a mask of disappointment and fury.

I stopped running, standing up to meet his gaze.

He stepped outside, standing in my path in the narrow hallway.

"Sweetheart, what are you doing?"

I didn't reply. I couldn't reply. I breathed heavily, flexing my claws, glancing left and right in desperation.

"Why don't you come with me back to your cell?" He took his keys out of his pocket, jangling them.

I fell to all fours, bunching my muscles. With all of my strength, with all of my will, I opened my mouth,


There was dead silence in the hall. Mia and the others gasped in shock behind me. My father stood dumbstruck as I leaped through the air, knocking him down. I pinned him to the floor and roared in his face, spittle splattering across his cheeks.

Leaping off of him, my back claws tore into his shirt, leaving long marks in the fabric.

I put my head down, flattening my ears. I screamed in pain as the glass doors shattered, my body hurtled through them. I landed on the other side, collapsing in a mess of glass and blood.

My father stepped through the wreckage, running towards me. Sirens screamed their warning as police cars neared the building. I picked myself up and ran, flinging myself onto the barbed wire fence.

I climbed, the barbs slicing my palms. From the top, I leaped down onto the grass on the other side. I couldn't help but allow myself a quick purr, my hands and feet kneading the soft vegetation. It had been far too long since I had felt grass between my toes.

I fled, avoiding the squad of police vehicles making their way towards me. Shots were fired, kicking up dirt and asphalt around me. I zigzagged to avoid the deadly bullets flying in my direction.

I had escaped. How long could I survive?

The Martinez Family

It was cold and dark, but still I ran. The sounds of the city that never sleeps filled my ears like a roaring ocean. I was tempted to roar back, but I knew that I would attract too much attention that way.

No one seemed to care that a naked teenager with cat-like qualities was hiding in the darkness, slinking between alleyways and back streets, avoiding the scream of the sirens.

The occasional dog barked in my direction, tugging at its leash. I simply bared my fangs and smiled to myself as it ran, whimpering.

Eventually, the police caught up to me. They cornered me in an alley that came to a dead-end.

I pressed myself against the wall, my claws scratching at the brick. They shined lights in my eyes, aiming their weapons at me.

I looked upwards at the wall and noticed a fire escape not too far above me. I jumped for it, my claws hooking on the bottom mesh.

The police fired their weapons at my hands, attempting to knock me off. I swung my back legs up to the mesh, hooking them so that I was completely upside down. I reached out with my front claws, wrapping them on the edge of the platform, releasing my back.

I swung all the way around, flipping up onto the fire escape. A bullet sank into my hind leg. I ran, up the stairs, bursting through a window into an apartment.

It was someone's bedroom. The occupant of the bed sat up, flicking on the light. It was a boy, around my age with dark hair and tanned skin.

"Holy mother of pearl," He whispered, his eyes as wide as saucers.

I growled low in my throat, fixing him with a piercing stare. He looked away, unable to meet my eyes.

The bedroom door burst open. A man stood there in nothing but his boxers, a metal baseball bat over his shoulder. He let loose a yell, swinging his weapon at my head. I stood, fastening my claws into the flimsy surface of the bat.

The man paled, his jaw dropping. He let go of the bat, his hands visibly shaking.

"Please get out of my apartment," He murmured, backing away slowly. The man had a thick Hispanic accent, his dark hair and complexion matching that of the boy in bed.

I had to try. No matter how hard it hurt.

"Help," The words made my tongue feel numb and thick, "Please,"

I retracted my claws, setting the bat down on the wooden floor. I licked the tips of my fangs to make sure they too were withdrawn.

The boy got out of bed. He too was only in his boxers.

"How can we help you?" He asked, eyeing the long marks I had left in the titanium baseball bat.

His question was answered by a pounding on their apartment door and a loud cry of, "This is the NYPD! We have you surrounded!"

The boy and his father exchanged glances. I soon found myself being bundled into a closet while they went to answer the door.

I pressed my ear to the wooden closet door, listening.

"We have reason to believe you are holding a suspicious subject on the premises. Mind if we take a look around?"

They did not wait for the father and his son to give them an answer. I heard them rifling through various sections of the apartment. I could sense one of the police walking by the closet. Holding my breath, I waited for him to pass.

He stood in front of the closet, shining a light into the crack.

"All clear! Thank you for your time Mr.Martinez," The apartment door slammed shut.

The closet door opened, the sudden light blinding me momentarily. They had turned on all the lights in the apartment.

"You can come out now," The boy told me, smiling cautiously.

I crept out on all fours, sniffing the air, checking to make sure every last cop had left.

"I'm Alejandro," He told me.

I stood. The boy's father had gone back to bed, it seemed. I could smell him from an adjoining room.

I turned to Alejandro, struggling to form my name on my tongue. Failing miserably, I pointed to the leather collar around my neck.

He peered at the inscription burned into it.

"Fang huh? Nice to meet you Fang," I nodded, dropping to all fours and promptly curling myself into a ball.

He stared at me for a moment before returning to his bedroom, leaving me to sleep in peace in front of the open closet door.


"Dude, I'm telling you, she's not human!"

"It's gotta be a costume - there's no way that's real,"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you..."

"What's she gonna do? Bite me?"

I opened my eyes groggily. Standing above me was Alejandro and another boy. Unlike Alejandro, he was tall and thin as opposed to short and chubby.

The taller boy poked my ear. I flicked it away from his touch, growling low in my throat.

He backed away while Alejandro cried out, "See, I told you! She's a wild animal or something!"

I stretched, arcing my back, my mouth opening in a yawn. I allowed my fangs to slide out.

"Geez Louise!" The older boy yelped, backing into the wall behind him. A picture frame clattered to the floor, the plastic cover cracking.

I stood, rubbing my back on the closet door handle. My leg ached from the bullet still lodged in it. I sat down with a thump on the wooden floor, examining the wound.

"She's hurt," The stranger murmured, moving towards me ever so slowly.

I gave him a slow deep nod, telling him that he was allowed to come near. He inspected the hole in my flesh, his fingers gently brushing the torn skin.

This new boy had green eyes, not unlike my own, with black hair. I winced as he attempted to push his fingers into the wound.

"I think it's a bullet," He whispered, meeting my gaze.

I nodded vigorously. He was correct.

"I'm Nathan," He told me, removing his hand from my thigh.

I formed my name on my lips at last, "Fang,"

Nathan looked back at Alejandro from his crouched position on the floor, "You guys got a first aid kit or something?"

Alejandro nodded, darting away to retrieve the kit.

I studied Nathan, astounded that he seemed more curious of me now than he was fearful. His eyes were examining my body, searching for other wounds. He noticed my bloody scabbing palms, gently uncurling my hands to check them.

“How did you do this?” He asked me, running his fingertips across the wound. I didn’t even feel it; my skin was too numb from pain.

I couldn’t quite say the word ‘barbed’ so I said “Wire,”

He frowned, “Hell of a wire….” He noticed the roughness of the cuts and how jagged they were, “Barbed wire?”

I nodded.

Alejandro returned with tweezers, peroxide and alcohol " actually it was a bottle of beer. I wondered if he wanted me to drink it or pour it on my wound.

Nathan raised an eyebrow, “That’s a first aid kit?” His voice dripped with sarcasm.

Alejandro rolled his eyes, “It’ll work, comprende?”

Nathan took the items from him, “Yeah, thanks,”

He used a wad of tissue soaked in the beer to clean the skin around my wound. I doubted Alejandro’s harebrained scheme to use an alcoholic beverage would suffice for a cleaning agent, but I could not question.

I braced my hands against the floor, my claws digging into the carpeting as Nathan poured the peroxide upon the wound. I screamed in agony as the sharp metal tweezers dived into the hole in my flesh, digging around, probing for the small silver bullet. He closed the tweezers around it, sliding it out of the bloody gory mess that my thigh had become.

Nathan grinned at his prize, “Got it!”

I bent my head, cleaning the blood on my thigh with my tongue.

“Oh god, that’s disgusting,” Alejandro moaned, his eyes screwing shut, hand covering his mouth as though he were afraid that bile would spew forth at the mere sight.

Nathan shrugged nonchalantly, “She looks like a cat, and it’s not surprising that she acts like one as well,”

From that moment on, I looked to Nathan as an equal. Raising my head up, I offered my best grin, praying to whatever god there may be for someone like me, that there wasn’t blood on my fangs.

He returned it wholeheartedly, although somewhat wary of me, still.

I had found hope, and I would cling to it.

A Mother Doomed to Die

Diane placed a hand over her swollen stomach, feeling the movement beneath her skin. A smile played across her lips, eyes bright with hope.

She was six months pregnant, a prisoner in her own home.

Her husband, Alan, had insisted on experimenting upon Diane during her pregnancy. Reluctantly, she agreed, and had been living at the lab ever since.

Alan hadn't informed her what they were doing exactly to the unborn child.

Diane thought the strange machine they slid her into periodically was a new kind of ultrasound.

In truth, they were changing the fetus, altering it genetically. They injected Diane with chemicals which enhanced the unborn baby, selecting the gender and physical characteristics.

The door to her room slid open, Alan standing there.

"Come here," Diane gasped, her other hand beckoning her husband closer.

Alan sat on the bed beside her, placing his long slender fingers upon her stomach. The child inside was kicking. That was not meant to happen for a few more months.

Alan smiled knowingly. He had successfully sped up the process. Diane was technically eight months pregnant.

They bent their heads together, exchanging a soft, tender kiss.

Diane was unaware that she was meant to die by her beloved's hand.

She would never know her child....


Fight Back

The days sped by faster than I could imagine. I soon grew bored in the Martinez family's home. Mr. Martinez came home from his job at a supermarket to find that his couch had been torn to shreds by my eager claws. How was I to know that a scratching post was not its purpose?

Nathan visited often, bringing me raw meat to enjoy. The Martinez's could not afford such luxuries so Alejandro relied on his friend to bring his new 'pet' her dinner.

Whenever they treated me like a cat, I was forced to remind them that I could think and speak.

Today was one such day. I was curled up upon the living room floor, grooming my long hair with a hairbrush Nathan's mother had allowed me to use, when a ball rolled past me.

I looked up to see that Alejandro had thrown it. He grinned, "Get it!"

I hissed in disgust, "No,"

He frowned, shaking his head, "I always forget..."

I stretched, rising to my feet, "Is okay,"

Mr. Martinez let out a yell from the next room. Alejandro and I ran to assist. He was standing before his bed, his hands tearing at his hair. I had been sleeping there, tearing the fabric with my claws.

"That's it! I can't stand it anymore! Get that thing out of here!" He howled, pointing at me.

I meowed as sweetly as I possibly could, falling to all fours, rubbing against his legs. He kicked me sharply in the side. I hissed, backing away.

"Dad! She's a person you know!" Alejandro argued, folding his arms indignantly.

Mr. Martinez shook his head, "She is a monster,"

He was right. I was nothing more than a monster. Grief pressed down on my heart. I slunk away, making a bee-line for the front door.

It opened suddenly, startling me. It was Nathan.

"Fang? What's wrong?" He frowned, looking towards the direction of Alejandro and Mr. Martinez's shouting. They were no longer speaking English, swearing and arguing in Spanish.

"Must go," I muttered, standing. I tried to push my way past Nathan, but he stopped me, his hand falling on my shoulder.

"Tell you what, I know a place where you can stay."

The place he spoke of was a warehouse downtown which was old and decaying, and most importantly, abandon.


"Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean,
look at her legs - they're shaped funny!"

"Just chill Al,"

I had been dressed in horrible clothes that
smothered my skin. With one of my claws, I tugged at the collar of the shirt
that Nathan had let me use.

"Fang! Put your claws away!" Nathan

I snarled at him, retracting them all the same.
They had placed metal rings on my bottom lip to make it appear as though my
fangs which fell over them were part of a piercing. With the black hoody I wore
pulled up and over my ears, and the baggy pants to hide my strange legs, I was
almost human.

The only other clothing article I disliked was the
underwear. They had forced me into it. Nathan had accidentally touched one of
my unmentionables in the process and I had promptly bit his hand. Alejandro
finished dressing me while Nathan screamed in pain.

He now had it bandaged in gauze and tape, his hand
in a loose fist to protect it from further damage.

I earned strange looks from the occasional adult,
but Gothic teenagers nodded in my direction, grinning with tobacco stained

It had been Alejandro's insane scheme to dress me
up like this in order to get me out of his father's apartment without any
trouble. Why Nathan agreed to his ideas was beyond me...

I bumped into someone by accident, sending a red leather
purse flying from the woman's hands.

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry!" It was Mia.

I suppressed a growl rising in my throat and reached for
her handbag. I realized with horror that my claws had slid out in my anger of
running into Mia Reynolds.

"You!" She screeched, snatching up her purse. She
thwacked it against the side of my head. It felt as though a ton of bricks were
concealed inside. The metal rings on my lip clattered to the pavement from the
force of the blow.

The boys ahead of me stopped and whirled around, their jaws
dropping in shock as Mia wrenched back the hood of my jacket.

People around us screamed in terror at the sight of me,
small children and mothers running helter skelter across the street to the
opposite sidewalk.

Mia withdrew a cellular phone from her jean's pocket,
punching in a number. I backed away cautiously. I had no desire to kill this
woman, but I might have to if she called the authorities on me.

She raised the phone to her ear, a wicked smile plastered
on her face, "Fredericks?
I got her,"

I pounced for the phone, my claws wrapping around the grey
device. Mia howled as my claws raked the skin on her hand, red blood spattering
across her baby blue blouse.

I tore the phone away from her and several of her fingers
in the process, crunching the metal of the phone with my bare hands.

Reynolds screamed in agony, clutching her maimed hand to
her breast.

Nathan rushed to aid the vile woman, a concerned look on
his face. Alejandro was staring in shock at the fingers which lay decapitated
from Mia's hand on the pavement.

The distant sound of sirens reached my sensitive ears. The
street had been cleared of people; everyone had run from the 'freak'.

I wasn't going to run this time.

This time I would fight back.

For Freedom

Before and me and behind me were a line of police cars. Their blue and red lights flashed in the eerie silence which filled the street. Alejandro and Nathan stood alone on the sidewalk, behind a barrier the policemen had set up. I was a good sport. I waited for the enemy to take the first strike. They had called in reinforcements; several police stood in a line with riot shields and full face masks.

I grinned wickedly, allowing my long claws to slide out, my mouth opening to display my fangs.

The line of men tightened, jostling together in fear. I eyed the nearest man, focusing on his jugular vein which pulsed beneath his skin, taunting me with the hot blood beneath.

But I would not kill them. I would prove to them that I was not a monster. I would fight back, yes, but nothing would compel me to slaughter innocent humans.

One aimed a dart gun over his shield. I swerved to avoid it as the tiny feathered needle whizzed by my left ear. The man who had fired swore, reloading his weapon.

I crouched to the ground, my spine shifting, my tail snapping back and forth. My claws tip-tapped upon the concrete as I drew closer and closer.

The line of police shifted backwards a few steps, the fear evident in their eyes.

I opened my mouth and spoke two words. Just two.

"For freedom,"

I sprang.

I latched my hands onto one of the men's shield, wrenching it from his hands. He cried out, backing away in fear. The crowd that had gathered beyond the barriers began to stir. They were cheering. Cheering for me.

I immobilized him with a quick bite to his thigh, whirling around to face my next attacker. Their shields and weapons were no match for my strength and vicious bite. Soon, they had all drawn back, nursing their wounds.


I looked up to see a helicopter circling overhead, its metal blades causing a strong gale to whip my hair into my face. Gunfire sprayed the ground around me, suddenly. The police had drawn back, not because they were afraid, but because of the coming rain. The rain of fire.

The metal bullets tore up the street beneath me, chunks of pavement flying up into the air. I screeched as one ripped through my arm, blood spraying crimson before me.

I ran. I had promised myself I wouldn't, but I wasn't running for my life. I was running for the nearest building. I took a leap of faith and ran up the side of the brick building that Nathan and Alejandro were near. This involved jumping over the police barrier, much to the dismay of the crowd. The screams of fear reached my ears, penetrating my mind. I winced, but continued scaling the wall, my claws finally hooking on the roof. I swung myself up to face the helicopter.

This was it.

I knew who was on that helicopter. I could smell him. My father.

The helicopter hovered before me, a few feet above the surface of the building's roof. My father held out his hand, shouting something, but it was drowned out by the roar of the flying machine.

I roared back at it, baring my fangs. I launched myself towards it, towards the spinning blades of death. I closed my eyes and prepared myself in mid leap.

I am not Angela Fredericks.

I am Fang.

My eyes snapped open. My body hit the blades. Hard. I scrabbled for a hold as I was flung around and around. Finally, I sank my claws in. The helicopter lifted upwards as I unbalanced it. It spun drunkenly for a moment before crashing downwards. I let go, freefalling beside it. I watched its passengers tumbling around inside of it like clothing in a washing machine. My father's face was bloody, his shirt torn, his lab coat long gone.

The last thing I thought of before the ground rose up to meet me were my new friends, Nathan and Alejandro.

Goodbye cruel world.

First Blood

I lay with my face pressed into the concrete. I was injured. I knew that if I attempted to move, I would only make things far worse. I could hear the sound of police shouting, telling someone to get back. The clatter of wood to concrete. Feet running. A shadow fell over me.

"Fang," Nathan knelt beside me, his kind face searching my own. I opened my mouth to speak and blood came forth.

He furrowed his brow, sweeping my hair back from my face. I tried to speak once more, uttering a few syllables, "Pain,"

Nathan nodded, "It's alright, we'll get you out of here. Alejandro!" He called over his shoulder, "Get your fat a*s over here and help me!"

I braced my hands against the road, pushing myself up. I cried out as a sharp pain stabbed my ribs. I fell back to the concrete, whimpering softly.

Nathan and Alejandro rolled me over carefully. Nathan surprised me by carrying me in his arms, cradling me gently. Where had the obnoxious boy gone? Who was this gentleman who had replaced him? I found my eyes sliding shut, the exhaustion and agonizing pain was far too great. I fell asleep.


I awoke in a dark room, the floor and walls of stone.

Sitting up, I found that my waist and ribcage had been bandaged with white gauze and tape, the clothing taken from my body. All that was left on was the underwear, which I was grateful for. I would have been worried if Nathan and Alejandro had removed them to stare at my unmentionables.

Was I becoming more human? I was never concerned before with my nakedness.

I waggled my tail back and forth, noticing that a hole had been slit in the underwear to allow it to move more freely. It would do for now.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realized I was in the warehouse that Nathan had spoke of. Nathan himself stepped from the shadows, his hands stuffed in his jacket pockets.

"Hey. Feeling better?"

I nodded, rising unsteadily to my feet.

"Your father was killed in the crash,"

Good riddance.

"I thought you'd want to know,"

He moved closer to me, then backed away when I bared my teeth reflexively. It was because I was injured, not because I didn't want him here.

"You can stay here for now. The police are looking for you. I'd lay low if I were you,"

I did not reply. I met his gaze steadily.

"I'll go now,"

He turned to leave. Words climbed up my throat, spilling out before I could stop them.

"Nathan," He turned back.

"Thank you,"

He nodded humbly, continuing out through a door in one of the walls. I sank to the floor in a heap, nursing my wounds.

The first blood had been drawn in the coming war. A victory gained.

Daughter versus father.

Creation versus creator.

Beast versus man.


Alan stood over the bloody carcass of Diane, his wife. Her abdomen had burst, organs and intestines spilling out onto the floor. In a corner of the room, the creature howled. The creature that had killed his wife to be born. Diane's bright green eyes were now glassy, staring, unseeing. Her hands were curled like claws, mouth open in a permanent state of shock, blonde hair was streaked with her own blood.

Alan looked towards the creature. It had no hair to speak of, ears twitching on top of its head. It opened its toothless mouth and cried, claws raking the air. Claws stained with Diane's blood.

It had already consumed some of Diane's flesh, swallowing it whole. The thing that she had carried for nine months had bitten the hand that fed it, consuming it's own mother.

Dr. Fredericks looked at the baby with utter disgust, watching as it attempted to pull itself towards Diane's remains. There was a ring of blood around it's mouth, crimson against its pale newborn skin.

A tail whipped behind it, as though it had a mind of its own. Alan stooped to pick it up, cautious, in case it would attack him. Holding the baby in the light, he found that she was female.

Though she was inhuman, Alan could clearly see bits of his facial features and Diane's on the baby's face.

He remembered the name Diane had for the baby if it was to be a girl.


And then he remembered his own name for his marvelous creation, a step forward in genetic warfare.


Very Nice

Alejandro and Nathan visited me often in my dark and gloomy 'home', bringing me tidbits to eat so I wouldn't devour anyone's house pet.

On the latest occasion, Alejandro had the nerve to bring me something coated in grease which looked suspiciously like a burrito. I sniffed at the slop which he let fall to the concrete.

"Seriously?" Nathan cocked an eyebrow at his friend.

Alejandro bellowed with laughter. I noticed he had a tendency to be rather loud, "Si mi amigo!"

I tentatively licked some of the meat. It tasted disgusting. I spat it out, dragging my palm against my rough tongue.

"So much for that," Nathan drawled. Alejandro shot him a look, folding his flabby arms against his chest.

I would have laughed had I not been so depressed. I was fascinated, however, by the behavior of my friends. I had never interacted with teenagers my own age -normal teenagers. The closest I had ever come to having a true friend was Nightmare. Nightmare was a meta-human in the lab over. He was seventeen at the time, and I was just barely thirteen. He was a coyote wolf hybrid. His ears brushed the ceiling when he stood erect. I remember the color of his skin - a deep dark midnight blue, hair as white as snow which ran like a mane down his back.

He taught me many things - how to fight, run and even play. He taught me language and how to speak. But it was Nightmare's teachings that caused my father to hurt me. Every time I uttered a single syllable he would flay me with a nine tailed whip. It was brutal, savage and primitive. Every. CRACK. Single. CRACK. Word. CRACK!

I shivered involuntarily at the thought. Tuning back into Nathan and Alejandro's conversation, I found they were having a conversation on a television program of some sort.

"Hey, Fang - are you alright?" Nathan asked, a concerned look on his face. Why was it that Nathan was always the one concerned with my well being while Alejandro dismissed it as simply the behavior of a mutated, slightly insane, emotional girl?

I nodded my head slowly, lifting my eyes from the floor to his own eyes which shone like emerald stars through the ebony blackness of his bangs. Nathan crouched by me in a similar fashion to my own position on the stone cold floor, legs tucked up under his body, balancing on the balls of his feet.

It had been a week since my father had died in the crash. A week I had been living in the warehouse. Alone. Always alone. I shivered once more, shaking off Nathan's hand which had fallen onto my shoulder.

"Okay, I can't take any more of creepy cat-woman. Adiós man," Alejandro gave a small salute to Nathan, spinning on his heel before running full pelt for the door, his chubby body bouncing up and down with each step.

Nathan chuckled softly as the door to the warehouse slammed shut, echoing around the hollow space. Who was Nathan, really? Did I really know him or did I just pretend I did so I wouldn't feel so lonely...

Nathan was staring off into the middle distance, rocking back and forth unconsciously. He hummed something under his breath, a mindless tune. Obnoxious behavior, perhaps, but he was a very nice person all the same. Very nice. It is rare I have said those two words together...

Very nice.

He stood to leave.

Very nice.

He turned and looked back at me.

Very nice.

"See ya around Fang,"

I nodded, offering him a smile. He returned it.

Very nice.

What the hell's wrong with me?

A Hero Arises

This is McCleary to base, McCleary to base, over.

Reading you loud and clear McCleary, what's your status, over?

Approaching the jewelry store now, over.

Reports claim there are two hostages inside, a mother and a daughter, over.

Yep, I can see them. Confirmed, two hostages inside. I'm going to take a closer look, over.

The sound of gunfire interrupted the radio conversation.

McCleary can you hear me? McCleary!


The sounds of distant sirens stirred me from my sleep on the warehouse roof. I stood, surveying the city spread out before me. Red and blue lights flashed from the street below, two police vehicles in hot pursuit of a grey van which careened drunkenly into the path of oncoming drivers. Cars swerved to avoid the van, crashing into street lamps.

The thrill of the chase stirred my blood. I crouched, bunching my muscles, and sprang to the ground below. I ran. I became nothing but my pounding heart and sharp fangs, the desire for blood consuming me.

I raced along the sidewalk, innocent civilians screaming in terror at the sight of me. I darted between legs, around couples walking hand in hand, and onto the street in front of the police cars.

They blared their horns at me, most likely assuming I was a dog. But they ceased when they saw that I was not. Bullets struck the pavement to my right and left as they attempted to kill me. The man they pursued had not caught sight of me yet.

I launched myself onto the top of the van, scrabbling for a hold. My back claws dug long grooves into the paint. When I finally reached the top, my claws punctured the surface as I moved towards the front. The van swerved beneath me, attempting to throw me off. I lost my grip and slid down the side, hanging by one hand. My body slammed into the passenger door, the window bursting inwards.

The man driving wore a black ski mask, so I couldn't see his expression. However, he did scream rather loudly.

The van skidded onto the sidewalk, coming dangerously close to the building beside it. He slammed me into it, sparks flying from the side of the van. I screeched as my tail snapped. It had been broken.

Finding that he couldn't shake me off, he veered back into the street, taking a sharp left into a side street. The police followed; they were no longer firing at me.

I jumped through the window and into the passenger seat. With one swift motion, I grabbed the back of the man's head and slammed it into the wheel. The horn sounded once then died. I pulled on the emergency brake and the van slowly came to a stop. It had run out of gas anyway.

The police came on either side of the van, ripping the doors open and dragging both me and the man out. They shone their flashlights in my eyes, muttering to each other.

"Should we contact the zoo?"

"What the hell is it?"

"My god, this guy's head is bleeding,"

I was rather bored by all this and wanted to slink off to my warehouse, but I had to let them know that I was a sentient creature.

"You're welcome," They gasped as one, jumping back, their guns at the ready.

"Goodbye," I murmured, running off into the shadows. Bullets followed me, pinging off the walls.

Why had I helped them? Was it just the feeling of chasing down my prey that I had done it for or was it something deeper than that?

Remnant Of A Ghost

I passed a jewelry store on the way back to the warehouse. It was dark inside and an alarm pealed at a screeching decibel. A police car sat half way on the curb. In front of the vehicle a little ways was the body of the police man, his crimson blood pooling beneath him.

I slowed to halt, peering into the closed store with increasing interest. There was a gunman inside, holding his weapon to the head of a woman who clutched a thin teenage girl in an embrace of love.

Her eyes pleaded me to help her. The gunman hadn't seen me yet. He was shouting something at the woman, gesturing with his free hand towards the dead police man.

With a jolt, I realized that the runaway van had been nothing more than a distraction. They had most likely attempted to steal some of the precious jewels inside, then one decided that the woman and her daughter would bring in a good sum. I wondered for a moment if they had considered ransom or prostitution.

I smashed through the display window with my claw. My hand dripped with blood from the shards of glass now embedded in my palm. Ignoring the pain, I stepped into the store.

Cases of jewelry had been busted open, gold and silver bits and pieces spread haphazardly across the smooth white floor.

The gunman caught sight of me. Unlike most humans, he wasn't afraid of me. A black ski mask obscured his face, just like the man who had been driving the van. He aimed his weapon in my direction.

"Stay back, freak! Alan already warned me you'd be coming,"

Alan? Who was this Alan he spoke of? Surely he didn't mean....

His statement had distracted me. A bullet barreled towards me. I stepped nimbly out of its path. It struck the glass door behind me which burst into a thousand pieces.

The two women cried out in surprise.

"Now, get out of here before I put a bullet through your skull,"

I crouched low to the ground, dismissing his threat with a low growl in my throat. My tail snapped back and forth angrily.

"One," He cocked his gun. I bunched my muscles.


I sprang.


I knocked him down. The gun went off, firing a hole into the ceiling. A spray of white dust rained down at us. I clawed at his mask till it was nothing but shreds, his face bleeding beneath the black tattered fabric.

A bright blue eye peered out at me, rage at it's core, "Get off me you b***h!"

I took his head in my hands and slammed it against the floor several times until he was knocked unconscious. I hoped I hadn't given him a concussion.

Crawling off the man, I crept slowly towards the woman and her daughter. The woman screamed, scrambling backwards. The girl took the opportunity to untangle herself from her mother's arms.

"Mom. It's okay," She reassured the woman.

The far off peal of sirens told me the reinforcements were on their way. I stood to leave. A soft hand fell on my shoulder. I looked back at the girl. She had brown hair and brown eyes, freckles dappling her face. She was about my age.

"Who are you?" She murmured, searching my eyes.


I ran home and never looked back. Because the truth was, I didn't know who I was. Am I a human being, or am I an animal?

Angela Fredericks, daughter of Alan Fredericks.

Alan already warned me you'd be coming....

But that was impossible, he died in the helicopter crash.... Or did he?

Angela no more.

I am Fang.

Demon Child

The baby wailed throughout the night, awakening the many animals residing in the laboratory. Alan Fredericks sat in the middle of the circular lab on a wooden stool, staring at the creature which he had locked inside a cell. Little did he know, the child would spend her whole life there. Fang had curled her fingers around the bars, tiny claws sliding out in place of fingernails. They gouged the metal, minuscule flakes of silver chipping off.

He had to kill her. She had killed Diane.

Alan lunged forward, wrenching open the door of the cell. He picked his abomination up by the nape of the neck, holding her out at arms length. Fang began to scream, her screams soon turning to animalistic howls of pain.

He carried her over to the sink, turning on the tap. She wriggled in his grasp for a moment before giving up. Her neck was turning red as his fingers dug into her skin. Blood began to seep there.

He let the baby fall into the water. She coughed and spluttered, her small cat-like mouth opening and shutting as she attempted to breathe. Little Angela Fredericks gave up fighting and reached out, wrapping her soft baby hand around Alan's pinkie.

Alan was confused. The baby's eyes were beginning to slide shut. Panic filled his mind. He picked her up out of the water, turning her over, and smacked her back with the heel of his hand. She expelled the liquid from her lungs, flecks of blood spattering across the surface of the counter.

He cradled her until she fell asleep.

Alan then sat upon the stool and fell asleep as well.

A young Mia Reynolds found them the next morning on the lab floor, sleeping together, Angela in her father's arms.

The Legion Below

Far below the city, a creature stirred in the dark.

A yellow eye opened, gleaming.

"So, you have decided to join us at last," A voice echoed down the tunnel. Water splashed around his ankles sending ripples through the sludge.

"Its only because I couldn't survive any longer up there," He growled, white teeth flashing.

"Come into the light brother, where I can see you," The blurry shape before him beckoned with a twisted grey hand.

The creature stumbled backwards even farther into the dark, "No," He spat.

"Then you are of no use to us," The hand retreated into the shadows.

The creature shifted his weight from one hind leg to the other.

"Promise me you won't laugh,"

"I would never, dear brother,"

The creature stepped into the light which came from the slats of a pothole overhead. His dark blue skin was marred with scars. A single jagged line ran through his left eye, blind.

The shape entered the dim light as well. It was like no meta-human he had ever seen.

" can't be!" Nightmare, the creature, gasped.

"Your eyes do not deceive you. It is I,"

There was no turning back now. Eyes opened all around him.

Nightmare had joined the legion below.


Nathan had found me in the warehouse that evening, my hand still dripping blood all over.

"My god, what did you do?"

I grimaced as he knelt and took my hand in his own.

I hadn't seen much of Alejandro. I figured he'd had enough of the strange cat-girl that lived in the downtown warehouse.

"Helped," I told him, shrugging.

I was shocked when he took off his t-shirt, ripping a long strip from it.

"Saw this in a movie once," He told me with a grin. I had heard of movies. I wondered what they were like.

He wrapped the black fabric tightly around my hand. I cried out as he tightened it, knotting it on the back of my hand.

"I know it hurts, but it'll stop the bleeding,"

I nodded, dropping my hand to the floor. I was sitting on my haunches, Nathan bouncing on the balls of his feet as he crouched before me.

Nathan fell back and sat properly on the concrete floor. He frowned and stared at the wall behind me.

"What's that?"

I had scratched tally marks into the brick wall.

"Counting the days of my freedom before I am captured again,"

Nathan continued to frown, "But, they won't catch you - right?"

I shrugged nonchalantly, rising to wander to the wall.

Nathan watched me curiously. I dragged my pointer finger's claw across the grey surface of a singular brick, carving letters.

Angela Fredericks

I stared at the name as though I had never seen it before.

"Is that -" But I never heard the rest of Nathan's question.

I dropped to all fours and ran out of the warehouse. I'd let him figure it out for himself.

What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.

Those were the words that govern my life. The biological programming I can't fight.

I knew in my heart of hearts that it would be my downfall in the end.

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.

But every rose has its thorn.

I felt my claws slide out.

Tonight, I would kill.

Old Friends, New Foes

There was something unsettling about the city at night sometimes. There was this dead feel to it - the electric lights humming, the sounds of cars and other vehicles, the stone buildings staring without eyes - that sent chills up my spine. But with the cloak of night, I could wander freely without the worry of human eyes falling upon me. I was becoming stronger, faster and larger. I could run and jump farther than ever before.

I stopped criminals in their tracks. I didn't know what a superhero was, but I was about to find out.


I was creeping down an alley, looking for goodies in the trash cans when someone yanked on my tail. I whipped around, snarling. A young girl stood there, bright red curls falling on her shoulders, a lollipop dangling from her mouth.

I was taken aback. She wasn't afraid.

"Hi," She murmured.

"Ciera? CIERA?!" Someone screamed, their voice echoing back from the dead-end behind me. I picked the child up, my teeth snagging on the collar of her dress.

She giggled as I swung her back and forth for a moment before trotting towards the sound of the panicked woman's voice.

The woman was standing in the entrance to the alleyway, talking rapidly on a cell phone, "I don't know, she just disappeared, I have no idea where she -" The woman paused as she caught sight of me.

"Dear god," She breathed.

"Hi mommy!" The little girl, Ciera, squealed, waving her hand in the woman's general direction.

I set her down, gently, on the pavement. She toddled towards her mother. The woman swept her up into her arms. Her dark green eyes locked with mine.

"Thank you,"

I nodded deeply and returned to the safety of the shadows in the alley.


After that, rumors began to spread through the city. They linked me to the jewelry store incident and the disaster at the laboratory.

Wherever I roamed, there was always at least one curious citizen of New York that followed. But the next night, I was followed by someone....someone not entirely human.

I was stalking a stray cat, hoping for a quick meal. I smelled an opponent behind me. All of my intelligence faded away as my instincts took over my mind. I slid my claws out as slowly as possible so that they made no noise as the tips raked the concrete.

"At ease soldier," A familiar voice told me, the deep undertones ringing in my ears.

I slowly turned around, rising to my hind feet. A dark blue figure stood in shadow before me, a dark cloak wrapped around him, a hood pulled over his head.

"Who...who are you?" I murmured.

"You know who I am, Angela,"

I was shocked at this revelation. The mysterious, though familiar, stranger knew my true name. I was almost scared to say the name which rested at the tip of my tongue.


"Promise you won't be frightened," He blurted out, biting his lower lip after the words had fled. I couldn't see half of his face beneath the hood.

"Afraid of what?"

Nightmare lifted his hood. His face was covered in scars. I could barely recognize him. I noticed his left eye was milky white - blind.


He shook his head sadly, "This world is full of dangers, my love"

I sucked in my breath sharply. Love? He loved me? But our ages were so different! He was so much older than me. I had thought of him as my teacher for so long that to think that he fancied me was beyond my comprehension. We were animals, not humans - we mated for offspring not for the sake of affection. Love did not exist in our world.

But this was not our world. This land and its rules belonged to mankind.

"You are surprised," Nightmare noted, his ears flicking away a fly which buzzed there.

"No. I am in a state of shock," I retorted.

He looked down. My heart ached. His face was a mask of grief.

"Why have you come?" I growled. I was covering up my own sorrow with rage.

Nightmare looked up to meet my gaze, "I have a message for you,"

I flicked my tail irritably, a signal for him to get on with it and to leave me in peace.

"He lives,"

That was all I needed to hear. My suspicions were correct - my father had survived the crash.

Behold, your King

Gnarled, grey and withered hands gripped the ancient microphone stand. It was old, extremely old. The kind you might see in a radio station in the nineteen thirties. A single long fingernail tapped the mic. Echoing booms rang throughout the cavern. A thousand eyes turned towards the hooded figure.

Nightmare shifted, uncomfortable, at the right hand of his leader.

The shrouded creature cleared his throat, "My dear brothers and sisters, sons and daughters,"

A meta-human in the crowd below lifted his daughter onto his shoulders so that she could see the speaker more clearly.

"We live in troubled times. In a world where our kind is hated and rejected and almost extinct, we have risen once more by the hand of science,"

A cheer rose from the gathered scientific experiments, fists, paws and claws waving in the air.

The figure grinned, exposing elongated teeth set into a gaunt jaw. "Now, we must exterminate the infestation upon this planet!" More cheers and cries of, 'Death to the humans!'

"Now, we must FIGHT!"

The sound of the crowd drowned out everything else. The walls of the sewer tunnel shook with the vibration. The figure spread his arms out and the meta-humans settled.

Nightmare clenched and unclenched his fists. He knew that this was wrong. The humans had been here first. Although there were a few recorded cases of meta-humans popping up throughout history, for the most part they were lab created. The meta-humans were created by humans. Why should the creation destroy its creator?

Then the speaker flung his hood back in the ecstasy of the moment. The crowd took in a collective gasp. Mothers hid their child's eyes, teenagers exchanged whispers while men raked the air with their claws and talons.

Before them stood a monster. His head was devoid of hair, grey, the skin taught across his bones. His jaw dropped open to his neck, long teeth dripping saliva. This explained his horrible lisp. A forked tongue flicked out, tasting the air.

"Behold! I am your king!" He roared. The crowd did not stir. Their 'king's' green eyes took in the scene.

Then one of the meta-humans began to cheer. She jumped up and down, whooping and hollering. Her joy spread to those around her and soon the whole crowd was chanting his name.....

Two Worlds

After Nightmare's appearance, there had been little to do. Crime wasn't running rampant now that the news of my existence had spread.

I lay upon my back on the cold grey concrete floor of the warehouse, watching an overhead light flicker as it attempted to revive itself. Footsteps echoed towards me. I sat up sharply, my eyes scanning the room. It was Nathan.

I relaxed and rose to meet him.

"How are you?" He asked.

My English had become much better as of late, "Good actually. Yourself?"

"Good," He murmured quietly.

I flicked my ears in amusement at his lack of words.

"Do you want to see something?" He asked.

I blinked. I had never left the warehouse in broad daylight before. He caught my look and smiled, "I think its time the world saw you for what you are,"

Another brilliant idea, courtesy of Nathan.


"My god..."

"Susie, come this way!"

"I really hope that's a costume"

"Somebody call the zoo!"

"No, call 911!"

"Dude, is that a full body tattoo?"

"Kids these days..."

I was outside, in broad daylight, my arm linked with Nathan's. Winter was fast approaching and frost coated the windows of apartment buildings and stores.

A few people stared at me while others shrugged and continued on their way. This was New York. You've seen one freak, you've seen them all.

I walked tall on the balls of my feet, giving me the appearance of wearing invisible high heels. I smiled at a curious child who stared up at me with big brown eyes. He giggled and blushed, toddling after his parents. Nathan laughed at this. I reached up and swept his long black bangs out of his eyes to reveal the bright green. His face fell into a look of surprise.

"There you are," I murmured. He grinned, "Here I am,"

I smiled back.

He pointed to a building up ahead that read NEW YORK CITY ZOO on the iron gate.

"That's where we're going,"

A little shiver ran up my spine. I was going to see my genetic ancestors.


The lioness pressed her face to the bars, sniffing curiously at my outstretched hand. I laughed as her wet nose left a streak on my fingers, whiskers tickling my skin. A long, rough, moist tongue tasted me.

The large cat made rumbly noises in her throat. I identified them as a sort of question, asking me what I was. I responded by my own noise which was something of a snort. It meant that I didn't know. The lioness rubbed my hand in sympathy for me.

The alpha male beyond her, lying on the large rock formation, growled at the sight of me. The lioness touched her nose to the back of my hand, a quick farewell, and sauntered back to her pride.

"Goodbye," I breathed. I watched two cubs wrestling, their tails flicking left and right.

"I knew you'd like the zoo," Nathan told me as the two cubs tumbled past us, snarling with young, high pitched voices.

"It's amazing," I replied, moving away from the lion enclosure. Opposite it were the zebras. The entire herd ran as I approached, making sounds only they could make, tails lifted in fear.

Nathan laughed, "Yah you better run!" He called after them, "She'll eat you for dinner!"

"Mommy, mommy, one of the lions got out!" A little girl with a red balloon cried, pointing a finger in my direction.

A zoo official heard her cry from his place on a park bench eating a donut. He threw its remains in the garbage and began marching towards us.

"Uh-oh, time to get the hell out of here," Nathan tugged on my arm but I remained as still as a statue.

"Miss, I'm going to have to ask you to leave," The official said, his brown mustache twitching in anger. I couldn't see his eyes beneath the brim of his hat. He was rather portly, dressed all in dark green.

"Why?" I asked, somewhat confused at this demand.

"You're frightening the visitors,"

People were walking by us without a second glance. If anything, people were more fascinated by my presence than frightened. They probably thought I was some sort of attraction.

"They don't seem frightened," I told the man.

He lifted the brim of his hat, scratching his forehead. I saw that he had beady blue eyes.

"Well, I'm going to have to ask you to leave anyhow. Now please, before I call security!" He was beginning to raise his voice, but he still wore the persona of absolute calm.

Nathan hadn't stopped tugging on my arm, "Please Fang, let's just go,"

"Sir, would you rather I be in that cage? I am just as human as the next girl, and I have every right to be here," My claws were slowly sliding out from my anger.

"Ouch!" Nathan cried out. I looked back. His palm was bleeding.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry!" I gasped, taking his hand in mine.

"No, it's okay, I know you didn't mean to," He smiled at me, but his teeth were gritted in pain.

The flesh was lacerated, blood streaming down his wrist and seeping into the sleeve of his jacket.

I looked back at the zoo official and gave him a death stare for him to have nightmares about later before I walked out of the zoo with Nathan. Once we were outside the gates, I led him to an oak tree to the left of the entrance.

"Give me your hand," I told him. He laid his hand palm up in mine.

I bent down and licked the wound clean.

"Wow. That actually feels good, surprisingly. Kind of like letting a dog lick a wound," Nathan commented. His fingers relaxed, uncurling to allow me to clean the blood.

I licked until the bleeding stopped. He examined the wound, "Do I need stitches?" He asked me.

I shrugged, "Only if you don't want a scar,"

We sat down in the brown dead grass and leaves at the base of the tree. It was awkward for me to sit like a human, so I curled up on my side at Nathan's feet. Most likely out of a force of habit, he reached down and scratched behind my ears. I purred in delight, stretching my claws out before me.

He moved down my neck to my chin. He stopped scratching and cupped it with his hand.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him. He pulled my face towards his and before I knew what was happening, we were locked in a tender kiss.

My fangs brushed his bottom lip. His tongue slid inside my mouth. He fell into the grass beside me. Our bodies were pressed tightly together in an embrace.

"What just happened?" I murmured, my mind a cloud of confusion and ecstasy.

"Shhhh...." He put his finger on my lips, "I love you," He whispered.

Was I dreaming? Where had the stupid human boy gone? Who was this man?
I didn't know how long I lay there with him. Probably until the official from inside came to tell us to get off the lawn.

I had found love in both Nathan and Nightmare.

Two worlds.

Which one would I choose?

© 2011 Victoria Glass

Author's Note

Victoria Glass
My Protagonize account:

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